Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-24 Alerts and Prompts (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Alert Box
Simple JavaScript example that will generate a simple alert box based on clicking a link or a form button. Can be used for alerting users .

2)   DHTML Announcement Box
This is an announcement box based on DHTML to enhance your web page by displaying new or notable pieces of information to the users. This DHTML announcement box is highly customizable and is compatible with all cross browsers.

3)   Button Click Call Alert
Button Click Call Alert allows you to implement functions similar to the JavaScript when it is clicked. This button provides a predefined alert () function.

4)   Hover-Pop
Hover-Pop - the new way to grab attention expand your business and increase your sales !

5)   JustQuick Popup
This is a javascript tool which binds with CSS to generate popup message for your web sites. This pop up can be placed any where on the web page.

6)   Confirm Alert Box
This is an alert box with two choices like OK and Cancel. With an example it explains how a confirmation alert box is displayed when either a link or form button is clicked.

7)   JavaScript Confirmation Prompt
This is the javascripts tool. Through this the beginners can create a confirmative prompt in which the user can perform their desired action with the help of javascript.

8)   Say welcome
This is the java script program which welcome the user after their website is loaded. This script can be applied in all website.

9)   Cut-and-Paste Bookmark This Page Script
This javascript tool is used when the user go through the IE browser, this script will guide the user to bookmark them on their own web pages. When the user run through other browser then message will be displayed with the text variable.

10)   DHTML Ad Box
This is an effective method of broadcasting advertisement in which the DHTML ad script displays an inexcusable box that appears in the middle of the window and disappears after a configurable frequency.

11)   Scriptomizers JavaScript Alert Message
Alert message in Scriptomizer is the javascript tool, which helps the user to create the alert message and user can copy the code snippet on their web pages.

12)   QMessageBox
This QMessageBox is used to generate alert message on your site. Alert message appears when the page gets downloaded. It is written using Javascript.

13)   Check Answer Twice With Prompt
This is a JavaScript tool that will require the visitor of your page to give an answer and before stating whether she or he is right or wrong it checks the given answer twice to confirm it.

14)   Help Popups
Help Popups provides you a pop up help box similar to MS windows pop-up help box. When cursor is moved to an item in which help pop-up is defined it will load very quickly as JavaScript is actually creating the entire HTML page for the popup. The pop-up is highly customizable too.

15)   Bookmark This Site
This is a JavaScript component that works only in MS Internet explorer Version 4 or above with which your site will be added to the users bookmarks by pressing Explorer's Add Favorite dialogue that opens automatically.

16)   Say goodbye
This is the java script which thank the user after they visited your websites. This tool help the user to create thanking message "good bye" to the visitors those who run the user's created web sites. This script can be used on any browser.

17)   Tigra Color Picker
Tigra Color Picker - Free JavaScript widget that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a popup palette.

18)   All browsers flying in message box
This JavaScript tool provides you with a message box on your web page that flies from one side to another and hangs about where you want it. The message box disappears after a specified time.

19)   JSHelp
JSHelp is a configurable pop-up help script which is useful for presenting formatted messages to users.

20)   Tigra Hints
Tigra Hints - Free JavaScript widget that can create pop-up notes (tooltips, hints) for every HTML element on the page.

21)   Random Quote Alert
This is a JavaScripts program can be used to develop a tool, which displays an alert message when the viewer clicks a button. You can give 10 message in this script and the script displays the alert message with a random quote.

22)   Confirm Test With Results Computed
This is a JavaScript tool to provide you with a test with conformation alerts in which for every question the user can give TRUE or FALSE answers. Displays the results through a popup.

23)   Ask Visitor for Name Script
This JavaScript program asks the visitors of your page his/her name, and by giving the name it displays a welcome message “Hello”. This message can be displayed anywhere in the body of the page and if the user doesn’t give the name then the default message is displayed.

24)   Web Commercial
Web commercial, which force the user to go through the advertisement, before entering into the user's desired web page.

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