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Top 1451-1500 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1451)   CCXI XML Data Island Library
Take the strain off your sever. The CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control allow your users to view data without having to contact the server constantly. CCXI makes it simple to display, page and sort data without server round trips.

1452)   Text Area Pro
TextArea Pro is a web editor which can be used instead of . This tool requires IE 5.5+ and above. It has many enhanced features and customizable.

1453)   ITtoolbox for Java(TM) Technologies Knowledge Base
A JAVA community for IT professionals. Focusing on core JAVA, JAVA development, distributed networking, Enterprise JAVA, and other JAVA technologies.

This is a website which has specialization in javascript and various web technologies. This website implemented with the javascript like, CSS, XHTML, DHTML and XML.

1455)   Features
Complete tutorial. All features and elements of a browser window.

1456)   Super random quote in form box
Super random quote in form box is a script built on java which helps webmasters in displaying a random quote in a text box for their visitors. It is easy to use this script on any website.

1457)   HierMenus
HierMenus is a full-featured javascript enabled program which lets you build navigation tools for surfing entire site pages via menu links. Supports numerous styles and effects with menu display.

1458)   Browser Type Redirection
This simple JavaScript code can redirect your webpage visitors to the appropriate webpage designed for the browser used by the visitor to surf the site.

1459)   Timed Self-Closing Popup Window Kit
This script pops up windows and also supports it to be closed after a preset delay timing. Works on almost all browsers. The window’s dimensions, delay time etc can be configured.

1460)   Destination Creation's Internet search
This is a powerful javascript program with which your site visitors can search online for their queries from your website pages.

1461)   Postfix to Infix
As the name hints out, Postfix to Infix is a JavaScript for generating Infix expression by converting the Postfix expression in your web page.

1462)   Your Last Visit
This is JavaScript that implements a cookie to record the date and time of the last visit of the visitor in the last 30 days. If the visitor has not visited within last 30 days then a message as ‘No record of you visiting in last 30 days’ is displayed.

1463)   Scripting Modules
This tool can offer a high scale of script customization, speed and greater support for CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and HTML. Supports an elaborate help system and built-in demo.

1464)   Javascript Event Handlers
Javascript Event Handlers is a simple online article that helps java experts and novice programmers to excell themselves in the various concepts of event handlers in javascripts.

1465)   Automated DropDown Menu Wizard
With Automated DropDown Menu Wizard JavaScript your webpage will be provided with a drop down menu that takes the user to a page immediately when the user selects the location or page from the drop down menu.

1466)   DS Zoom Script
This implements a zoom effect of any image supplied by you to the script in your webpage. You can configure the speed and pause time of the zooming effect, zoom size etc. in the parameters.

1467)   HV Menu
A robust muti-level menu script that can be laid out both horizontally and vertically.

1468)   CodeThat.Com offers professional JavaScript scripts.

1469)   Jeroen's chmod calculator
Jeroen's Chmod calculator is the most robust calculator of its kind. It allows you to lookup and display the permission setting value (ie: 755) for files in 3 different ways, including its text equivalent (ie: -rwxr-xr-x).

1470)   Tigra calculator
Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to make different calculations right on your site.

1471)   Indicate All The Required Fields
This is a form validator in JavaScript that ensures that the visitor of your web page has filled all the required fields while submitting the forms in your page. The script is compatible with all browsers.

1472)   Javascript Assertion Unit Framework
This development tool in JavaScript enables any JavaScript developer to improve his coding skill to generate more robust software. This tool can test the codes generated by a JavaScript developer based on assertions.

1473)   Online Announcer
Online Announcer v1.0 is a convenient and multi-browser compatible solution for managing online events, updates, keeping an online journal and more.

1474)   CSS Multimedia Filters for IE5.5 Reference
Displays examples for transitions of CSS and multimedia filters supported with elaborate details and sample scripts. Works only on the Internet Explorer 5.5+.

1475)   JK JavaScript Reference
Comprehensive listing of JavaScript objects, properties, and methods. Also includes explanations and examples.

1476)   Drop down menu w/ description
This is your straightforward drop down menu constructed using the SELECT tag, except in IE4+ and NS6+, a description of each selection is displayed beneath it!

1477)   Double Combo with description
Double Combo with description is a menu that describes each choice in the menu.

1478)   DynarchMenu
DynarchMenu is an advanced DHTML Menu design tool which helps you to create menus on your web sites. This tool supports multiple browsers.

1479)   Navigation Bar Tabs
Implements tabs that can enhance your webpage by simply displaying them with or with out frames. The script supports features like image icons, word-wrapping, mouseover and click sounds, 3D text effects, tiled image background, etc.

1480)   validate
validate is a program built on javascript, users can let this to verify the numbers, dates, URLs, email etc., which are included in a form in an automatic action.

1481)   Thumb-Show
Thumb-Show v1.0 is an easy-to-use menu system.

1482)   Color Picker by
This script uses a fast loading DIV that allows you to select color for use in instances like a form field. Provides immediate visual feedback of the color that the user has selected.

1483)   DOM Menu
This is a JavaScript menu code that can be implemented to your webpage to generate both horizontal and vertical popup menus in your webpage. The menu customization can be done via CSS.

1484)   Hierarchical folder menu
This is a free JavaScript navigation tool displays menus with folder images. The menu is placed inside the folder and you can set as many menu items you want in the menu.

1485)   Qiksearch Diagonal Scroller
If other scroll vertically or horizontally, this one scrolls texts diagonally. When a link is engaged by the mouse, the hint/description appears and scrolls diagonally, the speed of which can be adjusted.

1486)   Fold-out external menu
A slide-out menu that uses an external HTML page as its content, making updating it a breeze. It automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the mouse moves over it.

1487)   SimplytheBest DHTML Scripts and JavaScripts
It is a good site in offering free JavaScripts and DHTML that caters to various employment like animation, password protection, cookies, image rotation etc.

1488)   Tool for Text Formating
Tool for Text Formating

1489)   JavaScript Reader
This software implements a variety of tasks like open script, edit them, manage, store and finally executes the scripts. It can also email your script to some one who has JSR installed.

1490)   Seconds at site
An useful javascript program for website owners to obtain the information how long their visitors have stayed on their websites. Results can be displayed in seconds on site pages.

1491)   Anti-spam email displayer
A powerful anti-spam script that allows you to display one or several email addresses on your webpage without spam harvesters being able to extract them.

1492)   CodeThatPacker
CodeThatPacker is a powerful JavaScript compression utility. CodeThatPacker removes comments and whitespaces from your scripts, supports all JavaScript syntax including regular expressions and automatic semicolon insertion, can copy several js-files into one, compresses JavaScript in HTML files.

1493)   Overview of scripting in NS6
Overview of scripting in NS6 is an easy to understand article dealing with the techniques involved in updating online applications to work in NS6.

1494)   Xtreeme DHTML Menu Studio
Easily create DHTML drop down menus and integrate into existing websites.

1495)   Drop Down Image Selector
With this script you can select the images to view from a drop down combo box that displays a list of images. A nice way to remove cluttering of various images.

1496)   About Focus on JavaScript
This is a website which helps the user to focus on the javascripts like background Audio tool, using ActiveX with javascript, learning javascript- The while loop, status bar ticker, and few other javascript. Through this website the user can gather information about each script.

1497)   Microtech Website
Microtech Website is a web site which give information about the latest news like tutorial updates, free blocks on right side and so on. This website displays shout box and also it gives information about the statistic and site info.

1498)   Parameters
Understand how document URL and location works. Learn how to use the query string.

1499)   DHTML drop-down menus
With this javascript module web designers can generate drop down menus dynamically with cascade sub menu style. Menu items can be aligned left/ center/ right of menu bar. And many more features simplifies your efforts with menu creation.

1500)   WebDevTips
This website helps the user to learn and to develop new webpages of their own, which has code generators and guide the users to solve complicated task. With this website the beginner can gather details like, looking for quick answers, latest WebDevTips updates, top internet stories and dropmenu.

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