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Top 1751-1800 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1751)   Dynamic Fader
This script can display different messages and smoothly fades them after a specified time. You can configure the fader width, its colors and the delay time between messages.

1752)   Navi-Bar
Navi-Bar is an efficient web page menu builder that has the ability to create professionally designed menu bars with special effects and cookie cutter navigation techniques.

1753)   Jump Menu
Jump Menu is a simple drop-down menu will take you to a predefined URL.

1754)   Ace ViewSource Station
With Ace ViewSource Station JavaScript you can implement a button which can display the source code of any webpage on the Internet or in your local hard drive.

1755)   Random URLs
With Random URLs JavaScript you can insert a button in your webpage which can open Random URL destinations. The script can work on a browser that supports JavaScript.

1756)   Select and Popup
Select and Popup is a JavaScript navigation tool that displays a drop down menu form, from which the user can select a link to open. The script opens the selected link in a new window and you can have as many selections as you want.

1757)   JavaScript Cookie Form
This JavaScript allows you to reuse forms without entering data in the field, which are repeated and same in most of the cases. The JavaScript stores the data by means of a cookie in the client’s machine.

1758)   Site Map Generator
Websites that have numerous web pages can generate a site map to enable everyone to navigate all pages with the help of this javascript program. Web based user friendly interface lets you obtain required script for creating site map.

1759)   BrowserAPI
This is a DOM interface, which can standardize access to the various objects contained in an HTML document. You can drag items in Internet Explorer. Compatible with IE4+/NAV4+.

1760)   Fun Ticker
Fun Ticker applies a unique comics-style-look in order to display your messages.

1761)   Automatic Timed Self-Closing Popup Window
Implements windows that will be popped up when you page is called and will close automatically after a specified time. Window supports toolbar, menubar, resizable, scrollbars, status, location etc.

1762)   CSS Scrollbar Color Editor
This script can enable you to implement colors to the scrollbars of the window. You can configure the base color, arrow color, shadow color, face color and much more in the script.

1763)   JSnav
JSnav is a powerful navigation menu generator in JavaScript. The script can create tabs, drop down menu and tree menus in your webpage. The script is highly customizable and its easy to make changes in size.

1764)   Slider Software
Slider Software consists of javascript modules that are more useful to build site pages with scroll bar controls. A particular function can be set to execute when accessing horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

1765)   Search Engine Add-On
This JavaScript can display a list of famous search engines on a new window. The search engines will search sites, while you parallelly browse the Internet.

1766)   DS AnalogClock
This JavaScript can implement an analog clock in your web page. Supports three needles to denote the hour, minute and seconds. The code generator generates code, which can be incorporate into your page.

1767)   Loops
Complete tutorial. Learn how to use [WHILE], [DO ... WHILE], [FOR], [FOR ... IN] and [BREAK / CONTINUE].

1768)   JavaScript Color chooser
JavaScript color chooser can be added to your webpage to display a 2-D optimized color cube that can be used to select the color by moving mouse over it. The script displays the selected color code and actual color code in text boxes.

1769)   Ace Window Maximizer
The script will maximize the size of any window. You can also specify the screen height and screen width in the script. You can also specify the move of the window in the script.

1770)   Menu Generator 2
Menu Generator 2 is a dropdown menu generator in JavaScript. The menu can have unlimited number of submenus and the menu generator also supports both horizontal and vertical menus.

1771)   Question/Answer Validation
This JavaScript shows how to have a form-based question validated on the submit. It builds the new page which it writes to the window after the answer is submitted. It tells on the new page if you got the answer right or not.

1772)   Radio Button LeapTo I
Radio Button LeapTo I is a JavaScript navigation tool that links the visitor of your webpage to different page when the user selects the radio button for the link which he/she wants to go.

1773)   Tigra Menu Online Builder
Online interactive JavaScript Menu Building tool. No JavaScript knowledge required.

1774)   PopUnder Power!
Displays a resizeable popunder window that is displayed along with the URL specified to be opened with it. Optionally you can include toolbar, menubar etc.

1775)   Ace Date Display
This is a script that explains how JavaScript can be used in your webpage to implement a clock that can display the current date mm/dd/yyyy format.

1776)   Popup Closer - Click Anywhere
Popup Closer - Click Anywhere is a tutorial which teaches the users how to close the window by clicking anywhere when the popup loses its focus.

1777)   Art DHTML studio
This is the website, which helps the programmer to use the advancement in graphics through DHTML and javascripts. This website provides javascript for displaying a pixel with changing colours on the screen.

1778)   Top of Page
Top of Page is a javascript enabled web based program that is more useful with long documents, content pages to go to the starting of page with a single click. Supports browsers such as IE4+, NS6+ and NS4.

1779)   AEM JSExpandTreeMenu
Unlimited level tree menu with customizable "fold" and "unfold" images. Menus like these are hard to configure manually, but with Advanced Effect Maker, there's no sweat. This JavaScript is from the Advanced Effect Maker collection of more than 160 Flash and JavaScript effects.

1780)   PopUpMaster
Allows you to create window Popups and pop-unders. You can determine size and positioning, while opening and also on exit. The popup can be displayed as per your desired frequency.

1781)   dsInput
dsInput is a simple date picker which is designed in javascript. You can use this utility to pick up dates for maintaining your events online.

1782)   COOLjsMenu PRO
COOLjsMenu PRO is a JavaScript menu control that supports features like images, mouseover images, relative positioning etc. Works with static top level or across a frame border in a frame environment.

1783)   DropDown Menus That Do PopUps
This is a simple JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display a dropdown menu from which, you can select links that popups in a new window.

1784)   Defining arrays using literal notation
Defining arrays using literal notation is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the new way of defining an array with literal notation support.

1785)   Combo Data Selector
Combo Data Selector is a simple online calender utility that helps users to select date inputs for posting events on their online calendar.

1786)   Select 3D Swap
Select 3D Swap will allow you to select the desired items from a series of select fields, build a list of the selected items and pass it as a string.

1787)   PCJS Color Chooser
This JavaScript lets you to select colors from an option of 216 colors. The value for the selection is returned in a form element. It can also modify the color attributes of an object.

1788)   Tee-Tip
Tee-Tip v1.0 is an easy-to-use tool-tip solution.

1789)   Frame Buster
With this JavaScript you can enable the users to be automatically busted out of the frameset. When out of the frame the user can return using the back button.

1790)   Tigra Tree Menu
Free DHTML navigation system for the web sites and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly as Microsoft Windows Tree Control.

1791)   FX Menu
FX Menu implements javascript functions to create navigation tools for website surfing. Mixed horizontal and vertical menus can be created without any knowledge in javascript programming.

1792)   DS DailyImage
This is a JavaScript image effect that can display different images on your webpage for everyday of the week. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape 4 and Netscape 6. The Horizontal and vertical position of the image is customizable in the parameters.

1793)   Ace CSS Links Wizard
This script can generate CSS links like normal links, active links, visited links and also add link hover effects. The codes can be copied onto your web page for different styles of links. Works on IE & NS6.

1794)   JavaScript Print Page From Different Frame
JavaScript Print Page From Different Frame is a simple script that can be used by the users for designing the framesets. This script can be used by anyone who is interested in designing framesets.

This tool can generate logos in ASCII, which can be used as an attractive page header. It does not take much time to load like an image or an ActiveX object.

1796)   DHTML Window script
This is a DHTML rendered pop up window script with the basic features of a regular window such as "Close" and "Maximize."

1797)   Number Speller
Number Speller executes a mathematical function with the help of javascript class. Any browser compatible with javascript can access this number speller script. Very simple and easy to obtain a number in letters.

1798)   Push-Me
Push-Me is a program based on javascript, by using this webmasters can build navigation menus in vertical position on their websites. It a most customizable program.

1799)   Browser Window OffSets
Browser Window OffSets is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of the function which returns the page offset in the form of x or y co-ordinates with the suitable code for the browser which is detected.

1800)   Introductory Guide to Regular Expressions in JavaScript
Comprehensive, beginner's guide to Regular Expressions in JavaScript.

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