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Top 1501-1550 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1501)   Disable right click on images script
This script is designed to protect your images on your web pages from being copied. This disables the right-click menu preventing the visitor from saving the images.

1502)   DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder
DevMansion JavaScript Menu Builder is a WYSIWYG, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn FREEWARE tool focused exclusively on client side JavaScript menus creation. Inside, you will find everything you need to create menus for Your site in minutes.

1503)   Colorful Drop Down Menus
Colorful Drop Down Menus is greatly used for website owners to create multiple drop down menus with unlimited submenus simply through 6 steps. Any javascript enabled website can get benefits from this program.

1504)   Display days remaining in year
This JavaScript countdown tool enables you to calculate how many days are left in the current year.

1505)   Plain English Time
This JavaScript displays the time in casual English like “it’s now ten past eight in the morning” to denote 8:10 a.m.

1506)   Advanced JSMenu
Advanced JSMenu is a small cross-browser javascript that adds a drop down menus, context menus, trees or tab controls to your page.

1507)   AntiSpambotMailto()
This script hides the mailto links, which can be accessed by the spambots to send spams. The email address is encrypted into scrambled ASCII codes, which cannot be used by spambots.

1508)   cr:DateEdit
Date and Time editing control/DatePicker. Combination masked text edit and dropdown calendar. Implemented as a DHTML Element Behavior for IE6.

1509)   Switch Menu
Switch Menu is a unique navigational script with characteristics of a folding tree. It dynamically expands the chosen menu item when clicked on (revealing the containing links) while contracting the rest. Uses the DOM of IE5/NS6+ while degrading nicely with older browsers.

1510)   Pull-down Menu
Pull-down Menu is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the drop down menu by condensing more links into a compact sector with javascript.

1511)   Multiple Message Blinker
Blinks any number of messages

1512)   Space 2.
Space script creates popular background of starlit sky.

1513)   Static Menu Script
Static Menu Script is a JavaScript navigational tool to display a static menu in your webpage. The border color, padding position, background color, menu width, position on page etc. are configurable in the script.

1514)   Select Menu 2
Select Menu 2 is written in javascript and is a program that can be used to convert form select list into menu on the web pages. This is an easy to use program.

1515)   Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center
Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center, it is a website which helps user who are not wellversed with the knowledge of webdesign. And make the user to built a perfect website with the help of the tools present in this site.

1516)   CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and science
This website provide online calculators. This calculator emphasis on fluid mechanics and wave propagation. This calculators are used by working engineers. This tool is readily accesible for the users without knowing the basic knowledgde of the calculator.

1517)   Creativyst SoundExR, SoundEx Index Generator
This program is used for generating soundEx index codes by a name input. It provides three different soundEx codes. It offers two different types of usage of soundExR form.

1518)   Always-visible combo box
A twist to the good old JavaScript combo box menu, this script renders one that's always visible on the visitor's lower right screen. Updated for NS6+ functionality, plus ability to specify link target!

1519)   WinScripter
This is a tool that can create special effects scripts that can perform tasks like image editing, retouch photos, dropshadowed logos, create stunning 3-D, etc.

1520)   Preload image script II
This script sports a graphical display that shows the progress of preloading of images, if the browser is IE4 or above. The images are preloaded for instant display on demand.

1521)   Re-Direct upon the Browser Used
Re-Direct upon the Browser Used is a JavaScript code snippet that checks for the browser used by the visitor to visit the page and redirects the visitors to the webpage that works best for the browser of the visitor.

1522)   Gatescript - the complete JavaScript gate.
This site is the JavaScript gateway to the Internet; you can learn here the language fundamental with a lot of examples (more then 1600).

1523)   Change color of form Components
Change color of form Components is written in javascript and is a program that can be used to set text font color and background color to the particular field that is available on the form.

1524)   DS Fade Script
DS Fade Script is a JavaScript to present a fading effect between any images supplied by you in your webpage. You can configure the speed and pause time of the fading effect in the parameters.

1525)   Pop-under window w/ random URLs
This Pop-under window script randomly selects from a pool of URLs to load in the pop under window. Comes with frequency control using cookies. Specify whether window should pop under once per browser session or not.

1526)   Pic-Share
Pic-Share is a javascript based utility that lets the users to create an online photo album with special effects on their websites. It allows users to use any number of selected photos and images to build any number of albums.

1527)   Link of the month Script
This is a simple script that displays a different link each month (out of 12 months).

1528)   Java Enabled Redirect
Java Enabled Redirect is a JavaScript code snippet that checks for whether the browser is java-enabled and redirects the visitors to a webpage, which is java-enhanced.

1529)   Amazing Glide-In Menu (Cross-Browser)
This is a visual subtle menu, with easy to edit Style and Script files. The script provides an icon that when clicked will slide a "selector" box with the same icon. The menu can also be set to display on start up.

1530)   Easy WebWatch
This script can debug HTML pages. You can amend any property of the HTML Page with this script. With a watch window, you can navigate through objects in the hierarchy.

1531)   Text Blinker
This script changes colors on your text messages implement a blinking effect. You can customize the blinking speed. The color changes every second to a new one.

1532)   Popup Window Control
This script can display information on a window only one and keep it hidden until the next browser session. Uses a cookie on the Users computer to record the display of the window.

1533)   Always Seen Images.
Your visitor has switched off loading images? Still show them the images with DHTML.

1534)   Revolving Door for Mercantec SoftCart
This is a JavaScript shopping tool that enables the user to enter the store and fill up their cart. The cartID is maintained even while the user browses the rest of the pages and enables the user to complete the order when he or she returns to the store.

1535)   Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions
Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions is an effective online article dealing with javascript's regular exppressions helping novice programers to enhance their programmimg skills in writting the expressions.

1536)   Barry Wright's Link Shield
This email and Link Shield program is powered using javascript that is a handy tool for website owners to protect their entire link system. Also, secure your email addresses from email grabbers, software robots etc.

1537)   Form Object
Form Object is an easy to learn Java Script tutorial in which the author teaches you about the use of the various properties, methods and events of the Form object. The author clearly shows how to submit a form to the server with a sample code.

1538)   Flying Popup Window
The script implements windows that can fly across your web page. Supports customization of the URL for the window, height, width, position and much more.

1539)   Menu-Bar
Menu-Bar is a simple and effective online menu system using which you can provide your visitors an easy to use horizontal menus to surf through your web pages.

1540)   DHTML Sortable Grid Control (With Form Elements)
This is a JavaScript form tool that can provide the user’s webpage with a sortable grid. This is a pure client side JavaScript supporting sortable grid control. You can also submit the contents of the grid to the results page to view the form elements posted.

1541)   Web Blazonry's Cookies
Web Blazonry's Cookies is a simple and efficient online article that teaches users with the ways and means of inserting cookies on a java application.

1542)   Checkbox Tree in JavaScript
This JavaScript navigation tool displays a check box and radio button supported tree menu in your webpage to give it a different look and feel. The script can be used in one frameless page and can be used to link the items to different pages.

1543)   Random Child Quotes
Random Child Quotes implements various child or parent related quotes with a background that are displayed randomly from a list of 30 quotes. The quotes and background are rotated every time the page is loaded.

1544)   Drop-in image slideshow
This is a cool JavaScript to implement a slide show of images that drops slides one by one from the top. The slide show can be displayed anywhere you want within your webpage.

1545)   SiteSearch Indexer
Implements a search engine in your web pages that can work both on the client side as well as on the server side. Uses a javascript file on the client side and a XML file to implement search on the sever side.

1546)   ProYam
ProYam is a game of dice. Displays dices showing each side on the left of the screen. The points rolled is displayed on the right in a matrix of boxes.

1547)   Collapsible Frame script
This script allows a frame within your site to be collapsible on user demand.

1548)   Events
Learn how to use javascript events and what elements they apply to.

1549)   Duplicate Form Field
Duplicate Form Field is a simple and easy to use javascript program that helps users to duplicate one form field value into another by just copying the value.

1550)   Dns2go
Dns2go is a cool program that converts your own system into a web server. It dynamically associates your IP and your domain name.

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