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Top 2001-2050 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

2001)   CAT Count
This is a software that helps translate industry professionals. It can be used to solve the problems that are faced in computer aided translation jobs.

2002)   DS Dailystatusbar
You can have a different status bar each day of the week with this JavaScript generator. Nice way to have a change in the status bars. Script is compatible with Internet Explorer and NS6.

2003)   Simple Browser Check
Simple Browser Check is a tutorial which teaches the users how to check their document object model by setting three variables to 1 or 0.

2004)   Formatting Background, Font, and Sticky Selection in Dropdowns
This script configures your dropdowns in terms of its background color, font face, style etc. Designed basically for the MSIE and degrades gracefully in others.

This website is a tutorial on JavaScripts for web building. Supports a lot of free JavaScripts on Sniffers Forms, Windows 4x Browser, Images Links, Frames Clocks/Time etc.

2006)   Active Windows
Generates codes that Implements a popup window whose frequency of display can be controlled using a cookie. Supports 5 different closing features, which includes delay timed closing.

2007)   Amazing Interactive No-Layers Menu Script
A simple JavaScript that allows you to implement a navigation menu for displaying different links that highlights and executes color change on mouseover. The script is compatible with IE4+ and NS6.

2008)   ELouai's Minesweeper
ELouai's Minesweeper is an online game that is similar to the classic minesweeper game. This game is simple and can be added on any type of websites.

2009)   HTML to JavaScript converter
This tool can convert your normal codes in HTML to JavaScript. You can just type in regular text or HTML code, and then press the convert button to generate JavaScript.

2010)   Art DHTML Buttons
This JavaScript can implement buttons of various standards like “button” “submit”, “reset”. The buttons can change background colors and text on mouse events.

2011)   Slide-In Menu Bar
A cool menu bar that automatically slides open from the left edge of the screen as the surfer moves the mouse over it. Moving the mouse out will cause it the bar to slide back in. Browsers other than NS 4+ and IE 4+ will simply see nothing.

2012)   AceJS
AceJS contains a huge collection of JavaScript aimed at aiding web page designing. Scripts on almost any category like Internet, Webmasters, Website Hosting, Website Design etc can be found in this site.

2013)   Tigra Menu PRO
Flexible JavaScript DHTML menu solution for commercial applications offering high reliability and wide browsers support.

2014)   Cameron Gregory's Clock
Clock is developed with javascript and is a small clock that can display current date and time on the web pages. This program can be easily customized.

2015)   Crazy Ticker
Crazy Ticker can enable you to display messages that appear from the left on the status bar. The earlier message disappears making place for the new one.

2016)   Remote Menu Example I
Remote Menu Example I is a navigation tool to display a menu with desired links. The script displays a short description about the link when the user moves the mouse over the link.

2017)   Instant Business Card
This JavaScript is an easy and quick way of generating effective and well designed online business cards by just providing information like name, web address, business name, email, phone number etc. and graphics that you would like to use in your business card.

2018)   JavaScript Corral
This is a website in which the beginner can get large collection of free scripts. The scripts present in this page can be got through cut and paste format. With the help of this script the user can develop their own webpage.

2019)   JavaScript Atari 2600 Combat
This game takes the visitors into a combat zone and requires them to drive their tank in a very hostile maze infested with opponents firing shots to kill you. Works on Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

2020)   BN Clock
BN Clock is a simple and easy to use clock displaying program that helps users to display a clock with hours, minutes and seconds on their websites. A handy utility for webmasters.

2021)   Top Navigational Bar II
Top Navigational Bar II works with javascript supported websites where it can be used for menu creation. Using DHTML modules menus can be displayed in a way you like and can be located in top / bottom / right / left postions of browser window.

2022)   How to set the Homepage in HTML
How to set the Homepage in HTML is a tutorial which teaches the users how to set html links as their homepage.

2023)   DS SinusPath Script
This is a JavaScript image effect that can display images moving with a sinus path effect on your webpage. The Horizontal and vertical speed of the moving image is customizable in the parameters.

2024)   DS Daily Status Bar
This program is used to display status bar of web page with different titles daily. Users can set their own title to display on their web page status bar.

2025)   JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
JavaScript may not be known for its object oriented properties, but it does support most of the features required to be considered an Object Oriented language. See how to write OOP code in JavaScript.

2026)   Award TreeView
Award TreeView is a cross-browser JavaScript Tree Menu navigation component for web sites and web applications. The script performs very fast and it ensures incredible performance.

2027)   AEM JSHaloMenu
Customized circular menu with different motion styles and zoom in/out. This JavaScript is from the Advanced Effect Maker collection of more than 160 Flash and JavaScript effects.

2028)   Tigra Calculator
Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to perform arithmetic calculations instantly on the HTML form.

2029)   All browsers fixed position on-top content
This is a freeware JavaScript that can add a box in your webpage, which remains constant even if you scroll the browser window. The box’s background color, it’s border, width etc. are customizable in the script.

2030)   SoftDrawer jsTree
SoftDrawer jsTree is a cross browser JavaScript navigation tool that can be implemented in your webpage. The script support features like customizable animation effect, unlimited levels depth, unlimited number of trees on a page, simple and intuitive setup and much more.

2031)   Display date on ur webpage
Display date on ur webpage is a simple javascript application that displays both time and date along with the current month on your webpages, based on the visitor's geographical location.

2032)   DS StatusBarShoot
With this JavaScript you can implement a shoot-text in the status bar of the visitor’s browser. Allows you to customize parameters like the text message, distance and speed.

2033)   Chmod calculator
This is a JavaScript that can be used to allow access using FTP on cgi files. Allows you to control the bgcolor and font face.

This is a simple website focussing on client side javascript scripting and possess some useful scripts and programs, web based services etc.,

2035)   Browser-Specific CSS Stylesheets
Browser-Specific CSS Stylesheets has been derived from javascript classes through which stylesheet file can be implemented as per the browser your visitors use. Allows you to keep the respective stylesheet functions with a file on root directory.

2036)   JavaScript Clock
This is a JavaScript that implements a 24 hour (military) format clock which is displayed second by second. It displays the current time rather than showing the user when he started to view the page.

2037)   DS RandomBlocks
DS RandomBlocks implements a random blocks transition effect between the images supplied by you. The number of vertical slices and horizontal slices of the blocks and the vertical and horizontal position of the image etc. are customizable in the parameters.

2038)   Tigra Calculator Pro
Tigra Calculator Pro is a JavaScript calculator.

2039)   Flexible JavaScript Date Display
Flexible JavaScript Date Display is a java based date displaying program that can show date currently on the webpages. This program can be easily customized.

2040)   Tigra Form Validator
This is a powerful javascript form validating application using which you can verify that the user input for your online HTML forms matches the specified predefined formats.

2041)   Window Move-To
Window Move-To is a tutorial which teaches the users how to move a window to a specified X and Y co-ordinates.

2042)   Link Cloaker
With Link Cloaker JavaScript you can protect the HTML links in your webpage from ‘link high – jacking’ and sales theft. Link Cloaker can encrypt text links, button links, and image links.

2043)   SD-Bar
SD-Bar is a javascript based utility that allows webmasters to build vertical navigation menus on their websites. They can create menus with special effects and small images.

2044)   Easy pop-up window generator
This is a code generator that can create codes that implements popup or popunder windows. Select the required options and create code which can be incorporated into your web page.

2045)   Sakki's Popup window
With this JavaScript the user can open a pop up window by clicking on a link on your page. The link can be displayed wherever you want within your web page.

This is a website which has resources of news, project, scripts, tutorials, forums, resources etc. On selecting each individual resource, its own descriptions will be displayed.

2047)   CodeThatForm
CodeThatForm package gives you full control over the windows and layers in the browser.

2048)   Automatic Time Kept in a Form
With this script you can manipulate the date object and update the form text box every second to post the current time. This is done by defining string representations for each day and month.

2049)   Update Icon
This is a simple JavaScript code snippet that can implement an ‘Update’ icon in your webpage. You can set a date limit up to which the icon will be displayed. The icon will eliminates itself automatically when a visitor visits the page.

2050)   Centered Pop-up Window
This script implements windows on your web page that centers itself automatically. The height and width of the popup windows can be configured. Works with the IE 4+, NS 4.7+ and Opera.

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