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Top 1551-1600 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1551)   System Color Palette
System Color Palette is helpful for users to access different colors from palette. These colors are supported by any browsers.

1552)   dHTML Drop Down Menu Tutorial - Part 1
This is a simple article from which you can learn to script javascript codes to develop a full featured dHTML drop down menu for your own websites.

1553)   JavaScript String Object explanation
Explanation of the String object and its properties/ methods to manipulate text and string on the page.

1554)   Tigra Menu
Menu supports unlimited levels and multiple menus per page, custom effects and geometry, illustrated documentation, forums and online interactive menu builder etc.

1555)   WebDDM
WebDDM is an advanced menu building software using which you can generate browser independent drop down menus for your websites using CSS and HTML's.

1556)   Iframes SSI script II
This script automatically resizes a IFRAME to be the exact height of the content contained inside it, and auto adjusts if the content inside changes.

1557)   N-level Context menu
N-level Context menu is a JavaScript that can be loaded to your webpage to enable right click menu display if the visitor is using Internet Explorer browser.

1558)   Validate: check box
Validate: check box is a script that allows you to put a Validate a check box on the website. The script is easy and there is a demo available.

1559)   JsDOMenu
JsDOMenu is a context menu that pops up when the user "left" or "right" clicks on any blank space in the page. It supports unlimited submenus, and is functional in DOM browsers.

1560)   Country Chooser
This JavaScript implements an efficient form in which on selection of one menu of a field, the other field is automatically changes data that is relevant to the first field. For e.g. when your select a region, the automatically changes the second menu displaying the countries in the region.

1561)   DS DropDownMenu
A navigation tool in JavaScript that implements a dropdown menu. The title of the menu, text font, text size, background color, text color etc. can be set as per your choice. You can display a maximum of 10 links or menu items in a menu.

1562) sitemap script
This is a perl scripts to display HTML files present in the folders in tree like structure. This script is useful to list HTML files.

1563)   jail - just an image loader
jail - just an image loader will be useful for the webmasters to incude a javascript into their source code to indicate the load processing in percentage. This is more helpful to prevent machine crashes.

1564)   Fast Menus
Fast Menus will be useful for javascript enabled websites to allow visitors to surf all pages easily and quickly. This program supports many features like unlimited sub menus, customizable menu characteristics and still a lot.

1565)   qForms JavaScript API
qForms is a JavaScript interface that make handling forms so simple. It can enable the HTML developers to create a highly complex interface for forms in a very simplified manner.

1566)   Basic URL Validate
Basic URL Validate is an effective program and is written in javascript that can check "http://" and variety of extensions such as org, biz, com, ws, net etc for the URL.

1567)   Select a startday + enddate
With Select a startday + enddate JavaScript you can set drop down menu for selecting the date, month and year for the beginning and end date of the period. Supports a ‘Submit’ button and ‘Reset’ button.

1568) Multiple Choice Quiz
This is a highly flexible quiz script that can be used to test your visitors, with the results instantly graded on a separate page. Script supports arbitrary number of questions, each supporting an arbitrary number of choices.

1569)   FlyFormX
This is a JScript used to design an HTML form on your website with the help of XML description. It is useful for any kind of forms on the website.

1570)   Bs_Toolbar
This JavaScript can implement buttons in your web page. The script supports built-in 3D effect and requires only one icon instead of 3. You can include any number of onClick/onMouseOver/onMouseOut events.

1571)   Drop Box with an Image Button
This script implements a navigation tool. Use this drop down box with an Image Button JavaScript to navigate through different pages of your webpage.

1572)   Bandwidth Bob
This is a freeware script that finds out the speed of your bandwidth on your own server or on the server you are hosted. The script is compatible with all platforms.

1573)   Random Motivational Quotes
With this JavaScript you can display motivational quotes in your webpage, which is selected from a set of 30 quotes randomly. The script accesses these quotes from a separate JavaScript file.

1574)   SD-Book
SD-Book v1.0 is an easy to use and generic electronic book publishing system that can be used to easily create and publish manuals, tutorials, stories or other electronic media for either online or offline use.

1575)   NewsBar
This enables scrolling of messages with links in your web page one after the other. The messages stays for a specified time. Can displays news, information, announcements etc.

1576)   Stat-Box
Stat-Box v1.0 is an easy-to-use vertical graph/statistics scroller.

1577)   Automatic Status Text Rotation
This JavaScript snippet can be added to your webpage to change the text that is displayed from one to another in the status bar of the browser after a fixed time, set by the user.

1578)   Javascript Pro
Supports 15 different scripts for building websites. Codes can be generated without even writing a single line of code. You can implements different text effects, links, different closing options etc.

1579)   Submit a form only once
Submit a form only once is written in javascript and is a program that can be used to prevent multiple form submission on the webpages. This is an easy to use program.

1580)   @ewnet
@ewnet offers tutorials, resources, and a discussion board on javascript.

1581)   Postfix Evaluator
As you can be aware from the name, Postfix Evaluator is a JavaScript for evaluating the given Postfix expression and then displays the results in a text box.

1582)   XTORT CryptoManiac V5
This script encrypts the source code of your web pages using the Rot 13 and str2hex(string). It scrambles the text characters, rotating the character 13 places.

1583)   Text Box Characters Counter (IE4+)
Text Box Characters Counter (IE4+) is a tutorial which informs the users how to handle the process of counting the number of characters for them to type further on the text area or text field.

1584)   select-all
select-all is a JavaScript that can provide a ‘select all’ link, enabling the visitor to click on it and easily select/highlight the text displayed in the text area of your webpage.

1585)   Window Shaker
This script can presented an energetic display to the visitors. It shakes the visitor’s browser. Funny ways to offer a spirited welcome to your visitors.

1586)   AV Link
This program asks visitors to enter their keywords and then it links to altavista search engine and gives result. Easy to handle and to use.

1587)   Google Internal Site Search script II
This script utilizes Google to allow your visitors to search pages within one of multiple sites of your choice.

1588)   Pulldown Menu (Description)
This JavaScript can be used in your webpage to implement a pull down menu. The script also provides a text box for displaying a brief description about the selected link and a ‘Go” button to launch the link.

1589)   Pop-it menu
Pop-it allows you to associate a dynamic menu with regular links on your page. As the mouse moves over the link in question, a menu pops up containing "sub links". Think of it as a "loose" drop down menu.

1590)   Cascading Menu Builder
Builder that easily builds cascading menus for web pages.

1591)   Website Abstraction Encrypted Password Generator
Password protects your page, allowing access to only those with the correct password. Else it displays an alert message. The password is encrypted, so it is not exposed through the source code.

1592)   Date Format Validator
Date Format Validator is a from validator in JavaScript that can validate a date entered by the user while filling up forms in your webpage for the sample format like 12 APR 2003.

1593)   Context menu script
A DHTML menu that reveals itself when the user right clicks anywhere on the page. Useful as a site navigation tool.

1594)   NavBar
NavBar is a JavaScript navigation tool to display a menu in which you can use your own custom cursor. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 6 version browsers.

1595)   MultiSearchPage
You can use this powerful javascript application to search for any queries on the net or specifically on any desired search engine or on online directories.

1596)   Drop down menu generator
This is a JavaScript menu generator with which you can create and display any number of drop down menus in your webpage. You can give a menu heading link by clicking on which the submenus are displayed.

1597)   Platform Page
This small script detects the platform as to whether the user is on Windows or on Mac and redirects the visitor to the appropriate version of the page for that platform.

1598)   Print Current Window Script
Print Current Window Script is written in javascript and is a small yet useful program that can open a printer dialogue to print the current page.

Indite is a program that can be used by the administrators to create and run a content management system for their web development. This program comes with an enhanced WYSIWYG editor.

1600)   mdbScript's Scroll bars
mdbScript's Scroll bars is a simple and easy to use online javascript program enabling webmasters to spice their scrolling bars with differnt color effects.

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