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Top 1101-1150 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   Frame-It
Frame-It is a javascript utility that can be used by the users to display slides of their selected photos and images. It lets the users to display slides in different frames.

1102)   DHTML Menu Builder

1103)   And Boom - A Big Window
The script pops up window that resizes and expands to cover the entire screen. After it is maximized, the contents are displayed on the window. Works only on IE4+.

1104)   Book Flip slideshow
Book Flip simulates a page turning to reveal two images slides at once. Each slide can be linked, and furthermore, the slideshow supports both horizontal and vertical flipping. Very cool.

1105)   Cross browser/OS DHTML menu
This is a lightweight DHTML menu system that can display a menu with two levels of sub menus. The selected link can be opened in a separate window or in a frame.

1106)   JSpell JavaScript Spell Checker
This is a spell checker basically for the Internet and uses its own dictionary and does not rely on the Microsoft Word to do spell check.

1107)   Javascript Obfuscator
Javascript Obfuscator helps webmasters to stop theift of their javascript codes. It scrambles the code so that is hard to read.

1108)   Encrypted Password protect script
Password protect your webpage with this encrypted password script!

1109)   AnyLink Drop Down Menu
This is a versatile drop down menu that can be applied to ordinary links on your page, including image links. It can be activated either onMouseover or onClick.

1110)   Slide Link Drop Menu Generator
Slide Link Drop Menu Generator has been coded in javascript which is more useful for creating menus with slide-in effects. Scripting code for several menu links can be got within seconds through this module.

1111)   Password Changer
This is a handy tool for the webmasters in cross checking and validating customer's passwords. The form control of this program provides instant feedbacks on the validity of user's passwords.

1112)   Arrow head title
This is JavaScript that displays moving arrows along with a title text in the title bar of the visitor’s browser. The title text displayed in the title bar is customizable through the script.

1113)   JavaScript Tips & Articles
JavaScript Tips & Articles is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle articles and tips on their webpage created.

1114)   DHTML Menu Wizard
This tool can generate menu for web navigation and also allows you to instantly get the codes evaluated. Supports fully customizable colors, dimensions, the URLs etc.

1115)   CodeThatGrid
CodeThatGrid is an advanced JavaScript grid looking like Microsoft Excel grid.

1116)   Asellus Websearch
Asellus Websearch is a package of 44 popular search engines on one single web page. Can implement searches on almost anything on the web for your visitors.

1117)   pousse-pousse
This is a puzzle game in JavaScript, in which an original picture is rearranged in parts. All you have to do to win the game is, rearrange the pictures restoring its originality.

1118)   Toggler mini-game from
This is a toggle game in JavaScript. To play the game, toggle the [X] buttons into [.] buttons, along with the four buttons around it. You win when all the buttons are turned into [.]'s. This can fit into your page’s sidebar.

1119)   JK Pop-up image viewer
This script allows you to set up regular text links to launch a pop-up window displaying the specified image. Supports centering of window on screen, a text description, and more.

1120)   JavaScript Page Breaker
This application in JavaScript can obtain the total number of results of a search in a string format from any server side program like ASP, JSP, Servlet, Perl, etc. The search is now will be faster as it is implemented at the client side.

1121)   CSS Support Redirect
With CSS Support Redirect JavaScript your visitors will be redirected to a page that support CSS if they are using the version 4 or above of the browser to visit the page.

1122)   Messagebox with Background Fade Effect
This program is used for rotating text sequentially with background. Users can configure their own messages to display and also they can change the font type and color.

1123)   DOM XMLTicker
This DHTML ticker rotates and displays messages pulled from a XML file. Works in both IE5+ and NS6+.

1124)   PopUp
PopUp is a javascript that will when the link is clicked, the image will pop up.

1125)   Date to Page
Date to Page is a simple script that that explains how JavaScript can be used to implement a clock that displays the current date in your webpage.

1126)   Image Preloader
Image Preloader is an image effect JavaScript in which you can specify images and the script will automatically download the images to your visitors web browsers. The script can function on a webpage with JavaScript processing capabilities.

1127)   Smiley Racer
Smiley Racer is a JavaScript game that provides two smileys ‘Happy Des’ and ‘A Right Spectacle smiley’. The player has to select one smiley, which he/she thinks is going to win. The game also sets £10 as a bet.

1128)   vgCookies
Learn how to work with javascript cookies. Check if cookies are enabled. Set, read and delete cookies.

1129)   AK Calculator
AK Calculator is a simple javascript based scientific calculator. This calculator is helpful for technical students and for technicians. It offers all scientific functions.

1130)   DS ScriptsFX
DS ScriptsFX is a package of 29 wonderful DHTML script with different attractive effects. All of them are highly customizable and include HTML code generator, which enables you to configure the parameters without any knowledge of programming in HTML or JavaScript.

1131)   NoPass Web Site Security System
NoPass Web Site Security System is an effective javascript program that helps the webmasters to protect their anuthorized pages with password facility. Any pages can be protected in this way and none can access the restricted pages without feeding exact password.

1132)   Email address protector
This is a JavaScript tool that can be implemented in your webpage to cut your e-mail address into different sections and then assembles it again at the server level.

1133)   E-mail Hider
E-mail Hider is an online email protector and is a javascript that prevents spambots from collecting email address on web pages. This program can be easily cusotmized.

1134)   Reload Button
Reload Button is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display buttons that reloads the web page when clicked on it.

1135)   superPopup Generator
Any novice can create different styles of Popups and Popunders without any knowledge of programming in JavaScript. Can customize features like position, infront, inback, size etc.

1136)   Window Close Methods
Implements five different ways to close the window. The window can be closed on a specified interval, can be closed through a link, can be closed using an image, etc.

1137)   StylishMonkey SM-Menu
StylishMonkey SM-Menu is a navigational tool in JavaScript. The script is highly customizable with the help of a photo editing software. The script is free for download.

1138)   Memory Game
Memory Game is a puzzle game in JavaScript. It’s very similar to the famous memory game that can improve your vocabulary.

1139)   Ace Popup Closer
Implements links and buttons that can be used to close popup windows. You can configure the link or button to your own custom one. The codes can be easily included in your web pages.

1140)   Cursor Changer
The Cursor changer is a another background changer. You can change your web page's background color with simply clicking the link in the window.

1141)   JavaScript Tutorial
JavaScript Tutorial is a tutorial which teaches the users how to use javascript with functions, variables, loops, conditional and operators.

1142)   Logo Curve
Logo Curve displays an image wrap effect with a fading retraction in your page. The number of times the picture is displayed, time delay, layer level horizontal and vertical curves etc. are customizable features in this script.

1143)   3D Spin Menu
3D Spin Menu creates a virtual "ring" of menu links whereby the user can manually select and rotate into view the desired link to go to. It's fully customizable, from its colors, number of links, to positioning of the menu on the page and more.

1144)   abx 2 go
This JavaScript program performs a blind listening test in which you can hear both original audio files and decoded audio files, empowering you to compare the difference between these two files.

1145)   Bs_Slider widget
Slider control to use as form field or for whatever you like.

1146)   Carousel slideshow
Display and showcase images in a 3D, carousel fashion with this highly unique, great slideshow script. Each image can optionally be hyperlinked, with the direction of the slideshow configurable as well.

1147)   Image RollNow!
Image RollNow! allows to create image roll overs and buttons for your webpage easily,in a few seconds.RollNow! generates all the JavaScript code so you don't need to write it yourself anymore.Some clicks and your roll over will be ready.

1148)   Simple Script Security
This javascript software enables you to encrypt your web content pages and allows you to transfer them over internet more securely. Gives the function to decrypt the required encrypted files.

1149)   BN Calculator
BN Calculator is a simple javascript based basic calculator. It is used for calculating numerical values and to get results accurately.

1150)   Form Dynamically Display Parts
Form Dynamically Display Parts can display only a part of the form based on the user’s selection. The rest of the form is hidden. With Netscape problem exists with hiding and displaying form.

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