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Top 1701-1750 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1701)   Snowrentals Search Box
Snowrentals Search Box is a tool that can be used by the webmasters who own websites related to winter sports. This search box can be placed on any type of websites.

1702)   SuperWin
Use this script to open popup windows that open with an image, imagemap, button, link, dropdown menu etc. You can also include background sounds to the windows.

1703)   Dynamic 3D Image Rotator
Dynamic 3D Image Rotator is an image effect tool to display bitmap image that scales and rotates around the Y-axis in your webpage. You can display more than one bitmap at a time in your webpage.

1704)   DHTML and JavaScript Download Center
This is a website with a vast collection of DHTML and JavaScript. In this tool there are more than 500 scripts which contain category, description, browser , author, website and test script. The user can select their needed script and they can download that particular script.

1705)   JustQuick Form
JustQuick Form is developed with javascript and is a program with which you would be able to create form on your web pages. This is an easy to use program.

1706)   Form Guard
Form Guard offers collection of form checking functions that helps users to check whether any required form field is empty or not and to ensure them whether they are in correct format.

1707)   The JavaScript Source
The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

1708)   Bs_Wysiwyg Editor
This Java Script is a html code editor for your web browser based on wysiwyg. It allows you to edit html directly. Also it allows you to define and use code-snippets for html editing and define groups for it such as site, page or user.

1709)   Breaking out of frames
Breaking out of frames is a tutorial which teaches the users how to breakout from frame with the support of javascript.

1710)   Check Date Form
This JavaScript verifies whether the visitor of your page has entered a valid date while filling up forms in your page. The script provides two text boxes for entering date and year and a list box for selecting the month.

1711)   Microsoft Outlook Bar II
Menus with Microsoft Outlook bar apparance can be created using this javascript module. Supports unlimited categories with menus and works with frames to display menu link targets.

1712)   Resource Description Framework
This is a simple reference article in which the author has given some useful suggestions on how to improve and customize the search results on your webpages using the rdf feature.

1713)   Odnan Date Time
This JavaScript displays the current date and time. The time is updated continuously to display the current time.

1714)   Tigra Tables
JavaScript applet creating nice client-side visual effects for HTML tables making them easier to read.

1715)   Question and Answer Generator
Question and Answer Generator is a JavaScript generator, which displays a form in which you can supply the questions and answers and generate code for it.

1716)   Dirt-Simple Four-State Mouse-Action Image Buttons
This JavaScript creates four different states of motion to the image buttons on mouseover event without layers or multiple images. The images of the buttons are linkable.

1717)   Dynamic Metatags
generate html metatags automatically

1718)   Check E-Mail Addresses
This is a JavaScript that can be used in any form of your webpage where the email address has to be compulsorily filled up. The script verifies whether the user has prefixed the @ sign and has suffixed the .com, .net, etc. in the submitted email address.

1719)   SearchBliss Meta Tag Generator
SearchBliss Meta Tag Generator is a web based javascript program that is capable of creating META tags for title, description, keywords, etc., Allows you to copy and paste them. Display the total number of characters of provided information.

1720)   colorPick
With the colorPick script you can select colors for your web page from a pop-up that contains 234 colors and grays. It can allow you to select colors on forms very easily.

1721)   Ace Css Button Wizard
This tool can create form buttons for your web pages. You can customize the font color, font face, border width and color, size etc. Works on IE4+ and NS 6+.

1722)   Super Random Link Generator
Super Random Link Generator is javascript based script that helps visitors by generating a random link from all links on the website. This makes visitors to visit any web page randomly on the website.

1723)   Free Translation
This JavaScript can translate your web site into about 6 languages. Supports a drop down menu with a list of languages supported.

1724)   E_Cloaker
Aimed at the spambots, this can convert your text and email addresses into browser-readable Unicode. This makes it difficult to send spams for spambots.

1725)   MX Widgets Suite
Powerful HTML controls for database binding - For the Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to implement enhanced dynamic forms, the MX Widgets Suite offers a powerful alternative to the regular HTML controls.

1726)   NetSyndic
This software can syndicate your web site contents to other web sites. Any change made to the contents on your page is automatically updated on the contents syndicated to other web sites.

1727)   Link Floatie script
Link Floatie script lets you display a description of a link or additional content onMouseover. The floatie gradually fades into view in the lower right corner of the browser. It's a tooltip, but not.

1728)   Checklist Form Control
Using this javascript object you can design and include as many as check boxes to your online forms with your own formatted HTML contents.

1729)   Feed
This script implements a news feed system. You can generate newsfeeds in your web site and allow other sites to access your newsfeed. Compatible with IE4+, NN4+, NS6.

1730)   Template and Menu HOT Sauce
This javascript program is more helpful for the webmasters to build website navigation tools using Dreamweaver without spending much time. You can customize all menus through WYSIWYG editor.

1731)   AIR Cookie Generator
This JavaScript activates a cookie without disturbing the visitor, from another website. It closes its one-time popunder window all by itself by means of its adjustable timer.

1732)   Time controlled Popunder window
This versatile popunder window script allows you to precisely control how often the window pops under, in terms of "once every x hours".

1733)   JavaScript by Premshree Pillai
Contains a lot of scripts for the web applications that are free for use and can be employed in image effects, text effects, tickers, scrollers, date, forms and much more.

1734)   Accept Focus
Accept Focus is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of placing window on top of all other window until popup window get closed.

1735)   Solve Equations
This program is used for calculating equations like, quadratic equation, cubic and quartic. Easy to handle and very easy to use.

1736)   URiNFO.COM
This is a website which helps the site visitors to identify their IP address, screen resolution, colour depth, internet speed, the date and much more.

1737)   Window Open
Window Open offers several ways to open a browser window - short version, long version, centered.

1738)   JavaScript Planet!
This is a collection of a number of JavaScripts on image effects, text effects, date and time, scrollers, status bar, games messages, forms, links etc.

1739)   DateBox
dateBox is simple and an easy to use javascript program that can represent set of date fields which is similar to normal JavaScript Date object on the form.

1740)   DS Random Title Bar
This program is used for displaying random title bar on the web pages. Users can set different title as they like to display on their webpages.

1741)   COOLjsMenu
COOLjsMenu is a javascript configuration file that allows you to create navigation controls for your website. Featues inlcude all popular browsers supported, no javascript knowledge required, individually position items, and low weight and high performance.

1742)   Automatic Up-Top Title Bar Date-Time Clock
If your web browser is Internet Explorer 4 or above or NS6, you can display the date and time on the title bar of your web browser. In case of older browsers the date and time is displayed on the Status Bar.

1743)   Random Content colors
Randomly change the color of arbitrary content on your page (ie: table, div etc) to help draw attention to them.

1744)   Quirksmode Javascriopts section
It is an online resource center that helps the user to gather large number of javascripts presented in this page. A description of individual scripts are given which provides guide line for both the beginners and the intermediate users. Scripts like building block, frames and more are presented.

1745)   Light 'Em Up Multi-Color Mouse-Over Links
Displays different links with a highlighting effect in different colors and under line and over line on mouseover. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 to 6 and Netscape 6 browsers.

1746)   BYE Popup - onUnload
BYE Popup - onUnload is a tutorial which informs the users how to open popup window when their visitors leave their site.

1747)   dateBox Javascript Object
dateBox is developed to easily work with date HTML form fields and represent a set of date fields as normal JavaScript Date object. The main part which set it apart is OOP.

1748)   thesitewizard Image Rollover JavaScript
This JavaScript can implement buttons that changes its look on mouseover and mouseout events. It uses two images to display one during the mouseover event and the other on mouseout.

1749)   Animated Image
With this JavaScript any advanced developers can animate any image. Not necessary it has to be *.gif image. You can adjust the time interval between the images in the script.

1750)   PopUp Making Wizard, with Cookies
PopUp Making Wizard, w/Cookies! is a tutorial which explains the users how to embed popup windows on their website using cookies.

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