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Top 101-150 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   Image Spotlight Effect Onmouseover
This JavaScript on the Internet Explorer can implement a spotlight effect when you move the mouse over the image and will move along with the mouse over the image. The spotlight will return to its start position when the mouse is out of the image.

102)   Auto-Sizing Image Popup Window Script
This script can popup windows that can resize itself automatically to fit the image specified to be displayed inside the window. You can also place a title in the titlebar of the window.

103)   Objects Rotate Around Mouse
This script generates squares that moves along with the mouse and also revolves around it. The script is compatible with both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.

104)   Login and password script
With this script you can implement a login and password authentication to your visitors of your web page. Both the login and password has to be correct to access the protected page.

105)   Advanced Clock
This JavaScript implements a clock display in the 12 hour (am/pm) format in hours, minutes and seconds for easy use of time by any user. Can configure the font, size and alignment in the script.

106)   Fading Ticker Tape
A cross browser ticker tape that can display an infinite number of messages. Each time the message changes, a fading effect is accompanied. The messages themselves are each clickable.

107)   Javascript Forums, etc.
Free forum for JavaScript programmers of all levels who would like to discuss or ask questions about JavaScript and DHTML

108)   Time Span
Time Span supports two tools namely time elapsed & time difference. The ‘Time elapsed’ calculates how much time has elapsed since a given date to the current date. The ‘Time difference’ displays the time difference between two dates mentioned by the user.

109)   2-level combo box
2-level combo box is a JavaScript navigating tool that can be implemented in your webpage to display a drop down menu in which the links can be arranged in various categories.

110)   Detecting User Information
Detecting User Information is a tutorial which teaches the users how to detect the OS and the browser informations of customers.

111) Forums Forums feature topics relating to JavaScript such as DHTML, Strings, and Regular Expressions. There is no cost, and you only need to register if you want to post a message.

112)   Family Tree with Scrapbook
Make a family tree graphic link individuals to scrapbook entries which can be edited by visitors.

113)   Web Developer Community Forums
Web Developer Community Forums is a place for programmers to discuss programming, website desiging and other topics.

114)   Ad Simple
This is a Banner Rotation script which allow you to rotate any type of advertisement on your website.

115)   Sorting HTML Tables Using Javascript
This JavaScript implements a sortable table in an ordinary HTML data tables. The script automatically sorts the rows with data by associating it with an onClick event.

116)   JavaScript Image Mouseovers
JavaScript Image Mouseovers is a javascript that helps users in creating a mouseover image effect on their webpages. It is easy to use this program on any website.

117)   DS Rain Script
With DS Rain Script you can decorate your web pages’ background with a rain effect. It is an easy to use and customize program.

118)   Live Clock
Live clock is javascript that you can install on your websites to show the time. It shows the same time as your computer is set on.

119)   Getting screen resolution
Getting screen resolution is a tutorial which teaches the users how to get site visitors screen resolutions. This script displays a banner to the visitors telling the required screen resolution they need to view the website.

120)   Visit Counter
This cookie calculates the number of times the current user had visited. It does not display the total overall visits.

121)   Advanced Gallery script
This robust gallery script allows you to display and rotate entire blocks of HTML on demand. Display images, text, or rich HTML in a dynamic manner.

122)   j s Banner Script
j s Banner Script is a banner management program made using Javascript. It allows any amount of banner displays.

123)   Dynamic Countup Script
Display how much time has passed since an expired date with this rare script. Accurate to the second.

124)   QuickMenu Pro
This is a drop down menu generator in JavaScript that supports cross browsers. The script uses a simple text based separate data file for customizing the menu. It also provides transition effects for sub menus and sub items.

125)   Java Chat
Java Chat is a free copy and paste chat program for webmasters to put on their websites.

126)   PopUp Window Wizard
A javascript tool for creating pop-up windows for a website. No programming knowledge required to create three tyeps of pop-ups.

127)   Crazy Email Form Without Mail-client
This JavaScript can send emails from your own webpage to any email address. The script supports fields like From address, To address, CC, BCC and subject. The script is compatible with all browsers.

128)   Auto tab (form field) script
Make certain form field(s) more intuitive to fill out by auto tabbing them.

129)   onMouseover sound effect
This script plays a sound when the mouse moves over certain links. It can be configured to initiate the sound only when someone clicks on the links as well.

130)   Text Banner Rotation
This is a JavaScript code snippet that can be implemented in your webpage to display rotating text banners. You can set the number of banners in the script. A new banner is displayed each time the page is loaded.

131)   Button Click Call Alert
Button Click Call Alert allows you to implement functions similar to the JavaScript when it is clicked. This button provides a predefined alert () function.

132)   Verticle Scroller
This script can scroll text vertically in your web pages. You can configure the height, width, color of the box and can also control the speed of the text scroll.

133)   JavaScript set as homepage
This JavaScript prompts the users with a link to make any specified url in the link as his/her browser’s homepage. The script is compatible with IE 5 or above.

134)   Document CrossHair
dd a fun crosshair to your document! The color of the crosshair can be customized, making it suitable for any webpage.

135)   ExpandingMenus.js
ExpandingMenus.js is a simple menu system using which you can design a full featured navigational systems for your website that can be expanded with several levels.

136)   Background Fading Using Multiple Colors
This Java Script implements a multiple color display when a visitor visits your page. When the page is selected for view various colors are displayed in a sequence creating a fading effect.

137)   Continuous Horizontal Image Scroller
This javascript program allows the webmasters to display their site with horizontally rolling image and it supports unlimited number of images in a single frame.

138)   Determining cookie support in client's browser
If your script relies on JavaScript cookies to store and persist information, it's a good idea to always make sure the user's browser has cookies enabled first. This tutorial shows you how to perform this detection.

139)   Flashing Table Border Script
This visual script can make the border of tables to flash in your web page. Flashing is accomplished by alternating from one color to another. The border width, flashing speed etc can be configured.

140)   Pulldown Menu (Frames)
This is a pull down menu in JavaScript, but in frames. It allows you to have the link open in a different frame of your site. The script also features the ‘Go’ button, clicking on which the selected link is opened.

141)   Count down to in days (HMS)
Count down to in days (HMS) is a JavaScript to implement a highly configurable countdown. It displays the time difference from a specified date till date in hours, minutes and seconds.

142)   Simple Login Script
Set up a members only area on your site with this simple login script. With cookie based access checking!

143)   Fade
The script fades your texts between two colors. The script from any 2 hex colors and preferred increments can enable you to create a hex color fade array.

144)   Frames
Frames is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate frames and subframes within the frame. This tutorial allow the users to download the framset pages.

145)   Triple combo menu
This is a nifty JavaScript that enables site navigation through three drop down menus. The script works in both Internet Explorer and NS 3 or above, including NS 6.

146)   Changing image opacity
Changing image opacity is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of altering the opacity of an image for generating effects on linked images, small buttons and banners.

147)   Random quotes, images, banners or any thing
This is a simple and easy to integrate application that can be used to randomize any desired entities like images, quotes, banners, ads etc.,

148)   D-Fader
The script supports visual effects like appear/disappear images from directions of south, north, west, east, north east, north west, south east, south west, dissolve to center, dissolve to random point, dissolve to south etc.

149)   A Timer for Your Page
This JavaScript can limit the time the visitor views a particular page to a specified time. The visitor will be compelled to change page after expiry of the specified time. It displays the time left out on the status bar continuously.

150)   Multiple Image Preview
You can view numerous images without the images actually taking up space on the web page. The images are replaced with small buttons to select different images.

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