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Top 201-250 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

201)   Using JavaScript's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission
Using JavaScript's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission is a tutorial which tells the users how to cancel the form submission depending on the alert which comes from the browser.

202)   Cross Browser DHTML 360° Panorama Image Viewer (PIV)
Cross Browser DHTML 360° Panorama Image Viewer (PIV) is a javascript which can be used by the webmasters to have scrolling image on any page of their websites.

203)   Dynamic Slide Show With Fader Effect
This is a JavaScript, which can run a series of unlimited number of images with a fade effect like a slide show presentation. Allows you to control the time delay between the images.

204)   Clocks
This script shows time, in the necessary place of page. It is possible to choose any face a font and any size. We used layers, therefore background - transparent.

205)   Image Cycling Script
Image Cycling Script is a JavaScript to display an image effect in your webpage in two different ways. You can either display a rotating image or can show a random image each time the page is loaded.

206)   Gradual-Highlight Image Script
This JavaScript makes the image look faint and on mouseover makes it return gradually back to its original appearance giving a glow effect.

207)   Hostname
This JavaScript detects the browser used by your page visitor and if it is Netscape it captures the computer hostnames and displays it in your webpage. The script can work on independent platform.

208)   DS Reassembly
With DS Reassembly JavaScript you can integrate in your webpage a re-assembly effect between images. You can supply images of your choice into this script. The horizontal and vertical position of the image, the assembling speed and etc. are customizable.

209)   yearly calendar
This JavaScript is a simple calendar, which displays 12 months without any additional features. All the months are arranged one after the other in the form of a table.

210)   Fixed Tooltip script
This tooltip script positions the tooltip right beneath the link, in a fixed & non obtrusive manner.

211)   Detecting User Information
Detecting User Information is a tutorial which teaches the users how to detect the OS and the browser informations of customers.

212)   Background Image-Change on MouseOver
This JavaScript changes the background image when engaged by the mouse on mouseover or when clicked on a link. Supports indefinite number of images. The performance is optimal if images of smaller size is used.

213)   Image Zoomer
This JavaScript can display the images in its original size, of images which have been displayed small. The zoomed image is displayed in new window whose size is automatically adjusted based on the image’s dimensions.

214)   Send email with body of text
Send email with body of text is developed with javascript and is a program that helps site visitors to get their email address along with text messages from the web pages.

215)   Blinking Text
Blinking Text displays a flashing effect in a text wherever you want within your webpage. The blinking speed is customizable except for Netscape 4.x.

216)   Rollover background-image button
A script that applies a background image to any form button as the mouse moves over it.

217)   SlideBall
This script on mouseover on any link executes a sliding ball effect, in which a ball slides over the link. The ball stops sliding when you click over the link.

218)   Menu Generator
This is an easy to handle JavaScript navigation tool that displays a dropdown menu in your webpage. In the menu you can set unlimited number of submenus that can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

219)   Confirm Alert Box
This is an alert box with two choices like OK and Cancel. With an example it explains how a confirmation alert box is displayed when either a link or form button is clicked.

220)   Email a Friend
This short, easy, reliable script enables your visitors to send emails to any of their friends. When the user clicks the ‘Email a Friend!’ link the script prompts the user to give the email address of the recipient and the subject of the message.

221)   Multi-Menu Input
Multi-Menu Input is a JavaScript, which takes input from the previous menu and loads the subsequent menus to infinite levels.

222)   Floating iFrame
This script creates a floating iframe, so the iframe stays static and always in view even when the page is scrolled. Display content from a separate page prominently using it.

223)   Validate: select box
Validate: select box is a javascript that allows a Validate a select box on their websites. A demo is available.

224)   Display the visitors referrer
Display the visitors referrer is a simple article that teaches your to track your website's referrers and their URL using advanced javascript.

225)   JavaScript Slider Weight Control
JavaScript Slider Weight Control is a tutorial that informs the users how to generate slider weight control which supports slider math options.

226)   Nice MouseOver effect
This JavaScript implements an amazing color changing effect; like on a table when the user moves the mouse over it or when he/she clicks on it, by means of a setPointer function, which can be called upon anywhere you want on the document.

227)   Popup Window from Hell
This script pops up window that cannot be closed unless clicked by the user on the link provided to close it. Ideal to forcefully get information noticed by the users. Works on NS6, IE4+.

228)   DataBinding
DataBinding is a function which has been developed using Javascript and this method binds the complex XML codes with the HTML controls easily.

229)   Website Buttons
Website Button contains various button styles to generate a web page with different model buttons. Sound effect buttons are also available with this script.

230)   Flying letters
This script can implement an effect in your web page in which the header label can be made to appear one at a time give the feel of text that fly. You can customize the speed, text and distance.

231)   Loci
This is a versatile JavaScript that displays a menu, which expands and collapses when the user clicks on the menu items. The menu allows you to set background colors for menus.

232)   Firefox Redirect Scripts
These two scripts show how to detect Mozilla Firefox and redirect visitors to different web pages. The first script redirects all non-Firefox users to the Firefox download page. The second script is a general browser redirect that can detect with Firefox, Netscape or Internet Explorer.

233)   Show Loading Progress Graphically
This script displays the level of the progress of loading of an event by means of a graphical display on your web page. Works fine with both the IE and NS browsers.

234)   Color Table
With the useing this JavaScript "COLOR TABLE" to manipulate the background of the document. Either you choose the colour by its name which you want. You can also create a unique colour with using of + and- the multi colour scheem buttons.

235)   Roll-Me!
This JavaScript rotates images on mouseover event. Supports a built-in demo and requires no programming skills to create a script. The can be previewed before actually implementing it.

236)   Fullscreen Popup
Pops up a window when the page is opened and is displayed to the full screensize automatically. The window is maximized and then the contents are displayed.

237)   CMotion Image Gallery script
CMotion Image Gallery is a versatile gallery script that uses the user's mouse to control it. The user can direct both the image scrolling direction and speed just by placing the mouse on either spectrums of the image gallery. Clicking on an image can then load a larger version of it etc.

238)   JavaScript HangMan
JavaScript HangMan is a game in JavaScript in which the player has to guess the right word within seven attempts. The player can select the desired levels like ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Expert’ levels.

239)   Date & Time
The easy way to get the date and time from javascript. Simple function [addDate()] will do the job.

240)   Scollbar Color Wizard
Scollbar Color Wizard is a script built on java to be used by the webmasters to produce colours to their scroll bar on their webpages.

241)   Live Server Time script
This unique JavaScript allows you to display the server time of your website, live, by enlisting the help of either SSI includes or PHP.

242)   Highligher Scroller
An interesting scroller that rotates and displays messages by highlighting each one into view, like using a felts to highlight text on a page.

243)   Display IP address script (using SSI and JavaScript)
This program made in JavaScript; it uses a piece of JavaScript to display the IP address in a text box of the visitor while filling any of the forms in your webpage.

244)   Image Tooltip
In this mouse trick the script produces an HTML and CSS tooltip when the customer moves the mouse over the image. The script can have thousands of images and displays them without pre loading.

245)   Slide-in scroller
This attention craving text effect in JavaScript displays a text message that appears to be sliding from the left side of your webpage. The delay time between messages can be configured in the script.

246)   Cross-Browser JavaScript SlideShow - Unlimited Images
This is a JavaScript, which can run a series of unlimited number of images like a slide show presentation. Allows you to control the time delay between the images.

247)   Javascript Password System
JPS is a JavaScript that can password-protect your web pages without needing to have server admin or CGI access. The script hides the directories on the Javascript and web server.

248)   Browser Shake FX
This script makes the visitor’s browser window to move rapidly implementing a shake effect. The speed of the shaking can be adjusted in the script.

249)   Ace Date Last Modified Display
By means of this JavaScript you can ascertain the date on which modification was done to the document and also display it.

250)   Scrollable iframe
This script implements in your web page an iframe with up or down scroll capability. The contents are moved on mouseover. You can customize the height and width.

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