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Top 151-200 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

151)   Random redirection
Random redirection is a copy and paste code that allows you to do random redirection on your website.

152)   Multiple News Scroller
DHTML Cross-Browser JavaScript: Scrolls to left any number of messages.

153)   Link description
The link when on mouseover can display any custom text message that gives a description of the link. The message appears on mouseover and disappears on mouseout.

154)   Current Time
Current Time is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display the current time in A.M. or P.M. The time is displayed inside a form text box.

155)   Link Tooltip
With this script you can display a text box providing information regarding the link on mouseover. The text message, background color, font etc. can be customized.

156)   Bandwidth Tester
As the name points out Bandwidth Tester is a JavaScript that can display the bandwidth or the connection speed of your internet or on the LAN. Ideal display status of connection on your web page.

157)   Field SHow
Field SHow is a script that allows you to display a different text field when a different radio button is clicked.

158)   Fade-in slideshow
Webmasters can have a nice slideshow on their websites by using this javascript Fade-in slideshow. This script produces a fade effect transition in between the images.

159)   Auto Reload page script
This script auto reloads a webpage every x seconds/minutes. Useful for web cam pages, for example. It displays the time remaining until the next refresh in the status bar.

160)   DS Snow Script
This JavaScript "DS Snow Script" allows you to display a snow effect on the background of your Web page. You can use freely all these scripts to enhance your web pages.

161)   Simple Cross-Browser getElement Function
This JavaScript can generate cross browser codes for new and older browsers to create an object reference to an HTML element. In the new age browsers the function allows you to write one set of code to access the properties of either browser.

162)   Background Images SlideShow
This JavaScript can display a slideshow of images below the page in the background of the page. Supports two styles of slideshow- one, in which the slideshow runs full page and the second in which the images can be selectively positioned.

163)   jsVal
jsVal is a simple and useful program for the webmasters in validating their online forms through their browser without requesting the server to do so.

164)   V-NewsTicker
This script implements a news ticket that scrolls text vertically either up or down. The script is compatible with IE 4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 5+ & Konqueror 3.1+.

165)   Thumbshow
This JavaScript displays a blow up on the same page of the thumbnail images. The thumbnail images are set up as an anchor to the corresponding large image.

166)   Image Randomization
With Image Randomization JavaScript you can display images of your choice in your webpage randomly each time the page is loaded. The image can be displayed wherever you want within your webpage.

167)   Hide Your Source Code
With Sample codes, this tutorial for JavaScript shows you how to protect your source code by hiding it. This saves your web pages from being copied without permission.

168)   Hover-Pop
Hover-Pop - the new way to grab attention expand your business and increase your sales !

169)   kitykity javascript photo album
kitykity javascript photo album is a nice javascript which helps users in creating a photo gallery like a real photo album to share their memories with their friends and relatives.

170)   Basic Calculator
This script is based on javascript which is used for calculating numbers either for addition, substraction etc., Easy to use and to handle.

171)   Gradient Background Fader
This script creates a smooth and stunning gradient background animation between two colors. Easy configuration of colors. Internet Explorer 5x/6x or higher.

172)   Full Window Watermarked Background Image
With this JavaScript you can implement a background to a web page stretching the background image to fit into the size of the full window. You can easily control the parameters without any knowledge of programming in JavaScript.

173)   Highlight blinking link
Highlight blinking link can be added to your site to highlight a link and also incorporate a blinking effect on it when the user rolls the mouse over the link. The blinking speed is customizable.

174)   2 Select Box Menu Javascript Generator
Cascading Menus can be described as drop down boxes that change do to a selection in a previous drop down box. Generate cascading javascript menus instantly.

175)   Cookie Functions
Cookie Functions offers you four functions to manage cookies on your websites that can be run with any javascript enabled websites. Supports customization with cookies data.

176)   Multiple Stopwatch
This is a javascript program which is helpful for the users to display stopwatch on their website. Users can select one to six stopwatches as per their needs.

177)   Scientific Calcualtor
This is a javascript program used for calculating numerals and for scientific calculations for commercial purpose. It looks like real scientific calculator.

178)   Mouseover Pops Up DHTML component
This script can implement windows that popups with menu when your page is viewed and also centers itself automatically on the screen. Compatible with both the IE and NS.

179)   Tutorial on Javascript Images
Tutorial on Javascript Images is an article which teaches the users how to handle image previews, image tricks and slideshows with the support of javascript.

180)   Cascade Menu Builder
This navigation control on xml/xsl generates navigation menus in your webpage within seconds. To generate the menu the user has to supply details like style, text or folder location, class, mouseover class, etc. to the script.

181)   Translucent scroller
This script implements a scroll effect in which the message that is on the display area turns translucent and is covered up by the next message that scrolls over it. Compatible with IE4 and NS6+.

182)   Live! window width and height
With this script you can easily retrieve the width and height of the browser window. When a user resizes his browser the script will recalculate the values.

183)   Date Time picker
This great script lets your visitors easily input a date/time into a form field, by selecting it from a popup window. Supports output dates in various formats such as: dd/MM/yyyy, dd/MMM/yyyy, MM/dd/yyyy etc.

184)   JustQuick Popup
This is a javascript tool which binds with CSS to generate popup message for your web sites. This pop up can be placed any where on the web page.

185)   JavaScript preloader
JavaScript preloader is a tutorial which explains the users how to handle the process of preloading the images and to display the downloaded images on their websites with the support of javascript.

186)   Format a Phone Number
Format a Phone Number is a JavaScript that formats the phone number entered in any form field into the standard format. It implements this action by using the onKeyPress function.

187)   vScroll
vScroll is a powerful javascript application using which webmasters can make their HTML contents to scroll vertically on their webpages.

188)   Pop-up image Script
Turn regular images into depressible, pop-up buttons using this DHTML script. A dynamic shadow is applied to the image and removed when the mouse is held down over it.

189)   Display Time of Last Visit
This is a JavaScript cookie that provides the visitors of your page, a welcome greeting if they are visiting the page for the first time or displays the date and time of their last visit if they have visited your page before.

190)   Understanding Session-only Cookies
Learn about session-only cookies in JavaScript, and how they can help your scripts retain information even after the page is reloaded or cleared.

191)   World Clock
World Clock is a javascript that is a graphic clock that shows the time in more than 30 world cities.

192)   Date Range Selector
Date Range Selector is a JavaScript that can be used when you want to indicate the start and end date. Two pulldown menus display the dates and ensures that the start date is not later than the end date.

193)   Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes
Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes is a simple JavaScript with two functions namely Function SetChecked and Function ValidateForm. The script can have more than one check/clear all links. The script is suitable for using in the inbox of your webpage.

194)   Link Description script
Bestow meaning to your text links with this script. As the mouse hovers over a link, a corresponding text description appears beneath it. You can define more than one location for which this description is shown, allowing for links all over your page to benefit from the functionality.

195)   Cross-browser textbox typer
With Cross-browser textbox typer JavaScript you can implement a textbox typer in your webpage that types lines of text in a text box continuously. The script supports any amount of text to the typer. The script is highly customizable too.

196)   Courser WebTreeview Builder
Generates tree-view in seconds for navigation in your web page. Allows user to customize the background, font, color, icons for treeview etc. Works on the IE4.0+, NS6.X+, Opera7.0 and Mozilla 1.2.1.

197)   Multiple Message Typewriter Scroller
Displays any number of messages character by character.

198)   Rolling Rainbow Effect
This program is used for displaying text in rolling rainbow effect. It displays different color over text. Its a simple program and easy to use on your web pages.

199)   TwoSpots Free Website counter and statistics
free website counter and statistics tool

200)   Time Zones
Time Zones is a javascript that will show the timezone, date and time in 315 countries.

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