Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Calculators (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Basic Calculator
This script is based on javascript which is used for calculating numbers either for addition, substraction etc., Easy to use and to handle.

2)   Scientific Calcualtor
This is a javascript program used for calculating numerals and for scientific calculations for commercial purpose. It looks like real scientific calculator.

3)   "MPS" to "MPH" converter
As the name suggests the "MPS" to "MPH" converter transfers the “Meters Per Second” speed into “Miles Per Hour”. A text box is provided to give the speed in ‘Meters Per Second’ and the result in MPH is displayed in an another text box.

4)   Virtual Calculator
This JavaScript is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator. In this the process of calculation depends on a stack of values as its organizing principle. When you enter a number, to store several values, the previous entry is raised in the stack.

5)   Acid Base Balance Calculator
Acid Base Balance Calculator is an useful tool for all health care providers and medical professionals in diagnosing acid base status for the patients depending on the hydrogen ion concentration.

6)   Quadratic Equation Solver
Use this script to workout quadratic equations. Implements a small calculator with text boxes that allow you to solve the equation. You can display decimals or round it off.

7)   BetterCalculator 1.2
BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function.

8)   Temperature Converter
This JavaScript converts the temperatures between Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin. All you have to do is enter the temperature value in the appropriate unit text box and submit. The script converts them into the other units and displays them.

9)   The Super Calculator
The super calculator is a scientific calculator which is helpful for scientists and for technicians. Easy to handle and to use. It offers different functions in scientific calculations.

10)   UnitConverter
UnitConverter for more than 700 worldwide units

11)   Javascript Calculator
This script is built in javascript which is used for calculating numbers and it offers different calculating functions and it is used for scientific operations.

12)   Calculator ZF
This is a simple online scientific calculator of the kind using which you can perform mathematical calculations. This calculator is designed with as many as 50 buttons with three differnt LCD's.

13)   Roman Numerals Converter
An interesting script for converting between integers and Roman Numerals, as well as checking the validity of Roman Numerals for common mistakes.

14)   Realtime Death Counter
This script is used for viewing the deaths caused by different reasons which are happening at present. Users can configure it easily.

15)   Multi Calc
Multi Calc is a simple series of calculators that can perform basic mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

16)   RPNcalculator
Compact RPN calculator with 99 stacks, trigonometric functions and userdefined variables. Runs in browsers supporting javascript and can be opened in popup windows. Can be handled completely using your keyboard and so enables a minimal size.

17)   Byte Converter
This JavaScript has been designed to work only in the Internet Explorer and can converts between bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. Displays different cells in the form of a table for each unit and allows customization of font, size, cell spacing etc.

18)   DHTML Calculator
This JavaScript implements a Calculator, which supports error checking. This DHTML Calculator. Performs functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication division etc like any other calculator.

19)   4-digit Chmod calculator
This JavaScript can be used to calculate and display the numeric value of permissions enabling you to correctly specify permission on your files. Displays the permission as Read, Write or Execute and its values.

20)   Tigra Color Picker
Free cross-browser JavaScript widget that makes it easy for your visitors to fill out color value field(s) by selecting the color from a popup palette.

21)   EuroConverter
This is a JavaScript that converts any of the European currencies. The result are displayed even without clicking in Internet Explorer and in Netscape the result will be displayed after a simple click on the value of the currency.

22)   Crazy Maths Calculator
This program is helpful for any users who wants scientific calculators. It has different scientific methods of calculations like, tan, cos, sin etc.,

23)   Javascript Horsepower Calculator
This JavaScript calculates the Horsepower for Cars. All it needs is the weight of the car, a timeslip, which indicates the time taken by the car to cross the quarter mile and speed of the car at the end of the quarter mile.

24)   Calculator ZF
This is a simple online scientific calculator of the kind using which you can perform mathematical calculations. This calculator is designed with as many as 50 buttons with three differnt LCD's.

25)   The Ratio Generator
This JavaScript works in a multiplicative inverse process and calculates the accurate fraction of any positive decimal number supplied. This can generate both proper and improper and also mixed fractions.

26)   chmod helper
This is a JavaScript calculating tool that can calculate the chmod value accurately in different ways at a time. The chmod helper helps in reducing guesswork in setting file permission.

27)   Infant Percentiles Calculator
Infant percentiles calculator is a javascript utility that lets users to calculate their infant’s normal height and weight. It will be useful for the babies who are under three years of age.

28)   AK Calculator
AK Calculator is a simple javascript based scientific calculator. This calculator is helpful for technical students and for technicians. It offers all scientific functions.

29)   BN Calculator
BN Calculator is a simple javascript based basic calculator. It is used for calculating numerical values and to get results accurately.

30)   Tigra Menu GOLD
Cross browser JavaScript Menu navigation component for web sites. Script provides with great usability supporting most complete feature set.

31)   Tigra Hints
Free JavaScript widget that displays pop-up box with notes (also known as tooltips or hints) when mouse appears over any HTML element on the page.

32)   Calculator with Handy Functions
This script is used for creating a simple calculator that allows users to calculate numbers. It gives results accurately and easy to use.

33)   Ration Generator
Ration Generator workings is by a multiplicative inverse process. Rounding and multiplying the values results in the best ratios of a decimal.

34)   Bandwidth calculator
This JavaScript absolves the problem in comprehending the various units used in calculating bandwidth. All it wants you to do is enter the bandwidth number and choose the input unit. This JavaScript returns the result in Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes and Gigabytes.

35)   SCalc
SCalc is a scientific calculator which is used for solving scientific calculations. This is a graphical calculator and offers many important functions related to mathematical operations.

36)   Biorhythms
Everything that happens around us in the nature is periodic.

37)   Tigra Scroller
Free JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box.

38)   Tigra Form Validator
Tigra Form Validator is free JavaScript component performing client side form validation. With its rich feature set the script can be used with HTML forms of virtually any complexity.

39)   Astrological sign finder
This JavaScript calculates the astrological sign for given month and date.

40)   Tigra Tree Menu
Free DHTML navigation system for the web sites and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly as Microsoft Windows Tree Control.

41)   Jeroen's chmod calculator
Jeroen's Chmod calculator is the most robust calculator of its kind. It allows you to lookup and display the permission setting value (ie: 755) for files in 3 different ways, including its text equivalent (ie: -rwxr-xr-x).

42)   Tigra calculator
Tigra Calculator is free JavaScript widget that allows your visitors to make different calculations right on your site.

43)   Creativyst SoundExR, SoundEx Index Generator
This program is used for generating soundEx index codes by a name input. It provides three different soundEx codes. It offers two different types of usage of soundExR form.

44)   Tigra Menu
Menu supports unlimited levels and multiple menus per page, custom effects and geometry, illustrated documentation, forums and online interactive menu builder etc.

45)   Length Converter
Use this practical script to easily convert between the 7 most popular length units- centimeters, meters, kilometers, miles, inches, feet and yards. Simply enter a number, and let the script display the desired equivalents.

46)   Tigra Calculator PRO
Tigra Calculator PRO is flexible JavaScript calculator offering high reliability and wide browsers support. This script allows your visitors to perform necessary mathematical calculations quickly and easily right on your site.

47)   Tigra Tables
JavaScript applet creating nice client-side visual effects for HTML tables making them easier to read.

48)   Solve Equations
This program is used for calculating equations like, quadratic equation, cubic and quartic. Easy to handle and very easy to use.

49)   Tigra Tree Menu
Free DHTML navigation system for the web sites and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly as Microsoft Windows Tree Control.

50)   Earth Population calculator
This fun script estimates the population of the world at this moment, in real time. Archived using a series of mathematical algorithms, it comes pretty close to the actual numbers.

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