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Top 1951-2000 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1951)   Scriptomizers - Drop Down Jump Menu Generator
Webmasters can create dynamic drop down menus on the fly using this menu generator program. Any number of menus with desired background and item color can be produced within minutes.

1952)   Online MineSweeper
Online MineSweeper is an online game that can be added by the webmasters on their websites for entertaining their site visitors. This game can be added on any type of website.

1953)   DHTML Tip Message
A DHTML tip message to help describe important links when the mouse moves over them. It is extremely versatile in its placement and special effects to render as the tooltip is being displayed.

1954)   Link Organizer
Link Organizer is a navigation tool in JavaScript, which displays a drop down menu in which the links are listed in different categories. The script provides two radio buttons for selecting the window in which the selected link is opened.

1955)   HTML Block Scroller
This is a scroller that can incorporate animation by sliding blocks, which replace the previous one. The delay can be customized. Can run any number of block scrollers.

1956)   Button Link Wizard
This is a tool to create button links in your web pages. You can fill out the fields of this tool and press the button to generate code, which can be incorporated into your web page.

This is a simple website that facilitates webmasters with several tools and utilities to manage and enhance their online publishing and inter business communication.

1958)   Tigra calculator
Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to make different calculations right on your site.

1959)   ColorPop
You can select a color from a color chart and can automatically create a hex representation of the color. Without any writing any codes in JavaScript you can as many color fields as required.

1960)   Coding Ground - JavaScript Tutorials
Coding Ground - JavaScript Tutorials is a website hosting a collection of javascript tutorials. This website helps the beginners to gather knowledge of programming in high level javascript language.

1961)   SmartMenus4
SmartMenus4 is a navigation tool that displays a dropdown menu with infinite number of submenu levels. The place of the submenu is showed by arrow images with rollover.

1962)   Frames Structure
Structure scheme of set of frames and windows.

1963)   The JavaScript Weenie
The JavaScript Weenie offers tutorials, examples, and a discussion board for javascript.

1964)   3-state Hightlight menu effect
This is a 3 state menu effect, appicable to any table. The table cell in question "hovers up" when the mouse moves over it, and depresses when down. Very cool effect.

1965)   Stealth Form Reader
Stealth Form Reader is a JavaScript that without any form actions can allow you to read information contained in a form without the need to write long parsing functions.

1966)   Highlight form element script
Increase the "intuitiveness" of filling out forms on your site with this script. It applies coloring to the form element in focus, better indicating which one the user is currently on.

1967)   Black Jack
Black Jack is a game in JavaScript that provides cards displayed in two boxes namely the Players Hand and Dealers Hand boxes. The game is free for download and is very easy to setup in your webpage.

1968)   Nav-U
Nav-U is a program which can be used the webmasters to display menus for site navigation. Webmasters can build menus with special effects and customize them on their desired styles.

1969)   Reflex Tester
Test and sharpen your reflexes with this DHTML reflex tester. Calculates how fast you can react to a "HTML block" that changes color.

1970) JavaScript Reference
Comprehensive listing of JavaScript objects, properties, and methods. Also includes explanations and examples.

1971)   DS SlideLight
With DS SlideLight JavaScript you can enhance your web page with a slide light effect between images. You can supply images of your choice into this script. The horizontal and vertical position of the image, the slide light effect speed and direction etc. are customizable.

1972)   Nato Phonetic Translator
Nato Phonetic Translator is a useful JavaScript for translating any alphanumeric text into the Nato phonetic alphabet like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and so on. The translation results can be displayed in a popup window or in a form text field.

1973)   Popup Window Maker
This is a generator that generates codes to implement a popup window when you page is viewed. With a cookie you can configure the number of times the popup window has to be displayed.

1974)   Cascading Menu Builder
Cascading Menu Builder is a JavaScript navigation tool for generating cascading menus in your webpage. The script is compatible with browsers like IE 5+, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 0.9+.

1975)   3dhtml
With this script you can implement 3D applications with graphical models, materials, transformations, modifiers etc. Compatible with both the IE4+ and NS4+.

1976)   Button Ticker
Button Ticker is a JavaScript that can display unlimited messages with unique URL on a button. The order in which the messages are displayed can be customized in the script.

1977)   JavaScript Ticker
JavaScript Ticker is designed to work only on the MSIE ticks messages on the web page, whose speed can be adjusted. It can also display together all the messages.

1978)   Stretch Menu
This program is used for giving effect for web page buttons. When the cursor moves in between the button it stretches the text of that button.

1979)   Flash Menu Buttons
This script can add appealing floating background to your menus with 7 scrolling/fade effects. The menu structure can be loaded from an external file. Supports mouseover and click sounds.

1980)   Field Preview
With Field Preview you can type something in the field and preview it instantly.

1981)   Boinger Window
This script can switch between two predetermined sizes for popup windows. You can configure the speed, URL that goes along with the window, the cycle time etc.

1982)   Automatic Title Text Rotation
This JavaScript snippet can be added to your webpage to change the text that are displayed in the title bar of the browser after a fixed time interval set by the user.

1983)   Find&Add Java Scripts
Find and add javascripts.Browser DHTML E-mail Image Link Menu Messages Other Sound Status Bar Text Clock

1984)   Animated link box
With Animated link box JavaScript you can implement a menu list. When the user selects an item on the menu list, the selected item flashes for a while and on clicking the ‘Go there’ button the link is opened.

1985)   Cookie Based Picture Viewer
Cookie Based Picture Viewer is a JavaScript to display a series of images in the webpage as slide shows. The images to be viewed are determined by the cookies in the script.

1986)   Screen Display Controller
The script will reset the browser to the 800x600 monitor resolution. The reset is done only to any display above 1024x768 resolution. Works on the IE 4+, NS 4+ browsers.

1987)   New Window
New Window is a JavaScript code snippet that uses a text link or a button to open a new window. The window can be set to have scroll bar, menu bar etc.

1988)   Closing Windows From JavaScript (Six Methods)
This script can implement the close window feature in 6 ways using a link, a clicked image, or a clicked form button. You can include any of your images and indicate them in the script.

1989)   Peeptin the minigame
Peeptin the minigame is a JavaScript puzzle game. The aim is to first shuffle the numbers with the "shuffle" button and then to re-assemble it back to the original order.

1990)   Interactive DHTML demos
Dynamic HTML interactive demos and advanced Javascript experimentations for MSIE environment - Freely copy-n-paste source-code.

1991)   Tigra Tree Menu
Free DHTML navigation system for the web sites and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly as Microsoft Windows Tree Control.

1992)   Text Clock
This allows you to select the desired format and clock type from a dropdown menu and generates the JavaScript code for that selection which can then be integrated into your web page.

1993)   Apycom DHTML Menu
Apycom DHTML Menu runs with all javascript enabled platform where it can be used to produce flexible menus for site navigation. Allows webmasters to create any number of menus with different kind of styles, effects, and animations.

1994)   Anxiety Diary
From comes Anxiety Diary v1.0, a user-friendly electronic mental health diary system that can be used to log daily events, appointments, monitor therapy, keep track of medications and chart the progress of your recovery. Records can also be printed out and shown to your doctor or therapist.

1995)   CodeThatXPBar
CodeThatXPBar is a JavaScript navigation control that provides with the look and feel of XP bar.

1996)   Using named arguments in JavaScript functions
Want to create functions in JavaScript that can accept varying number of parameters, or parameters specified in arbitrary order? This tutorial shows you how.

1997)   Simple Java Applet Control
This is a JavaScript to control Java applets with the support of the Netscape live connect feature. This is performed by accessing the applet through the document.applets[] array and calling its public methods as if they were JavaScript functions.

1998)   Ace Meta Data Generator
This is a versatile JavaScript that produces Meta Data for your webpage. To generate the Meta Data the user has to supply details like title, email, subject, rating description, key words, revisit after ‘n’ days, language, copy right, robots etc. to the Meta Tag generator.

1999)   Visual Menu
Using the free visual maker wizard of this program you can design your own DHTML based navigation menus for your website with unlimited submenus.

2000)   Hide status bar message II
This JavaScript prevents reckless display of status bar messages that appear for all links. When the script is installed the status bar of your browser is muted.

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