Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-42 Background Effects (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Space
Space script creates popular background of starlit sky.

2)   Background color changer
This JavaScript background effect tool provides your webpage with a color panel from which the user can select his/her desirable color to the background. The script is compatible with all browsers.

3)   Background Fader
On the loading of a page, this javascript "Background Fader" changes background colors (with a transition between each change) quickly then returns to normal.

4)   DS Rain Script
With DS Rain Script you can decorate your web pages’ background with a rain effect. It is an easy to use and customize program.

5)   Background Fading Using Multiple Colors
This Java Script implements a multiple color display when a visitor visits your page. When the page is selected for view various colors are displayed in a sequence creating a fading effect.

6)   DS Snow Script
This JavaScript "DS Snow Script" allows you to display a snow effect on the background of your Web page. You can use freely all these scripts to enhance your web pages.

7)   Background Images SlideShow
This JavaScript can display a slideshow of images below the page in the background of the page. Supports two styles of slideshow- one, in which the slideshow runs full page and the second in which the images can be selectively positioned.

8)   Full Window Watermarked Background Image
With this JavaScript you can implement a background to a web page stretching the background image to fit into the size of the full window. You can easily control the parameters without any knowledge of programming in JavaScript.

9)   Background Image-Change on MouseOver
This JavaScript changes the background image when engaged by the mouse on mouseover or when clicked on a link. Supports indefinite number of images. The performance is optimal if images of smaller size is used.

10)   Color Table
With the useing this JavaScript "COLOR TABLE" to manipulate the background of the document. Either you choose the colour by its name which you want. You can also create a unique colour with using of + and- the multi colour scheem buttons.

11)   Background Fade
This script "background fade" is more useful when a page is under proses of down loading or loading. You can change your web page background colour dynamically with the using of javascripts.

12)   Blinker
This program is used for blinking different colors at the background of home pages. Users can set different colors as they like using given code.

13)   DS BGLight
Impress your website visitors with this background effect. Shows a light moving on the background of the webpage.

14)   Dynamic Background Image
You can change the color of the background with this Javascript codes. The background image can be controlled with the links on your web site. Supports controls like onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick to change colors.

15)   Background Color-Change from Link or MouseOver
You can change the color of the background of your web page when engaged by the mouse or by clicking on a link. You can specify the colors you want to use. The order of appearance of the colors can also specified.

16)   Adding A Background Image To A TextArea
Adding A Background Image To A TextArea is a JavaScript can incorporate a background image in the text area. It allows you to use any of your favorite images, and configure the text color with the color attribute.

17)   DS FireWorks Script
In this JavaScript a particle moves in the background and explodes creating a fire effect. Allows you to change the parameters like number of particles, intensity of the works and the speed of the fireworks etc.

18)   Reveal
This is a Dynamic HTML background effects tool that displays the contents of your web page layer by layer. The revealing can be done automatically or by clicking the reveal button provided in the script. The script is configurable and is very easy to set up and use.

19)   DS Stars3D Script
This is a JavaScript that creates a 3D effect of a star field of your web page in the background. Allows you to configure the parameters like the number of stars, direction of stars, speed of stars etc.

20)   Background-Image Scroller
With this JavaScript you can scroll just the background beneath the contents of a page. The background image can be any of your favorite one. The speed of scroll of the image can be adjusted. Works with Internet Explorer only.

21)   Continuous Fader
This script allow users to add background effects on their web pages. This script helps users to blink different colors continuously and they can stop it by using stop button.

22)   Link Colors
This program is used for displaying different colors at the background of webpage by placing cursor over particular link. Users can change their own color as they like.

23)   Ds Bubbles Script
Ds Bubbles Script can create bubbles in the background of your web page. Can configure the number of bubbles, stopped of the bubbles and color of the bubbles, all without knowledge of programming in HTML or JavaScript.

24)   Flasher Background Color Effect
Flasher Background Color Effect rotates four different colors of the background when the page is opened and then comes to a halt with the standard color of the page. It does not depend on the transition support from IE.

25)   DS BGFade
Add pizazz to your website with this nifty background script. This script displays a fade effect between the background images.

26)   Freaky Rotate Demo
On the Internet Explorer 5 and above, this JavaScript can rotate the entire background of your web page. Freaky Rotate Demo was developed using the and creating some pie's.

27)   Dynamic Background Image
This program is used for changing background color when mouse rollover to a particular place or text. It controls background easily.

28)   Dynamic Table Color Changer
This program is used for changing table color. When user moves their mouse over table it shows different color. Users can select their own color on the table.

29)   DS BGWave
Freak out your web visitors with this strange but cool website background effect. Website looks like it is waving.

30)   Color Picker
Color Picker enables the visitor to pickup the color of the background, which can be either red, green or blue. The color and its rgb value are displayed when you enter a hexademical value directly.

31)   Star Track
This program is used for displaying moving star track at the background of home page. Users can change the speed of star by adjusting number.

32)   DS BGSlideShow
This is a JavaScript that implements a slideshow in the background of your web page. You can configure the parameters with the HTML code generator like the background images, speed, mouse moved interface etc.

33)   DS MonthlyBackground
DS MonthlyBackground makes your web pages more attractive by displaying different background image for each and every month in a year. You can supply your favorite images into this script. The script is compatible with IE and NS6.

34)   Color Matcher
The Color Matcher makes it available for you to obtain the exact color you want to duplicate. This is possible by the means of Hue, Saturation and Luminosity. See how indeed easy it is to match any color you want with The Color Matcher.

35)   DS SeasonBackground
DS SeasonBackground can display different images in the background for different season based on the selection. You can use any GIF or JPG image as the background image.

36)   Favorite BG Color
This program initially asks visitors of your site to enter their favorite color after entering their color it remembers their favorite color and it displays web page with the same color.

37)   Random Background
This program displays multiple color when the button is pressed. It displays according to the predetermined colors. Users can use many colors as they prefer.

38)   Painted Pages
Painted Pages Tool is a Web Page Color Javascript Program. The workings in this program promises to generate for you exceeding colors for your pages. In this color generating tool you would not have to fear getting bad results whenever you layout to put colors in your HTML or XML files.

39)   Change the Page Background Color and or Font Color
This program allow your site visitors to change fonts, their types and background color. Easy to handle and to customize.

40)   Color Chart and Background Color Changer
This JavaScript is an amazing tool for web developers to provide their webpage with different background colors. With the color button provided in this script the user can change the background color of the page.

41)   Cursor Changer
The Cursor changer is a another background changer. You can change your web page's background color with simply clicking the link in the window.

42)   DS BGScroll Script
DS BGScroll Script displays a background effect in which the background is scrolled behind the contents randomly and on mouseover this scrolling follows the direction of the movement of mouse. The scrolling speed can be configured in the parameters.

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