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Top 1151-1200 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   Replace Image of a Different Size
With this JavaScript you can process images of different sizes. This can display images of different sizes as it loads the images by resizing them to the correct size.

1152)   Mozile - xhtml editing in your browser
Mozile is an inline XHTML editor that can create and edit all or specific contents on XHTML web pages. This program also performs functions as a web based word processor.

1153)   Ace Mailto Link Wizard
This mailto link in JavaScript can be implemented in your webpage to enable you to send emails to multiple recipients with multiple Cc and Bcc addresses. The script also provides subject text, body text and link text options and ‘Create mailto link’ button and 'Reset’ button.

1154)   JavaScript Source Code Compressor
Tool for compressing JavaScript source code. Eliminates comments, white spaces, line feeds, and other unnecessary characters, making your JavaScript source code substantially smaller so that it can be downloaded faster.

1155)   Window Switcher
Window Switcher is a simple javascript application that helps webmasters to generate a new popup window for their website links. You can easily install this program on any webpage.

1156)   poker
This is a game of poker in which it displays a 5 x 5 matrix that displays “X” when you start the game. On selection the boxes changes into DAME, AS, ROI etc. and the scores that you score are displayed at the bottom.

1157)   A Clock Out Of a Form
This JavaScript displays a clock, which is completely independent and is not in a form. This freeware brings text to life using dynamic HTML concepts.

1158)   CheckBox link menu
CheckBox link menu is a freeware JavaScript to generate a menu with check boxes that are automatically checked when the user moves the mouse over the menu items.

1159)   Cross Browser - Multi-Directional Scroller
This powerful online text scroller can scroll both plain text and web based links in either vertical or horizontal directions as desired.

1160)   DS BGScroll Script
DS BGScroll Script displays a background effect in which the background is scrolled behind the contents randomly and on mouseover this scrolling follows the direction of the movement of mouse. The scrolling speed can be configured in the parameters.

1161)   Email Address Encoder
Email Address Encoder is an easy to use program and is a javascript that can be used to encode email address on the web pages from email harversters.

1162)   Tigra Menu GOLD
Cross browser JavaScript Menu navigation component for web sites. Script provides with great usability supporting most complete feature set.

1163)   JavaScript Primer
Introductory tutorial on JavaScript and how it integrates into a web page.

1164)   Slide Show
This cool JavaScript can display a slide show in which text messages can be supplied to each slide. The slides of this script can have a hyperlink. The slide show can be viewed by clicking the arrow buttons or by clicking on the next, previous links.

1165)   SNUBT - Snarkles.Net Useless Binary Time
Snarkles.Net Useless Binary Time is written in javascript and is similar to LED clock that can display time in binary mode. This is a simple and easy to use program.

1166)   Clock
Clock is developed with java script and is a small clock that helps users to display date and time on their web pages. They can choose static or dynamic type to display clock that can update every second

1167)   Advanced Push-Button Slide Show with Captions & Cross-Fade
This is a JavaScript that can display a slide show in your webpage in which images are displayed with captions and a fade effect between them on slide transition. The slide show’s speed and the duration of the cross fade can be customized in the script.

1168)   Random Link plus textual description
As the name suggests, this JavaScript is to display random links with a text description of the link and also with a title in your webpage. You can supply number of links into the script.

1169)   Form field Progress Bar
This useful script allows you to restrict the number of characters inside a form element (ie: textarea) while displaying a progress bar on the remaining characters beneath it. Cross browser functional.

1170)   Zoom Search Engine (Javascript)
This search engine is helpful for web owners to develop their site with search engine facility to enhance their site visitors for searching full text. Easy to install and to use.

1171)   JavaScript Kaboom
JavaScript version of one of the most popular Atari 2600 games. Use your buckets to thrawt the mad bomber as he rains bombs down on your city.

1172)   HardCore Web Content Editor
HardCore Web Content Editor is a program that allows website administrators to perform content management by providing effective WYSIWYG editor.

1173)   JavaScript Enabled Redirect
JavaScript Enabled Redirect is a simple JavaScript redirection tool that checks and redirects the visitor to a JavaScript-enhanced webpage if the user is using a java-enabled browser.

1174)   AnyMask
The functionality of this routine is similiar to the masked edit controls availible in VB. also offers sample codes.

1175)   JavaScript Tree (Treeview, Checkbox Tree)
JS Tree component with many features. Use your own images/colors or choose from predefined ones. Built-in checkbox system (like a windows installer to select components). Built-in radio button to use the tree as form field. Lots of options and API functions.

1176)   Popup Closer - Image
Popup Closer - Image is a Javascript code that allows the webmasters to offer image links to their users for closing the popup window. This script is very easy and can be added to any type of website.

1177)   AxEdit
This is a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor that assists webmasters in authoring the webcontent. You can use this AxEdit editor to edit client side HTML contents.

1178)   PickList script
PickList creates two form selection boxes, and allows the user to easily transfer items from one box to another via "back" and "forth" buttons.

1179)   Validate Form Data Before Submit
This is a DHTML redirect script that sends your visitors to three different pages, depending on whether she is using NS 4+, IE 4+, or neither. It's a fool-proof way to ensure that only the intended browser gets to see and run a browser-specific DHTML script.

1180)   Frame, Cache, Translator, & Proxy Buster JavaScript
This script denies the search engines like the google to display the contents of your web pages on their websites. Also works if the JavaScript is turned off.

1181)   FlexiGrid
This is a powerful documentation tool capable of presenting hierarchial views for tabular data and generates node ID's according to the documents.

1182)   Nakul Goyal's Who stole the cookies
Nakul Goyal's Who stole the cookies is a simple and easy to understand article dealing with the basics of cookies and their usage in the internet.

1183)   Random image slideshow
This JavaScript implements a slide show in which images of the slides are displayed randomly. The delay time between each image to be displayed can be configured in the script.

1184)   Amazing Draggable Slide Show
This JavaScript implements a slide show in your webpage that can display draggable images. You can include a fade effect if you are using IE browser. The slide show’s speed and cross fade duration etc. are customizable in the script.

1185)   Pre-cache Images
This script preloads all the images into the cache so that the images can be accessed fast when called upon. Also you can make the script to automatically rotate the cached images continuously.

1186)   Photo Viewer HTML Application
This is an application that can run photos without any need of any other installation. Ideal to be used along with photos to be distributed. You can include a description to each photo supported with background music.

1187)   Earth Population calculator
Earth Population calculator lets the webmasters to display the details of total population on earth by using a javascript enabled mathematical algorithm.

1188)   Innovate Barcode Document Generator
Innovate Barcode Document Generator helps to build complete documents from document templates with code 39 barcodes. Javascript support is needed to access this module. User oriented form creates completed documents within seconds.

1189)   Cameron's JavaScript Stuff
This site offers a number of JavaScripts that can be put to use in implementing links, background effects, mouse effects, slide show, menus and much more.

1190)   Gatekeeper
With this script you can implement a pass protection capability to your web pages. Gatekeeper requests for password before allowing access to the protected web pages.

1191)   Pop-up image viewer
This is a JavaScript tool to display images of different dimensions in your webpage. The script provides a drop down menu to select the images from the list and the images are displayed in a separate window.

1192)   Image Map Display
Image Map Display can be implemented in your webpage to display an image map in which a text box is provided to give a detailed description about the different parts of the image.

1193)   zoOom
zoOom is a JavaScript to implement three links in the webpage namely, zoOom in +, original and ZOoOM out -, clicking on which the user can zoom in, zoom out, or can display the image in its original size. You can use any of your favorite images.

1194)   Cart4you Shopping Cart
Cart4you Shopping Cart is an easy to use software that allows users to establish a secure online shopping cart. Users need not have any Javascript knowledge to use this shopping cart.

1195)   Confirmable Order Form
This JavaScript handles online sales. It accepts the details of an HTML form submitted by the user, processes the form and also displays the contents including grand total for verification.

1196)   dhtmlxTree - Full Featured JavaScript Tree
JavaScript Tree Menu with XML support, dynamical loading, cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility and powerful client-side API. The DHTML tree has built-in checkboxes, context menu, drag-&-drop functionality and customizable items. The tree state can be saved/restored in a cookie.

1197)   Random Quote Alert
This is a JavaScripts program can be used to develop a tool, which displays an alert message when the viewer clicks a button. You can give 10 message in this script and the script displays the alert message with a random quote.

1198)   Tipue
This JavaScript supports server-side operations and implements a versatile search engine. Can be best employed on small sites with less than 100 pages.

1199)   QLib
QLib provides several objects related to the browsers. It implements sixteen types of objects to the browser and it is compatible with all types of browsers.

1200)   password protection
password protection is a tutorial which teaches the users how to protect their webpages by assigning a password with javascript support. Intruders cannot view the password even on html source file.

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