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Top 1601-1650 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1601)   TreeMenu
Explorer like navigation tree for websites with optional multilingual support for unlimited folding levels and items. All styles, formats and symbols can be customized, selected items may be highlighted. The script is directly executable, reliable and speedy to handle thousands of items. Multiple trees may be dynamically loaded in one document. Guests can request cookies to store their page layout. The code and the intuitive usage is well documented to aid novices.

1602)   Cool DHTML Tooltip II
Fancy looking tooltips with an "arrow" pointer are commonly found in desktop applications. Cross browser functional script.

1603)   North American Chooser
North American Chooser is an effective javascript program and is an online country chooser that can be used to select particular country and corresponding state will be shown in a drop down menu. This program is suitable for both Canada and United states.

1604)   Hold Window Focus
Hold Window Focus is a javascript code that enables the webmasters to check whether a window is in focus, on top of the screen. This code is simple and can be placed on any type of websites.

1605)   mapbMenu
This is a cool frame supported drop down menu DHTML script. The colors, width, height target on link, background images etc. are some of the customizable features of the menu. The order of the elements in the menu can be changed and new elements can be added very easily.

1606)   Shake Me!
This script rocks the visitor’s browser like a tremor. The shaking can be initiated by the visitor by clicking on the ‘Shake Me’ link. The speed of the shaking can be configured in the script.

1607)   So, You Want A Remote Control, Huh?
So, You Want A Remote Control, Huh? is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the remote links on their websites.

1608)   Meta Magic
This Meta Tag generator in JavaScript can make your webpage the best search engine saturation to attract more visitors to your webpage. Mouse click on tag values will display information about it.

1609)   Pulldown Menu (Automatic in Frames)
This is a simple JavaScript to implement a pull down menu in your web page. The menu can have links, which can take the user to a selected link in a different frame.

1610)   Tigra Tree Menu
Free JavaScript Tree Menu for huge hierarchies.

1611)   DS Cursor Radial Text
This program is used to display cursor radial text on the web page. Users are allowed to customize the height and width of text and the text speed.

1612)   Ace Popup Close Timer
This script can display a popup window and automatically closes it after a specified time. The time can be configured in the script. Ideal to display any information like advertisements, announcements etc.

1613)   DS Bounce
DS Bounce is a JavaScript to display an image effect in which the images are subjected to a bouncing effect on your webpage. The bouncing speed and horizontal and vertical start direction etc. of the effect are customizable in the script.

1614)   Status Ticker Tape
This script is a function that takes the message and the scrolling speed as the two arguments to scroll messages in the status bar from the right to the left.

1615)   Browser
Browser will allow you to browse through a set of images. It has dynamically built "next" and "prev" buttons.

1616)   Depressible DHTML buttons
With you can make any normal image or text as a depressible button. The buttonizing Works fine with the Internet Explorer and degrades gracefully in other browsers.

1617)   Daily Text Display Tool
This tool can generate JavaScript which based on the day of the week can greet your visitor with a new message. Compatible with NN4x, NS6, Opera 5/6, IE 5x and Neoplanet 5.

1618)   Changes for JMS applications in the latest version of J2EE
Changes for JMS applications tabulate the differences between the previous and latest versions of J2EE messaging. Also, helps you which changes are to be made and which one can be left as it is. More ueful for the java developers.

1619)   Navigation trees
Navigation trees is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle the new way of presenting hierarchical content and for tracking the web contents.

1620)   Hover-up menu bar
Hover-up menu bar will occupy a little space in your system that helps your website visitors to navigate entire content pages with single click. Menus with pleasant look can be displayed unlimitedly on site page.

1621)   Bookmark
Bookmark is a javascript that will allow users to bookmark your website.

1622)   Page Popup Maker
Page Popup Maker generates all the code needed to create several types of pop up windows. No programming skills necessary. Create a wide variety of popups, such as page load, page close, link, form button, mouse over or even image link.

1623)   Random quote
Random quote can be used by the webmasters to display different quotes on their website randomly. It generates a random passage out of the given number of passages.

1624)   psPopper Popup Window Controller
This script allows you to manage all your web site popups using only a web browser. You can specify any URL to the popup from any area of your server and also control all parent windows.

1625)   Length Converter
Use this practical script to easily convert between the 7 most popular length units- centimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, inches, feet and yards. Simply enter a number, and let the script display the desired equivalents.

1626)   Binomic WebTracker
Binomic WebTracker is an online service that keeps track of the names and entire details of the companies that frequently visit your website.

1627)   Iframes SSI script
Include external content on your webpage seamlessly using this dynamic IFRAME script.

1628)'s Huge Free JavaScript Archive
This is the website which has javascript tools like popup maker, codelifter, scrollbar styler, rollover maker, linkcloaker5 and few other tool. This website is usefull for the beginners, because it has many function for particular script and also brief description about that script.

1629)   Jim's DHTML Menu
This script creates an absolutely positioned, cross browser navigational bar for your site. Efficient and small in file size, it can be set as either a horizontal or vertical menu, supporting multiple levels.

1630)   Auto Reload
The script keeps continuously reloading a specified page at a specified rate. Ideal for webcams, sports, current display of news or for any other purpose that may require update at regular intervals.

1631)   Checkbox Changer
This JavaScript can check or uncheck checkboxes in a form. Supports three buttons- one to check all the check boxes, the second to uncheck all the check boxes and the third to toggle between check and uncheck with the same button.

1632)   URL Aliaser
URL Aliaser is a simple and efficient javascript that is widely useful for the webmasters to produce their web page links with another name. Allows the webmasters to produce different alias names for a specific URL.

1633)   Address Auto-Fill Ckeck Box
Address Auto-Fill Ckeck Box is a tutorial which tells the users how to save their time by not filling their address for billing which is same as the mailing address.

1634)   Browser Earthquake
Browser Earthquake generates tremors across the browser making the browser to shake under the quake effect. You can configure the effect of the tremors.

1635)   digEncoder
This script can encrypt your text into scrambled set of characters and also includes a password protection to your text. This can only be decrypted with the same set of encoding keys.

1636)   Key Jump
Key Jump is a script that allows you to hit a keyboard button to load a predefined URL. Such as VG, BG, HOT.

1637)   FallT
This JavaScript makes text to fall from the top. You can include any number of messages and can configure speed of descent, side-to-side waft size and the text.

1638)   Multiple Message Vertical Scroller
Scrolls up any number of Messages/Images each as large as desired regardless of the scroller size.

1639)   Navbar Generator
Can generate lively menus in your webpage. For creating menus, you have to supply details like color, mouseover color, border width, border color, link name, link URL etc.

1640)   AJMenu
Cross-browser compatible navigation menu that can be configured both as a horizontal menu bar or vertical side menu.

1641)   ShareStream TreeviewHTC
With ShareTream TreeviewHTC JavaScript you can generate treeview menus in your webpage. You can include the treeview in anywhere in your web page and it doesn’t require any frames. It features simple customization using CSS.

1642)   Change Color of Form Components
This script allows you to set the colors of the form components using the style properties. It works in IE only.

NAVIGATION is a tutorial which teaches the users how to add navigation buttons and links on their web pages to attract their visitors.

1644)   CodeThatScroller
CodeThatScroller provides to the user with the easy way to create text and image scrolling effects and slide shows.

1645)   Auto Window Resizer
Auto Window Resizer is a tutorial which tells the users how to perform the process of resizing window to the determined height and width.

1646)   Urban Music News
It is a javascript implemented program that helps the webmasters to provide urban music albums with up-to-date information. Javascript and XML module are used to perform music files updaton.

1647)   Horizontal Scroller - Multiple Message Belt Conveyer
Slides any number of messages from right to left.

1648)   Sandeep's Free JavaScripts
The scripts available here can either be used as standalones or can help you enhance your web pages.

1649)   NetSeeker
NetSeeker implements over 80 major search engines combined together in one page of your web site to enable your visitors to have a feast of search engines. It can search just anything like Web pages, softwares, translation, etc., etc.

1650)   Popup Chromeless Window
Popup Chromeless Window is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of resizing windows and changed browser features to provide security.

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