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Top 1201-1250 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1201)   JS Translator Front-End
JS Translator Front-End is an useful script for websites to enable the visitors to access the website pages in their own language. This javascript utilize Google's translation services.

1202)   A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript
This site is the right choice for the beginners on JavaScript. It supports JavaScript related resources on the web, forums etc. All the scripts are available for free.

1203)   CodeThatAll
CodeThatAll is a very quick introduction to the CodeThat.Com scripts.

1204)   Tigra Hints
Free JavaScript widget that displays pop-up box with notes (also known as tooltips or hints) when mouse appears over any HTML element on the page.

1205)   Tab Content script
Tab Content Script is a standards compliant, 2 level content script. Click on a tab, and additional content appears beneath it while contracting any previously open content.

1206)   Daily iframe content II
This script loads a different page into an iframe daily, depending on the day of the month.

1207)   Daily iframe content
This script loads a different page into an iframe daily (out of 7 days of the week). Use it to serve up daily, changing content, such as a "tip of the day" when you don't have access to server side resources.

1208)   Stored Documents Script
Stored Documents enables the website owners to include a link to add their site pages with a list which accepts the new ones and also gives functions to delete the existing ones. Requires javascript for storing documents on websites.

1209) (JSCC)
This site contains a number of scripts and web related products that will be useful in designing web related pages/applications. Site also offers solutions for custom javascript.

1210)   Phong II
A DHTML ping pong game with AI. Play against the computer and see if you're quick enough to win.

1211)   Chained Selects
Chained Selects is a simple form utility using which you can design your online forms with as many as chain selects. This javascript program is easy to use.

1212)   Calculator with Handy Functions
This script is used for creating a simple calculator that allows users to calculate numbers. It gives results accurately and easy to use.

1213)   JustQuick SlideShow
JustQuick SlideShow is a javascript enabled program using which you can design your webpages with a professional look. Any number of slides can be displayed on a single page by just clicking a single button.

1214)   Display days remaining in year
Use this copy and paste script to display how many days are remaining in the current year.

1215)   DoiMenu
DoiMenu gives you effective javascript enabled functions to add many menu buttons to organize all your site pages on a single page. Creating menus with different colors, styles, layouts can be done easily.

1216)   "Unspamable" email link
This script "scrambles" the source of your email address when displaying it, preventing spam harvesters from retrieving it when crawling your site.

1217)   SuperScroller
SuperScroller is a simple and easy to use tool that can be used for providing links and headline navigation for their visitors by the webmasters. This tool can be placed on any type of websites.

1218)   ImagePlus
ImagePlus is a JavaScript to provide an image map in your webpage in which you can divide the images into as many parts as you want and can display explanations of these parts in a form. You can also set the table width and height as you like.

1219)   Preload Images Generator
Preload Images Generator is a javascript through which webmasters can preload the images to their websites quickly and perfectly.

1220)   DHTML slideshow with fading effect
DHTML Slideshow with Fading Effects is a slide show to display images with a fading effect on transition. The script is compatible with NN4, IE4, Opera 5, Mozilla, and all browsers based on Gecko.

1221)   Hi-Liter
Hi-liter is a javascript which lets the webmasters to build vertical navigation menu on their websites.

1222)   Quiz -
Quiz - is a simple quiz script that provides the quiz for the webmasters to add on their websites. This scripts can be added to any type of websites.

1223)   Alert Boxes
Alert Boxes is a tutorial which teaches the users how to use this process to find errors, hazards and to display their event status.

1224)   Browser redirect script
Browser redirect Script detects the browser used by the visitor while surfing your webpage and on the basis of it redirects the visitor to specific pages designed for that browser. The script functions only with NS 4+ and IE 4+.

1225)   Advanced dropdown list web component
Advanced dropdown list web component is developed with javascript and is an advanced version of the usual html drop down box. Users can have their own programs like, search, autocomplete etc.

1226)   4Slideshow DHTML Script Wizard
This wizard implements slide shows with support up to 7 different slideshow effects. Also it is cross-browser compatible and can be customized very easily.

1227)   Kaosweaver
This is a website which gives users various resources for developing programs in javascript, they also offer templates, tutorials, service etc.

1228)   No right click with message
You can disable the right click procesings on your mouse through this javascript module. And you can see the implementation on Internet Explorer and Netscape communicator.

1229)   RandomBackground
This displays a background image in your webpage randomly from a list of images supplied by you. This is performed through the RandomBackground() function.

1230)   URL Aliaser
URL Aliaser is a simple and efficient javascript that is widely useful for the webmasters to produce their web page links with another name. Allows the webmasters to produce different alias names for a specific URL.

1231)   Button Over Kill
Button over kill script is used for creating tool bar on the web page with LCD display which shows the information about browser status link when the cursor rollsover the link.

1232)   A Game Of Tic Tac Toe
A Tic Tac Toe JavaScript. This has a 1 step look ahead - so you can beat it, but it does require some smarts on your part. It has the ability to be a 3x3 or up to a 10x10 - with a win set to be at least 3 in a row - or up to the number of the grid (a 10x10 can have it be a 10 in a row to win).

1233)   Image listbox PRO
This JavaScript displays a slide show of images in which the slides can be viewed by selecting the image from a drop down menu provided by the script.

1234)   Cookie Address Book
Cookie Address Book is a JavaScript which implements a web page address book that depends on the cookies to obtain information.

1235)   CodeThatTab
CodeThatTab is an advanced JavaScript tab control (page control).

1236)   A Game Of BattleShip
A Game Of BattleShip is a JavaScript implementation of the famous game Battle Ship of the video game. Play and test your gaming skills.

1237)   JSFX Float Menu
A JavaScript menu system that uses images or HTML contents to float in the menu back that scroll along with the page when the user scrolls the page up and down.

1238)   NoPeek
This script does not allow the users to access the right click menu. Does not display any prompts or alert messages, ideal for those tired of the alert messages being displayed.

1239)   Auto Tab
Move the focus to the next field after the predefined lenght of the previous field is executed. Good to use for phone number or social security number fields.

1240)   ExcelEverywhere for HTML
Create WEB form that looks and functions the same as your MS Excel spreadsheet

1241)   An Encryptor
This JavaScript can encode any document that you want it to be protected. The encrypted output can be put and run entirely into a document automatically.

1242)   Antechinus JavaScript Editor
Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor. Create stand-alone programs: fully-fledged HTML Applications.

1243)   FlexiGrid
FlexiGrid is an effective javascript program that has the ability to allow users to index their site contents on a text document.

1244)   Invoking The SaveAs Dialog From A Web Page
This JavaScript link provides a link that invokes the SaveAs dialog in your webpage, clicking on which the user can save the webpage to their hard disk. It utilizes the IE’s ability to call few dialog boxes.

1245)   Ration Generator
Ration Generator workings is by a multiplicative inverse process. Rounding and multiplying the values results in the best ratios of a decimal.

1246)   JSCookTree
This is a useful tree script written in JavaScript that supports different themes or different trees in the same webpage. The script supports relative positioning and fully or partially expanded trees.

1247)   Untouchable button link
This is the untouchable button link that's defiant to being hovered or clicked on.

1248)   Multiple Message TWINKLER
This JavaScript highlights the letters from left to right one after another. Supports the implementation on any number of messages. The effect pauses after each message or on mouseover.

1249)   Secure-mail
This JavaScript can send messages over the net after encrypting them through the email. This script uses Triple DES for encrypting the messages and MD5 for password protection.

1250)   HTML picture generator
HTML picture generator is a javascript which can be used by the webmasters in creating image backgrounds for their websites.

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