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Top 1801-1850 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1801)   SearchBliss Dynamic Buttons Generator
This tool enables you to generate JavaScript for buttons in your webpage that supports mouse over, mouse off and mouse down effects. The script can be incorporated by copying it onto your web page.

1802)   Dynamic clock
This is a JavaScript that can incorporate a clock into your webpage. The script displays the clock within a square box in your webpage. Supports three needles to denote the hour, minute and seconds.

1803)   Tabby
Tabby v1.0 is an easy-to-use tabbed navigation menu.

1804)   Traffic Boost
Add many utilities to your web page like referring your site tool, bookmarking us tool, breaking frames, homepage setting, logo branding, frameless pop-up, browser entry etc.

1805)   Top Navigational Bar
Top Navigational Bar is one of the DHTML menu types that has been derived from javascript software. Supports several browsers.

1806)   Type and Go
With this JavaScript, you can implement a form text box in your webpage, where the visitors can type the site they want to go. By clicking the ‘Go’ button the script will lead your visitors to whatever site they have typed in.

1807)   IMG-Bar
IMG-Bar is a javascript based utility by using which webmasters can build horizontal navigation menus on their websites. It supports customized cursors and it allows webmasters to add images with titles.

1808)   Break Out of Frames
This script does not open pages in another page’s frame. The script has to be placed in atleast in the main/introduction page and for best results in all the pages.

1809)   Javascript Window System
Javascript Window System is a system that can be used by the webmasters to create a virtual window environment on their websites which allows the visitors to move and resize the items on the page.

1810)   Drop-In Self-hiding Print Buttons for Your Reports
This is a JavaScript that provides an easy and quick way to add a print button in your printable webpage and also does not appear on the top of the hard copy. Compatible with IE4+ and NS/Mozilla 5+.

1811)   Select
Select is a navigation tool in JavaScript that implements a pulldown menu in your webpage that automatically opens the selected link from the list. The URLs can be specified to go with the links.

1812)   Fading Ticker for IE
As the name suggests, this displays a ticker that fades in and out in Internet Explorer browser users. The setTicker() function is used by the script to implement the ticker in your webpage.

1813)   Javascript Include
Javascript Include is a tutorial which teaches the users how to comprise web pages without bothering the process of updating the pages one by one.

1814)   Pop-under window
Add a pop under window to your site. Comes with frequency control using cookies. Specify whether window should pop under once per browser session or not.

1815)   DHTML Debugger
This program provides DOM tree which explores users at the data structure of web browser. DOM is used as internal data structure to save web page.

1816)   AJPopup
This is a popup menu code in JavaScript that can be incorporated into your webpage to display an appealing menu. The script can also be used in image maps to display additional information.

1817)   Earth Population calculator
This fun script estimates the population of the world at this moment, in real time. Archived using a series of mathematical algorithms, it comes pretty close to the actual numbers.

1818)   Drop-Down Menu Generator
With Drop-Down Menu Generator you can produce menus in your webpage by supplying the details like: the usage of ‘GO’ button, menu properties, style sheet options like font, font style, background color etc. to the generator.

1819) Web Scripts
Provides a load of JavaScript and related technologies that will serve as the best guide to any web programmer. Almost all the scripts are cross browser compatible.

1820)   PopUp Making Wizard, w/Cookies!
PopUp Making Wizard, w/Cookies! is a tool that allows the webmasters to add the popup windows on their websites. This tool is very simple and can be used by anyone who likes to add popup windows.

1821)   DS Cursor Snake Text
This program is used for displaying snake effect text when the cursor moves on the webpage. It has fully customization facility and also they can change the font type and size.

1822)   Blocking JavaScript Errors
With this JavaScript, you can detect and block the JavaScript errors in the webpage. Copy the script and paste it on to your webpage between the and section.

1823)   Traffic Magnets
Get free dynamic traffic information for your web site with Traffic Magnets!

1824)   JavaScript Ticker (using Tabular Data Control)
This is a JavaScript that can add a ticker in your webpage using Tabular Data Control (TDC). The ticker style, number of messages, and the delay time between messages etc. are customizable in this script.

1825)   Count Checkboxes/RadioBoxes Selected
As the name suggests Count Checkboxes/RadioBoxes Selected is a JavaScript that can count the number of check boxes and radio boxes selected by the user while filling up any of the forms in your webpage.

1826)   CodeThatTree
CodeThatTree is an advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript tree control that can be easily integrated in any web page, requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user and is provided with the wide range of the features.

1827)   Always on top script
Always on top script is a powerful windows and frame application that has the ability to bring your website pages on top of all other website pages.

1828)   Ascripts Random Exit Popup
Implements windows with a random URL each time the user of your web page exit your page. To run the script in your web page, set the popup hyperlinks, session ID and the cookie verification in the script.

1829)   String handling (dissecting, splitting, and searching) in JavaScript
Comprehensive tutorial on string manipulation in JavaScript, such as dissecting, searching etc.

1830)   The flying elements
The flying elements is a JavaScript to have something that always hovers over your webpage, which may be an advertisement banner or a link or can be any useful buttons like ‘Print’, ‘Accept’, ‘Send’ etc.

1831)   Show Framed Status
With this script you can know whether your page is being viewed on its own or inside a frameset. You can then either redirect the visitors or display an alert message.

1832)   Browser-Specific Entry
This is a simple and effective JavaScript redirection tool that will redirect your visitors to a page depending on the browser used by them to visit your page.

1833)   Accent JavaScript Web-Based Browser
Implements though basic, a complete web browser with controls like the Location box, Home, Go button, back, forward, stop etc. Above all it’s a freeware.

1834)   Pass information from one window to another
By opening a window with javascript you are able to pass a form field input to the mother window automatically. Great for help windows with explanations!!!

1835)   Ace Status Text
With this JavaScript you can edit the status bar text of any web page and customize it to your requirement. This freeware can be copied onto your web page and easily installed.

1836)   Javascript Get Variables.js
Javascript Get Variables.js is written in javascript and is an useful function that helps webmasters to read variable that is available in the form from HTML web pages. This is an easy to use program.

1837)   Open 2 Popup Windows at Once
Open 2 Popup Windows at Once is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle the process of opening two popup windows on their webpages.

1838)   Window Move-To
Window Move-To is a Javascript code that allows the webmasters to move the window to the specified X and Y coordinates. This code is very simple and can be placed on any type of websites.

Textarea Rich Lite is a JavaScript to manage voluminous content on your web site. This is a WYSIWYG based editor, which can be a best alternative to the prevalent HTML tag. Supports toggle between HTML source code and WYSIWYG mode, insert hyperlink etc. Cost: £9.99   Version: 1.2   OS: IE 5.5 Add to Favorite | Rate It | Write Review | Tell a Friend This listing has been reviewed "0" times,Be the first one to review this listing? 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Rating  0 0 0 0 0 Rating  1 2 3 4 5

1840)   Creativyst(R) Multi-Color Fader
Creativyst(R) Multi-Color Fader is a Javscript that enables the webmasters to display their messages fading from one color to another. This script can be placed on any type of website.

1841)   Image Error Finder
Image Error Finder is a JavaScript that can detect errors related to missing images. The script checks for the existence of all the images in your webpage and if it finds any image missing then it substitutes it with a custom image.

1842)   Independent
Implements a menu system similar to the Explorer of Windows. Supports unlimited number of controls and unlimited number of groups within a control.

1843)   CSS Reference
This is an useful reference article that lists all the CSS properties with its value and example. This is an invaluable resource for the web developers during web design.

1844)   HTML Block Scroller & Marquee
HTML Block Scroller & Marquee creates a scrolling effect on all blocks which are similar in size of the HTML by scrolling all HTML. This java script based program can be used by the users to scroll graphics, backgrounds, images etc., which are placced on the HTML.

1845)   Magic Link
This program is used for allowing visitors of your site to open the link in a new window when the mouse rollover the given graphical symbol. Users can use their own image for the graphical symbol.

1846)   JavaScript City
Online Javascript resources and discussion board.

1847)   CodeThatMenu PRO
CodeThatMenu PRO is the PROFESSIONAL edition of the CodeThatMenu cross-browser JavaScript menu control.

1848)   Marg's Search Thing
This tool can create codes for windows that can popup and enable you to implement searches from a single page of your web site through almost all the popular search engines.

1849)   CodeThatBuilder
CodeThatBuilder is a powerful tool that enables you to create Web site navigation.

1850)   Alergy to Button
This JavaScript implements a button that on mouseover creates an earthquake effect, which makes the entire browser window to shiver. The button on clicking displays a warning message.

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