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Top 1251-1300 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1251)   Print Out Current Window Script
This JavaScript can be used in information pages, script pages, receipt pages, etc. to open the Printer dialogue box to print the current web page.

1252)   SlideBar
SlideBar is a JavaScript navigational tool for Internet Explorer 4 or above. In this script you can add the elements to the slide of the page that will always follow the movement of the window and thus enables site navigation even if your website contains long pages.

1253)   Drop-in form validation
Drop-in form validation is written in javascript and is a program that can be used to check whether any required field is empty or not before submitting the form.

1254)   Quick Search Interface To Various Search Engines
This script allows you to select any search engine like google, yahoo and altavista from a single page and implement searches on the web. Works on the Internet Explorer 5.5 or above browsers.

1255)   iNavigate
iNavigate is a client side JavaScript navigation tool to implement a tree menu that can dynamically expand and collapse in your webpage and other web applications. Requires no knowledge of JavaScript programming.

1256)   Font Picker
Font Picker is a simple and useful application capable of helping users to select differnet CSS font settings for their webcontent presentation.

1257)   "Accept terms" form submission
Does your form contain an "Accept terms" section users must agree to before submitting the form? If so, this script helps enforce it, by disabling the submit button (in IE4+ and NS6+) or process (all other browsers) until he/she checks a box indicating compliance.

1258)   Javascript to prevent spam
This is written in javascript and is a program that helps users to protect their email address on the web pages from spammers. This program can be easily customized.

1259)   JavaScript Password Protection
JavaScript Password Protection is a tutorial which teaches the users how to secure the important informations on their websites from others by providing password.

1260)   Select Swap (2)
Select Swap (2) is the second verson of Select Swap. You can move items from one select field to another. The script will automatically sort items in the field list.

1261)   Minesweeper Tomse
Minesweeper Tomse is a game that has been designed using Javascript and it is funny and interesting to play this game. This game can run only on the Java enabled systems.

1262)   4-Way Resolution Redirect
This script can detect the screen resolution of the visitor and redirects the visitor to the particular page designed for it. Supports 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and 1024x768 or more.

1263)   Link Background Color Changer
With this script, you can implement a mouse effect in which all the links in your web page will change colors on mouse over. The script is compatible with IE4+.

1264)   JavaScript Magic
With this site you can get a thorough insight into the JavaScript, CSS, Dynamic DHTML, which can make web designing very easy. Supports examples and sample scripts.

1265)   NlsTree Pro 1.2 Multipurpose Javascript Tree
Multipurpose cross browser javscript tree view. Supports runtime tree node manipulation, drag and drop, context menu, checkboxes, XML output, incremental loading. Great tool for navigation, configuration and data gathering.

1266)   Confirm Test With Results Computed
This is a JavaScript tool to provide you with a test with conformation alerts in which for every question the user can give TRUE or FALSE answers. Displays the results through a popup.

1267)   IE 5 Proprietary calendar
This is a wonderful JavaScript calendar to enhance your web page. The height and width of the calendar can be adjust to fit into your page. The script works on Internet Explorer browser version 5 or above.

1268)   JavaScript Tutorial
This is an online tutorial which teaches the beginners about javascript in detail. How to build simple javascript program and how to compile and run the program are explained in this tutorial.

1269)   Color Depth Display
This script displays the color depth (eg. 65536 colors) used by the visitor in his computer. Allows you to advise the visitor to adjust his settings to properly view your page.

1270)   Move, Resize, Position a window anywhere
With the help of this script you can resize the frame of your website's popup window and place it anywhere on the screen as you wish.

1271)   Password Prompt
This script allows access to your protected document to only those visitors who are authorized with the correct password. Requires JavaScript to be enabled.

1272)   Outline 1
Outline 1 can be used in your webpage to display menus in multi frame window. The script is designed in such way that the modification of the data for any given outline can be done very easily.

1273)   Bandwidth calculator
This JavaScript absolves the problem in comprehending the various units used in calculating bandwidth. All it wants you to do is enter the bandwidth number and choose the input unit. This JavaScript returns the result in Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes.

1274)   Text Grows Then Disappears
As the name suggests this display a text message in your webpage that appears to be enlarging all by itself. The text stays constant for a fixed time and then disappears.

1275)   Image Studio
Image Studio is a simple online image gallery software that helps you to organise images on a album, browse through the thumbnails, view specific images etc.,

1276)   ExD'0r
ExD'or can protect texts by means of a 4-bit paradigm that transforms text contents into a scrambled ASCII characters encrypting and decrypting the *.txt files.

1277)   DD Tab Menu
DD Tab Menu is a standards compliant, 2 level tab menu. Move your mouse over a tab, and additional content appears beneath it. The script uses CSS to control all of its appearance, and plain HTML to implement the entire menu tabs and contents.

1278)   Select Menu List
Select Menu List is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle the two menu list which has choosing options that allows their visitors to generate a list.

1279)   KaluachJS
This JavaScript implements a calendar in Hebrew/Civil. This calendar can be used in Windows and Palm. This can be altered to incorporate events or holidays as per you requirement.

1280)   JSviewer
JSviewer is a powerful javascript which can be used by the webmasters to display both images or texts at their own choice as slideshow. It is easy to start a slideshow in a simple way by using this script.

1281)   ESC (ECMAScript Cruncher)
This application can compress your JavaScript upto 45% and turns it into a lightweight script. Works on Windows ME,2000 or XP, or if MSIE 5.5+ is installed.

1282)   ProHTML Ticker
ProHTML Ticker rotates and displays regular HTML messages wrapped around simply in DIV tags instead of JavaScript variables, making updating its content a breeze!

1283)   Item List Generator for Tigra Tree Menu
Item List Generator for Tigra Tree Menu lets you build the navigation system for your website. It is integrated with PHP script to generate the code for Tigra tree menu items.

1284)   So, You Want A Scrolling JavaScript, Huh?
So, You Want A Scrolling JavaScript, Huh? is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate text scrolling function on their webpages.

1285)   Game Package
This is a collection of feature packed games with enhanced graphical presentation. Supports a pack of six games namely Blackjack, Bootlegger's Empire, Hangman, Memory, Millionaire Game, and Slots.

1286)   AnyLink CSS Menu
AnyLink CSS Menu is a search engine friendly, CSS based drop down menu that can be applied to any link on your page.

1287)   DevGuru JavaScript Quick Reference Guide
DevGuru JavaScript Quick Reference Guide provides you all details of JavaScript language, its events, functions, methods, properties, statements, objects, operators and values in a definitive manner.

1288)   Select Swap (1)
With this script you can move items from one select field to another.

1289)   Search Engine
A versatile script that implements search on 4 major search engines simultaneously. You can select the search engines and enter the keyword to execute the search.

1290)   Ask Visitor for Name Script
This JavaScript program asks the visitors of your page his/her name, and by giving the name it displays a welcome message “Hello”. This message can be displayed anywhere in the body of the page and if the user doesn’t give the name then the default message is displayed.

1291)   JavaScript Form validations made easy
This is a JavaScript validation tool that ensures that the user has entered valid inputs while filling up any fields in the forms of your webpage. The fields of the form can have 0, 1, or more validations.

1292)   Delete Warning
Delete Warning is an online article in content management explaining the method of generating event handlers to provide website visitors with easy navigating links for all webpages.

1293)   Trembling Message
This script implements an effect in which the text messages shakes giving a trembling effect and stays at the same place. Compatible with both IE4+ and NS6+.

1294)   Random Link button
This script creates a normal link that goes to a random destination, selected from a pool of URLs.

1295)   Ad PopUp Rotator
Set of JavaScripts for PopUp, PopUnder and Exit Console Rotation for almost any need.

1296)   JavaScript Form Validation
JavaScript Form Validation is developed with javascript and is a program that can validate empty fields that is available in the form and focus has been set to particular empty field.

1297)   Form field Limiter
This script limits the amount of text a user can enter into particular INPUT or TEXTAREA elements, plus displays in real time the number of characters remaining. An extremely practical and useful script!

1298)   1-Click Easy Drop-Down Menus
An easier way to access menu links and viewing site pages can be done through this javascript program. Destination pages can be displayed on seperate page or with target frame. Menu attributes supports full customization.

1299)   Select Swap Move
Select Swap Move will allow you to swap and move items from one select field to another. You can change the order as well.

1300)   Tigra Menu
Flexible cross browser JavaScript Menu - allows unlimited levels and multiple menus per page. Supports custom effects and geometry.

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