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Top 1901-1950 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1901)   DS Shakescroll
DS Shakescroll implements scrolling of text and also incorporates a shaking effect to the text. The scrolling text can be linked to URLs. The distance, scroll speed etc can be configured.

1902)   Make a color with three scrollbars
This JavaScript can select a color from a configurable color chooser. The Popup color chooser can create colors with three RGB scrollbars. The scrip can work in Internet Explorer only.

1903)   Border styling
Border styling is a tutorial which tells the users how to generate tables with various border styles. This tutorial is useful for the users.

1904)   DS StatusBarBounce
DS StatusBarBounce is a script that allows you to put a message in the status bar on your browser. Copy and paste code to put in html source.

1905)   Top Navigational Bar III
Webmasters who want to design their webpages with professioanl look can utilize this javascript menu program. Target links can be opened in new window or new frame. Support several browsers.

1906)   Javascript complete popup controller
This is a simple article that teaches you to generate a popup window for your website pages with a single line of javascript function.

1907)   Referring URL Probe
This script can detect whether you page has been already viewed by your visitor, who is presently viewing your page. Accordingly it can display custom messages.

1908)   CodeThatGrid
This is a program that can display structured data in any desired format by reading XML and CSV files. You can customize the data display of this script through CSS.

1909)   Calculate
Calculate is javascript that is a simple calculator with automatically calculated "Total" amount.

1910)   Show Source Code
This is a small and simple JavaScript that inserts a button in your webpage, clicking on which the source code of the currently viewed page is displayed.

1911)   Always-on-top message script
Broadcast important messages to your visitor using this "always on top" message script.

1912)   CrossBrowser Next Element Focus
This is a JavaScript form tool in which the text boxes or text areas have been specified with its maximum length of characters that can be typed. When on typing it reaches its maximum, it focuses the next element automatically.

1913)   Creativyst(R) Eyelid Scroller
Creativyst(R) Eyelid Scroller is a scroller that displays the JSMSG contents in the style of eye opening and closing which is very intersting to watch by the users.

1914)   Bookmark frames or iframes
This JavaScript can enable your visitors to bookmark your framed website very easily. The framed website can be added to your favorites list.

1915)   BN HTML Edit
This is an online HTML editor and is a javascript program that can be used to perform editing process on HTML web pages. This is an easy to use program.

1916)   la coccinelle
la coccinelle is a JavaScript game in which shapes of head of the skeleton and hearts fall from the top. Score is displayed onto the left and chrono is displayed to the right.

1917)   Pong
This is a simple JavaScript game of pong that is animated inside a form text area.

1918)   Auto centering popup window
This script allows you to popup a window that aligns automatically to the center of the screen. Compatible with the Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

1919)   year jump thingy
This is a navigation control in JavaScript that can be used in your webpage to view the years. The script displays the decades on mouseover in the left column and can jump to next or previous centuries by clicking on the arrow keys.

1920)   Customized Popup Window
The script can allow you to implement popup windows that can be customized by your visitors to suit their needs. The visitors can configure its height, width, position etc.

1921)   ACEMenu
Create cross-browser DHTML navigation menus for your web site with ACEMenu Creator quickly and easily. Supports horizontal menu bars, vertical side menus, floating menus and image menus with mouse hover effects.

1922)   Ace ViewSource Current Page
Ace ViewSource Current Page is a JavaScript that implements a ‘View Source’ button, clicking on which the source code of the current page is displayed.

1923)   Document Text Sizer
Sometimes the text size you've specified for your webpage isn't suitable to the viewer, depending on his browser configuration or OS. This useful script enables the viewer himself modify the text size of the page on demand, by clicking on an Increase or Decrease Font Size link.

1924)   Coding Tips
Useful coding tips for JavaScript/CSS, VBA, Win32 and some Windows applications

1925)   Ace Hidden Popup Spawner
The script can open number of popup windows with varied information. This is accomplished using the page open or page close codes. Customization of the height, width etc. are supported.

1926)   LCD Clock
LCD Clock implements a digital clock with the digital interface, displaying the current time in the 12 hour am/pm format. Only the IE4 or above and NS6 or above browsers support the digital display.

1927)   Arrow-Bar
Arrow-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use verticle navigation menu.

1928)   Scriptomizers - Popup Window Creator
Scriptomizers - Popup Window Creator is a tool that offers javascript code for creating popup window. This is a simple and efficient tool that can be used on any type of website.

1929)   Back, Forward, Reload
This JavaScript implements the Back, Forward or Reload functions in your web page. It moves forward and backward to the pages on the History or else reloads and fresh when Reload is selected.

1930)   Amazing Frameless 'Peeker' PopUp
Implements a frameless popup window that is displayed from the bottom of the page. Configurable parameters include width, height, speed, positioning, etc. Works with the IE4+ only.

1931)   WebDev Suite SC
This implements a development environment for web page authors and developers. Supports features like syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

1932)   Ace Link Status Text
This JavaScript implements display of different status bar message for each link of your page, which can be specified by you. The script supports any number of links.

1933) Bouncer
This JavaScript game demonstrates Dynamic HTML. It is a fully functional Arkanoid game with intro written in JavaScript.

1934)   Credit Card Validation
Credit Card Validation is an easy to use validating program and is written in javascript that can check whether any required credit card field is empty or not, check the number of digits and compare the starting digits with the known digits.

1935)   PopUpMenuPro
This is a versatile DHTML popup menu code that can create menus in your web page. The script possesses cross browser compatibility and the style of the menu is 100% customizable.

1936)   Javascript Stock Market Ticker
javascript quotes ticker

1937)   Check Form
Check Form is a simpe javascript application using which you can validate your online forms. This program can check user inputs against pre stored data.

1938)   Bak2Top
With this JavaScript you can place a “Back to Top” link which appears at the bottom of the page, when you have moved over the bottom of the page. It vanishes when you are at the top.

1939)   Automatic Title/Status Text Rotation
This JavaScript snippet can be added to your webpage to rotate the text that are displayed in the title bar and status bar of the browser after a fixed time specified by you.

1940)   Drop Down Navigation Menu JavaScript
Drop Down Navigation Menu JavaScript is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle a drop down navigation menu on their web pages where the visitors can navigate through the menu easily.

1941)   Popup Closer - Click Anywhere
Popup Closer - Click Anywhere is a javascript code that allows the visitors to close the popup window by clicking anywhere on the popup window.

1942)   Popup Closer - Button
Popup Closer - Button is a tutorial which tells the users how to close the popup window by performing a button action.

1943)   Tell-a-friend script
The script can enable visitors to refer your page to their friends through email. The script displays a text box requiring the user to fill-in the friend’s email address and “Send this URL” button to send it.

1944)   Adsense Monitor
Adsense Monitor enables the website owners to get the details of how many times their ads have been clicked by users with acceesed time. Database can track the information and sends the HTML based report to the webmasters over phone and pager.

1945)   ChainReaction
ChainReaction is a JavaScript game, which sets off a chain reaction of exploding cells. The game prompts for the number of players. Supports a board that obtains stones from the player.

1946)   Add to NS6 Sidebar
This JavaScript can provide a button in your webpage, clicking on which the Netscape 6 visitors can add your site to his/her browser's Sidebar. The browser then requests this webpage from your server every time the visitor asks to view it from the bar.

1947)   Open 2 Popup Windows at Once
Open 2 Popup Windows at Once is a Javascript code that allows the webmasters to create two popup windows simultaneously. This code is very simple and can be used by anyone.

1948)   Link Hint Scroller
This script can scroll details or description of links on mouseover. The scrolling can be done in any direction and allows you to change it. The scrolling is initiated on mouseover of the link and the display ceases on mouseout.

1949)   Braille Javascript
Braille Javascript is a free script that can be used to generate braille characters for english alphabets.

1950)   Visual Menu
Cross-browser, Client-side DHTML Menu Builder

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