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Top 1651-1700 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1651)   Sothink DHTMLMenu
This is a menu generator, which requires no knowledge of JavaScript or DHTML programming. Creates codes that implement a versatile popup menu. Works on almost all browsers.

1652)   DHTML preload image script
This JavaScript implements an image display in which it preloads all the images so that the images can be accessed fast. A graphical bar displays the progress of preloading.

1653)   Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard
This script can generate popup windows that pops up when clicked on a link, button or when you page is loaded. You can configure the height and width of the window and much more.

1654)   Writting Classes in Javascript
Writting Classes in Javascript is a simple tutorial with which software developers and java programers would be able to enrich and enhance their knowledge in writting javascript classes.

1655)   Double-V
Double-V is a program based on javascript using which webmasters can build navigation menus on their websites. It comes with several features like support for custom cursors, supporting special effects etc.,

1656)   Number Scroller
Number Scroller is a powerful javascript object using which you can validate and verify numbers in integer and float values, entered by the users on your online forms.

1657)   NewsMenu
This script will enable you to implement a menu, which will scroll vertically on mouseclick. Allows you to change the background colors, appearance of text, size etc.

1658)   Set site as homepage Script
No more manual setting of a page as Homepage as this script displays a link connected to a URL, clicking on which the user can make the linked URL as his browser’s homepage.

1659)   Animated DHTML popUp window
With the help of this javascript application you can generate popup window frames for your website with a sliding effect from either left or right side of your visitor screen.

1660)   Navigation Menu
Navigation Menu JavaScript can provide a drop down menu in your webpage to select different pages, which loads on selection from the list. This navigation tool takes less space than a conventional menu made of text or image links, or an image map.

1661)   Javascript Inclusion function
Javascript inclusion function is a JavaScript with which you can perform an inclusion function with a client side language. This script can be used to incorporate any file into your webpage as a JavaScript.

1662)   SD-Book
SD-Book is a JavaScript code snippet that generates any type of electronic book for online and offline reading. It includes all major META containers. The CSS values and book styles can be configured in an external config file.

1663)   DS Reveal
DS Reveal is a JavaScript to incorporate a reveal effect between any images supplied by you in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer only. You can configure the speed and pause time of the effect in the parameters.

1664) Forum Forum offers an online discussion board, javascript tutorials, and other javascript resources.

1665)   Tigra Calculator PRO
Tigra Calculator PRO is flexible JavaScript calculator offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to perform necessary mathematical calculations quickly and easily right on your site.

1666)   Source Code Encryption Wizard
This script is a wizard that encrypts the source code protecting it from being copied by the visitors without the author’s permission. The visitor will not be able to interpret the codes.

1667)   Tito Software Studio
You can improve the reliability and performance of your online software projects using this client side javascript debugging and profiling tool to detect the bugs.

1668)   Drop Down Menu from Top of Page
Drop Down Menu from Top of Page is a versatile navigation menu that can be placed in the top of your webpage. The script is free for download and is very easy to setup and use.

1669)   Milonic DHTML Menu
Features superb performance and customization properties which have dramatically increased the menus functionality. Every part of the Milonic Menu is fully adjustable and now boasts proprietary scroll bars, and over 100 editable parameters. Compatibile with all the latest browsers and platforms.

1670) is the newest JavaScript Directory on the web. Its a free resource for everyone who is interested in JavaScript. There are many scripts, all sorted into different categories. There are also other services such as JavaScript Request, JavaScript Help and Free CGI Counters.

1671)   Tigra Form Validator PRO
Tigra Form Validator PRO is professionally designed JavaScript component performing form validation.

1672)   Drop-Box
Drop-Box is a program built on javascript that comes with the ability to let the webmasters to build vertical navigation menus with images and little text passage on their websites.

1673)   Link-Box
Link-Box is a powerful java script application that enables you to design your website navigation menus with side bar links containing images and built-in captions for the titles.

1674)   SoftDrawer jsTree
SoftDrawer jsTree is a nifty JavaScript to display a tree menu in your webpage. You can set unlimited number of trees on a single page. The script support features like cross browser support, cool animation effect, etc.

1675)   Highlighting Form Text Areas on Mouse Click
Highlighting Form Text Areas on Mouse Click is a simple and easy to use program that helps users to highlight the text that is available in the form.

1676)   Elevator Menu Scroll Dhtml Script
A JavaScript navigation tool that always follows the movement of the window. The link aligns itself by moving up and down to stay within the window even if the page is scrolled up or down.

1677)   DS Stars Script
This is a wonderful image effect JavaScript to display a starfield effect in your webpage. The number of stars, direction of the stars’ movement, speed etc. are customizable in this JavaScript.

1678)   Stealth Form Reader
Stealth Form Reader is a simple and easy to use program and is developed with javascript that can read particular field information available on the form and process them.

1679)   On-Off Menu
On-Off Menu is a script that is an on-off menu. Moving the mouse over an image switches the image with another one.

1680)   Window Check
How to check a status of a browser window.

1681)   Auto Fill
This script will set a text field value in one window by entering text in another one.

1682)   Open links in new window script
Add the option of allowing links on your page to be opened in a new window with this powerful script. A simple checkbox toggles between current and new window.

1683)   Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+) & (NN4+)
Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+) & (NN4+) is an article that explains the users how to reset forms with an image button using javascript function.

1684)   Status Bar Decrypter
This script animates any message into view in the status bar when the user moves the mouse over the specified link.

1685)   Toolbar Site Menu
Toolbar Site Menu is an useful program that helps you to create attractive DHTML menus for your website with top and sub levels.

1686)   Request.QueryString() for Javascript
Request.QueryString for client-side javascript

1687)   COOLjsOutlookBar
This is an efficient and effective navigation control for your webpage. The menu can have any number of menu items or menu links and it supports scrolling within the group.

1688)   Tabkey
This is a powerful javascript program with which webmasters would be able to integrate top level navigation functionality on their websites and to create menus and submenus.

1689)   Sticky Note script
Sticky Note is an attractive DHTML script that pops up at the center of the page to display anything of your choice. Customize everything from how often the Note should appear on the page, for how long, and whether a fade-in effect should be accompanied.

1690)   Happy Smart
Free and Premium JavaScripts to sample, view, print, and download.

1691)   Trail Menu
Trail Menu is a high-featured menu creator program that supports javascript for impelmentation. Menus can show multiple image trail effects and perform animations when mouse pointer is located over menu items.

1692)   Pulldown Menu (Popup)
Pulldown Menu (Popup) is a JavaScript that implements a pull down menu. When the user selects a link form the menu, the script opens that page in a new popup window.

1693)   Single Message Ticker
Single Message Ticker is a javascript software which is used for displaying text character by character. Letters are completed from left to right. Users are allowed to customize the speed of character flow.

1694)   Popup Window Creator
Popup Window Creator is an easy and simple code generator that allows the webmasters to create popup windows for their websites easily.

1695)   Blue Dragon Search Maker
This is a search engine that can search for any keywords on your website or any list of specified pages. The script allows you to control which it pages it lists and which it does not list.

1696)   Tigra Scroller
Tigra Scroller is free JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box. Moving content saves the space on the page and attracts visitor's attention. Script is ideal for displaying long lists like hot news, events, slide shows, ads etc. Most complete feature set.

1697)   DropMenu PageMaker
DropMenu PageMaker gives you easier means of javascript functions to add as many menus as you need to include a full navigation on website. You can obtain the required script coding by feeding required value in given fields.

1698)   Dzigns by Shiv
Site consists of numerous free scripts and DHTML scripts that cater to image effects, menus, rollover, graphics etc. Works on both the IE and NS browsers.

1699)   Combo Box with "open in alternate window" option
This is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that provides a drop down menu to list links in your webpage. On selecting a link and enabling the check box for ‘open in alert window’ the script opens the selected link in a new window.

1700)   MX Widgets Suite
MX Widgets Suite is written in javascript and is a program with which you would be able to integrate dynamic forms on the websites. This program is an alternative control to the html.

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