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Top 1851-1900 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1851)   Drop Down Informer.
It is the simple and compact informer. You can write in him the help text, instruction and any other information.

1852)   Menus
Menu system is an Open Source menu/submenu web navigation system, IE4+/NS4+ compatible. As from the 2.0 version, Menus has been upgraded to fully support DOM compatible browsers as Mozilla, Netscape 6.x and Konqueror.

1853)   No Entry
Use this JavaScript to ensure that visitors do not leave a form entry blank. If they do, they are prompted to complete it before they can continue.

1854)   JavaScript Window Object explanation
Comprehensive explanation of the Window object and its events, properties, methods etc.

1855)   WinLIKE Web Window Manager
WinLIKE Web is a window manager for the web browsers. Using this tool web applications, portals can hold many small windows.

1856)   Tigra Menu PRO
Tigra Menu PRO is flexible menu solution for commercial applications offering high reliability and wide browsers support.

1857)   Drop Menu Generator
Drop Menu Generator is a javascript enabled program that can generate navigation links for your website without spending much time and money. Through web based form, anyone can get scripting code for generating drop-down menus for URL links.

1858)   Button Info Panel
This program is helpful for web developers to display their web page onscreen graphic which displays the information about the particular link when the mouse moves over that link.

1859)   The Love Test
The power of JavaScript knows no bounds! This script harnesses the psychic aspects of the language to determine your compatibility -romance wise- with another person, based on each other's names. Give it a try, and become a believer!

1860)   DS Status Bar Bounce
This program allows web developers to create a bouncing text effect on the browsers status bar. Speed of the bouncing text is customizable. It is a simple program and easy to handle.

1861)   Ace Meta Refresh (redirect)
You can redirect the visitors to some other page when you have moved or want the user to be redirected for any other reason. You can specify the URL you want the user to be redirected to.

1862)   Pungo Spell
Pungo Spell is a simple and easy to use program with which you would be able to check spelling for any text message or any information.

1863)   Bouncing Status Bar Message
This script implements a scrolling of text messages that also bounces on the status bar of he visitor’s browser. Compatible with the IE 6, Mozilla 1.3.

1864)   Saiber Tree Control
This is a JavaScript tree menu controller in which you can set multiple columns of date. The script supports many features like paging facility, server side utilities for displaying XML data, customizable fonts, color, tree structure etc.

1865)   Dynamic Clock
Dynamic clock displays the date and time in your web page as a normal text giving a natural look and not in a text box. The time is displayed second by second in the 12 hour am/pm format.

1866)   Create and Move PopUp
The script implements windows that pops up when the page is loaded and moves around the screen. Works on both the IE and NS. You can click with the mouse to start and stop its movement.

1867)   Quick & Simple User Interface Enhancement (SELECT Fields IE5)
This is a JavaScript that selects the closest match from the list on the basis of the words the user has typed. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.

1868)   ResizeObjects
ResizeObjects is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can build a form and resize the form objects based on the size of the browser window of the visitor. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or above.

1869)   Thumb-View
Thumb-View v1.0 is an easy-to-use menu system.

1870)   Make This Page Your Homepage Script
This JavaScript pops up a dialog box prompting the user to set your page as their default home page. It doesn’t display the links in browsers that does not support the feature as it uses the conditional comments of IE5.

1871)   GDevResources Floating HoverMenu
This is an attractive DHTML script that links, which popups and stays open for a specified time when the user moves the mouse over the links. The script is compatible with IE4 Nav4 NS6 browsers.

1872)   Date Input with PopUp Calendar
Here we want to introduce our version of date input control with visual input from calendar. This control is based on JavaScript code and was tested on Netscape and IE platforms. It is fully customized through CSS file. It visualized date input and prevents users from date format mistakes.

1873)   Select and Go
Select and Go is a JavaScript navigation tool that displays a drop down menu, from which the user can select a link to open. The script opens the selected link when the user clicks on the ‘Go’ button provided by the script.

1874)   Backward- Forward
This program is used to create a backward and forward link button on the web page. It allows web users to link previous page or to forward page. It has very simple code to use on your web page.

1875)   Jump to top Link
For pages that are several folds long, provide a quick way for visitors to easily jump back to the top of the page, with this script.

1876)   Block multiple form submission
This useful script prevents a form from being inadvertantly submitted more than once, which often occurs if the user clicks on the "submit" button multiple times before the process is complete. The result is partial or multiple submissions.

1877)   Creativyst(R) Reptilian Scroller
Creativyst(R) Reptilian Scroller is a javascript that allows the webmasters to display their messages by opening a window in the style of a reptile eyelid opening and closing in a horizontal manner.

1878)   Button Changer
Change the button label when you click on it. Useful when the backend process takes more time to return response from the server.

1879)   Pop-Up Menu
Moving the mouse over an image pops up an image in a different place.

1880)   Access Image URL to TextBox
Access Image URL to TextBox is a JavaScript that provides a text box to display the image url when the user clicks on the image. The script is compatible with NS4-7, IE4 and later. You may attach the script to as many images as you wish.

1881)   DS ButtonScroll
This tool can create buttons that can scroll text. You can fill out the fields of the HTML code generator and generate code, which can then be incorporated into your page.

1882)   Adding an Icon with Your URL - Two Methods
This JavaScript implements icons in the favorites list and in the URL box of the browsers when the user bookmarks the site. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5+.

1883)   Tigra Menu Gold
Tigra Menu Gold is cross browser Javascript Menu navigation tool. Efficiently maximize capabilities to the visitor's browser while keeping code size under control.

1884)   Fading Dynamic Content
This program is used to display different message dynamically with fading effect. Users can display their own message on their web page with slideshow effect and it comes with customization facility.

1885)   Suggestions
This JavaScript allows your visitors to send you feedback right from their browser. It also automatically logs their Browser types and versions.

1886)   Fading in text using the DOM
Fading in text using the DOM is a tutorial which teaches the users how to alter their documents background color with the DOM support.

1887)   DS Status Bar Flash
This program is used for displaying flash text over the status bar of the web page. Users are allowed to set the speed to flash the text. Easy to handle and to use.

1888)   Tigra Tree Menu Pro
Tigra Tree Menu PRO is cross-browser JavaScript Tree Menu navigation component for web sites and web applications.

1889)   JavaScript Drop-Down Menu Maker
This is a navigation menu generator in JavaScript, which will create JavaScript drop down menu. You can set number of links you want in the menu. The generated code works with NN 4x, Netscape 6, Opera 5/6, Internet Explorer 5x, NeoPlanet 5.

1890)   EasyDynFont
With this script the users can select a font face and resize the font of the current HTML page and store the setting in a cookie. Any visually handicapped can easily access the site.

1891)   Format Text To lowercase
This is a free JavaScript that can be added to your webpage to generate text in the lowercase format by a simple click in the ‘Format to lowercase now’ button.

1892)   In-your-face message greeting
This script displays text with an expanding effect that zooms and covers the whole window before disappearing. The text is continuously refreshed to keep the size enlarging.

1893)   Dynamic Menu Generator
Dynamic Menu Generator will produce the required script coding to add menu links to surf all site pages using javascript programming. You can get the output for creating menus through copy and paste functions.

1894)   Popup Closer - Text Link
Popup Closer - Text Link is a javascript code that allows the webmasters to close the popup window by providing links to the users to close the window.

1895)   XP Web Buttons
Implements buttons that can be made fit to any XP themes in your webpage by simply changing the button type and color parameters. The script supports features like horizontal and vertical directions etc.

1896)   Active Art Animations
This is a very appealing site with animations and supports a lot of JavaScripts, which can be used freely. The scripts cater to scrollbars, background, graphic, text effects, popup etc.

1897)   Customized Window
You can open windows that have been already customized with your preferred settings. You can customize parameters of the windows like toolbar, location, directories, status, etc.

1898)   AXMENU
It is an java based website menu creating application which helps in creating customised drop down and popup menus in the users website with in few seconds.

1899)   Easy Instant Interactive-Motion Menu Links
This is a JavaScript to implement fast, easy, cool menus in your webpage. When the user moves the cursor over the menu items, the script displays a line at both top and bottom of the links. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 - 6 and Netscape 4 - 6.

1900)   Add to Favorites
Add to Favorites is a javascript client side tutorial which teaches the users how to add their favorite links through the browser.

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