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Top 401-450 JavaScript scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

401)   Browser Redirect 2
With Browser Redirect 2 JavaScript your visitors will be redirected to a version page of the browser based on the browser being used by the user to browse the page.

402)   Update Two Frames
With this script you use a single link to update two frames. The link will be loaded even if JavaScript is turned off, but will not update the frames.

403)   Intro to JSP - JSP versus ASP
Intro to JSP - JSP versus ASP is a reference that provides more information about ASP and JSP by comparing each other. Author also clearly explains about the performance of ASP.NET in this reference.

404)   Source Protector
You can protect your HTML source codes from being copied by your visitors with this script. This script prevents/disables the right-click on your web page.

405)   Form Validation JavaScript
This script can ensure that visitors fill up the fields in a form, which are compulsorily required to be filled up. This simple JavaScript validates the essential fields in a form before being accepted.

406)   Tetris Game!
The Tetris Game! is similar to the tetris video game and is its DHTML implementation. The game is very easy to play and a high fun one.

407)   Sequential Content revealer
With this script, you can initially hide any number of content and reveal them one at a time in sequence, like in a presentation. Control precisely the pause between each content.

408)   Always-on-top message
Broadcast important messages to your visitor using this message script. It displays a message that's always visible on the page, even when the page is scrolled.

409)   DependantLB
DependantLB is a simple form processor using which you can include HTML list boxes on your online forms with any desired size and width.

410)   Pixelating slideshow
This is a cool JavaScript to display a slide show that pixelates images into view using the enhanced multimedia features of the IE5.5. The slide show can be displayed anywhere you want within your webpage.

411)   HTAMenu
This is an efficient HTA application designed with several drop down menus and toolbars. All available menus of this program are backed with DHTML's.

412)   Using IFRAME To Put A Page Within A Layer
This is a content management system that helps users to add extra contents in a html frameset layout on their web pages. They are allowed to add external pages.

413)   DHTML Ad Box
This is an effective method of broadcasting advertisement in which the DHTML ad script displays an inexcusable box that appears in the middle of the window and disappears after a configurable frequency.

414)   Cookie Editor
Cookie Editor runs with all websites that has javascript support where it can be used to manage the cookies details more easily. Viewing, adding and editing can be done through user friendly forms.

415)   Ace Screen Resolution Redirect
With Ace Screen Resolution Redirect JavaScript the visitors will be redirected to a webpage that matches with the screen resolution of their system.

416)   Ace CSS Text Field Wizard
This tool can generate codes to implement attractive text fields for forms. You can choose the color, font face, border width and color, size and style.

417)   Simple Context Menu (IE Only)
This is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can display a menu in your webpage when the user right clicks. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

418)   Bar Graph
A graphing tool that generates bar graph on your webpage with the data provided to it. The total count variable is displayed at the top of the form. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape.

419)   RandomHTML
With RandomHTML JavaScript you can display an image and a URL link to go with the image in your webpage randomly from a set of images. The RandomHTML() function executes a segment of HTML.

420)   Javascript Shoppingcart
This is a JavaScript that allows a user experience a JavaScript shoppingcart. This page allows placing an order for items mentioned in the script. This is a highly customizable script and after placing the order it displays the item orders, total quantity and the total amount of each item.

421)   LED-Bar
LED-Bar is a customizable text scrolling application written in javascript through which you can display scrolling headlines and important announcements on your website.

422)   Zoom function
Zoom function by means of hot keys, command buttons or command links allows you to zoom in/out your web page. The script supports font and window modes.

423)   DS Blend Script
DS Blend Script is a JavaScript to integrate a blend effect between any images supplied by you in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer only. You can configure the speed and pause time of the effect in the parameters.

424)   Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors is a JavaScript game that displays- one of the rock, the second a Paper, the third Scissors. One selection of one image, the computer selects the other one and displays a message of the selection.

425)   Scriptomizers JavaScript Alert Message
Alert message in Scriptomizer is the javascript tool, which helps the user to create the alert message and user can copy the code snippet on their web pages.

426)   Automatic Page/Frame Scroller
Scrolls Up&Down any number of frames or the entire page.

427)   Easy Password Protection for any page
This is a tutorial which deals with password protecting codes. Here author offers a single line of code to protect various ASP pages with a step by step installation instructions.

428)   Glowing Text Script
Glowing Text Script is a powerful javascript program designed to assist website designers to create glowing text on their websites. You can make your website attractive by surrounding texts with yellow and then make it glow.

429)   MailTo - Link Generator
Link Generator is a link creating program and is a javascript that helps users to create mailto links on their web pages. This program supports unlimited number of email addresses.

430)   Lorem Ipsum Code Generator
Lorem Ipsum Code Generator is a handy tool for webmasters to design their site content with a proper alignment. This saves your time and produces paragraphs in matter of minutes. Supports javascript for implementation.

431)   Pick the Color
This script can enable you to know the RGB number for a color and also to know the color that will be created with a particular set of RGB numbers. Compatible with both IE and NS.

432)   Flying Bats
The script makes bats or any image to fly on your web page. The duration of the animation can be configured. Works with Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4+.

433)   On/Off Clock
This JavaScript can implement in your webpage a clock to display the current time with a switch on/off feature. The script provides two option i.e., either you can switch off the clock or can switch on it to function on your webpage.

434)   MemTronic's HTML and JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor
This program is used for compressing and crunching javascript and HTML blocks to save bandwidth. It also scrambles all javascript code.

435)   Adding A Background Image To A TextArea
Adding A Background Image To A TextArea is a JavaScript can incorporate a background image in the text area. It allows you to use any of your favorite images, and configure the text color with the color attribute.

436)   Countdown to Day + Time Script
This is a JavaScript countdown tool in which you can set an event of a particular date and time and this script countdown script will countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds left to reach that date.

437)   String
Complete tutorial. Learn how to use [charAt / charCodeAt], [indexOf / lastIndexOf], [match], [search], [replace], [slice / substring], [substr], [split] and [test].

438)   Mike's DHTML Scroller
The script can scroll messages and images vertically, which can also be hyperlinked. The scrolling will be paused after each message or on mousover. Can configure the speed, font etc.

439)   Letter by Letter Message
This script is used for displaying full text letter by letter like typewriter on the status bar of web page. It offers simple source code and easy to set on the web page.

440)   Gum Slideshow
Gum Slideshow is javascript which provides a slideshow with a double gum effect. It is easy to use this script on users servers to show slides to the visitors.

441)   PhotoShare
This is a slide show JavaScript that displays photos, images etc. with a brief description for each photo and image. The script supports forward and backward button, adjustable scroll speed etc.

442)   Type Writer Effect
With this script you can implement a scrolling feature in which the text appears as being typed with a type writer. The speed of the typing can be varied in the script.

443)   Image Transition Menu
Image Transition Menu is a script built on java which comes with 12 transition effects, fonts, sounds etc., to produce menus with good text effect on any website.

444)   Presentational Slideshow Script
Presentational Slideshow Script helps webmasters in showing their slides in a presentational mode. This javascript can be linked to any web page by adding URL to it.

445)   Cool Table Menu
Cool Table Menu is an advanced JavaScript to implement a table menu in which the menu list displays a color changing effect on mouseover. The script also displays a short description about the link in the last row of the menu table on mouseover.

446)   Customizable Quiz Program
Customizable Quiz Program is a program that can be added by the webmasters for providing their website visitors with a large number of quizzes.

447)   KDateJS (display Hebrew date)
KDateJS is an easy to use program and is developed with java script that can display hebrew date on the web pages. This is an useful utility for webmasters.

448)   Page scroller
You don’t have to depend on the browsers scroll buttons, this script implements custom scroll buttons for your web pages allowing page up and page down. Compatible with IE4+, NS4+, and Opera 6+.

449)   Timestamp Picker
Tigra calender is the javascript applet with popup time stamp picker. This helps the beginner to create a popup calender in their webpages. On selecting the pop up the visitor can fill up the date and time very easily.

450)   JS CMS - Easy Content Management
Easy Content Management is a content management solution that can create and maintain contents on the websites. This program can be easily configured.

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