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Top 1301-1350 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   Submit Once
Submit Once prevents the users who submits a form from resubmitting it again and again preventing duplicity. This does not support submission again when it is submitted once.

1302)   Repeat after Simon
Repeat after Simon is a game that has been designed using Javascripts and this game is more interesting for the users to play and people from any age group can play this game.

1303)   An Object Lesson In JavaScript
An Object Lesson In JavaScript is a simple and effective article written in java to help java programmers in familiarizing themselves with object oriented constructs.

1304)   Anti-spam email displayer
Anti-spam email displayer is an effective program and is developed with javascript that helps users to show their email address on the web pages. This program shows email in 2 different modes.

1305)   Web Commercial
Web commercial, which force the user to go through the advertisement, before entering into the user's desired web page.

1306)   Scott Brady's Browser Detection
This JavaScript code snippet can load a popup page depending on the browser being used by the visitor. The loaded page can display the name of the browser or any other custom content.

1307)   DHTML Ping Pong (Phong)
DHTML Ping Pong (Phong) is a game in JavaScript enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. You can test your skills against the computer and try to win.

1308)   Free Search Engine
This program is used to facilitate your site with search engine to search required content and field by giving keywords on search field.

1309)   A Beginner's Guide to Javascript
A Javascript tutorial for the absolute beginner.

1310)   Super Pro Design Javascript DHTML archive
This site offers a collection of free JavaScript that cater to enabling any novice into a web programmer. Supports tutorial on HTML, CSS, Animations, Icons, Backgrounds, Fonts etc.

1311)   AniButton
With AniButton JavaScript you can add a button in your webpage that supports animated image over it. The button can have a URL link. Allows you to change the size and background color.

1312)   Quick Fill Form
This JavaScript can be implemented in your webpage to provide two drop down menu for selecting the country and state/province while filling up forms in your webpage. The field is capable of self-populating.

1313)   Three Tries
This implements password protection to your web site. Allows the visitors three chances to enter the correct password to get access to the page. Optionally it can display alert message in both the cases.

1314)   SplineTech JavaScript HTML Debugger
SplineTech JavaScript HTML Debugger is a unique web development tool that enables you to easily edit and debug JavaScript and VBScript inside HTML. Client-Side JavaScript, JScript and VBScript debugging languages fully supported.

1315)   JsTetris
This is an interesting online games software designed for playing tetris. This program is built with javascript and can be easily installed on any website.

1316)   Scriptomizers - JavaScript
This is a website which contains various javascript like popup window creator, javascript mouseover, dropdown menugenerator, javascript confirmation prompt, add to favorites link generator, javascript alert message, and so on. Using this website user can create their website from the scratch.

1317)   Pulldown Menu (Automatic)
Pulldown Menu (Automatic) is a JavaScript to display a drop down menu, which takes the visitor to a selected link. The user need not have to click on any ‘Go’ button to open the selected page.

1318)   SCalc
SCalc is a scientific calculator which is used for solving scientific calculations. This is a graphical calculator and offers many important functions related to mathematical operations.

1319)   Preloaded Slide Show Script
Preloaded Slide Show Script is a javascript which helps webmasters in creating their own slideshow on their website. When a viewer is looking at a slide, this script preloads the next one in the background.

1320)   Dropdown Menu Lite
Dropdown Menu Lite powerful navigation menu tool in JavaScript. When the user moves the mouse over the main menu the sub menus are displayed, and for each sub you can give its own child menus.

1321)   DropIt!
A javascript program that takes the text you enter and creates a drop-down-menus for your website. Two types of drop-down menus to choose from.

1322)   Dynamic Form
Dynamic Form is a simple and easy to use program and is written in javascript that helps users to create forms in real time on their web pages. The form fields can be easily customized by users.

1323)   Auto Maximize Window
A simple script that automatically maximises the browser window when it is loaded within a webpage.

1324)   Biorhythms
Everything that happens around us in the nature is periodic.

1325)   Protect
This script will protect your images from being stolen by visitors.

1326)   Tigra Scroller
Free JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box.

1327)   Lookup 1
This JavaScript extracts the first three digits of your Social Security Number and finds out in which you were born. The first three digits indicate the state in which you were registered as have been born there.

1328)   PhotoShare
PhotoShare v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible solution for displaying photos, images and other multimedia elements over the web.

1329)   Javascript Menu Master
This program can enable you to develop pull-down navigational menus in JavaScript. You can control the appearance, content, font, font size, colors, dimensions and much more through this software.

1330)   Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Drive is an online java script website acting as a huge repository of efficient DHTML scripts and programs. You can also contribute your scripts to get listed on this website.

1331)   ExcelEverywhere
With this JavaScript, you can turn your excel worksheet into any interactive web pages and also include the ability to calculate. Supports all excel functions.

1332)   StyleTemplate
This is a simple but very effective Content Management System that can create webpage template, and can upgrade the old pages into modern code. All code in this script is HTML 4.01 validated. The script can be specified with background image for different section.

1333)   SSI with JS
This is a simple JavaScript that performs functions like Server Side Includes by calling the SSI:java which is a JavaScript with .js files imported.

1334)   Drop down hierarchical JavaScript menu
Drop down hierarchical JavaScript menu is a javascript based menu script.

1335)   eScene
eScene is a tool that can be used by the webmasters to add stickers and postcards on their sites for their website visitors. This tool can be used for improving the attractiveness of websites.

1336)   Big Image
This JavaScript magnifies a small image to a larger one on your webpage. The image is magnified on three events such as on mouseover event, on mouseover event or by mouse onclick and by mouse onclick event.

1337)   SafeMail
This script is for spambots that search for mailto: links to send spams. Your email address is protected against spam as the script makes the link to look like to be coded with HTML.

1338)   Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials
Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials is a tutorial which tells the users how to use javascript for creating menus, altering the background color and dialog boxes.

1339)   Quick Jump
Quick Jump is a JavaScript navigation tool that displays a text box in your webpage in which the user can type a complete website address starting with http://. When the user presses the enter key, the script takes the visitor to the mentioned webpage.

1340)   Apycom Drop Down Menu
This JavaScript generates dropdown menu, which can be placed over HTML contents, elements, frames, flash and over browser window. The script uses an external txt file to load the menu structure.

1341)   Foldoutmenu
With Foldoutmenu menu you can implement a menu tree with one level of sub-menu. The script is highly customizable. You can change the sub menus to folded or unfolded state. The script is compatible with NN 4+ and IE+.

1342)   JavaScript Minesweeper
Trace for Bombs and remove them and then put a flag over it by right clicking the mouse. Supports three levels of play. This game is very much like the minesweeper game of the Windows.

1343)   JSMenu
SMenu is a configurable pop-up menu script which supports an unlimited number of child menus. JSMenu works in all recent browsers.

1344)   Franciscocharrua's Navigation - Links
Franciscocharrua's Navigation - Links is a javascript program that offers customizable solutions for all website owners and designers to implement web page navigation links with static HTML pages.

1345)   MWS JS Menu
MWS JS Menu is a suitable script for new websites to add menus with optimum features for site pages navigation. Menus can be generated through javascript classes with customizable options.

1346)   Text Scrambler
This is a game to Text scrambler game in JavaScript. Based on the input, it can generate words of different length that you specify. You can also specify the minimum and maximum word size.

1347)   Frequency Cap content
Set any content on your page to display only once every x hours with this versatile DHTML script. Using CSS and JavaScript cookies, Different content can each be shown per its own periodic interval.

1348)   Remember Form values script
Using cookies, this script remembers the value entered into your form's inputs by your visitor, and upon his/her return, loads the textbox with that value.

1349)   Hightlight menu effect
A navigational menu that displays the menu items in a table. When the user moves the mouse over the menu items or links, a highlight effect is displayed by showing a thin border around the menu item.

1350)   Dhtml and Javascript navigation
Supports a variety of JavaScript codes for dynamic client side programming and cross-browser DHTML and also supports style sheets for web building.

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