Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-45 Content Management (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   SpreadSheet Editor
SpreadSheet Editor is developed with javascript and is an online content editor that can create and edit contents on the web pages. This is similar to excel application.

2)   Online HTML Editor
This JavaScript is an online HTML editor to create web pages. The code is generated by the Hedit toolbar. Also copy the .js script without which the script will not work.

3)   TextArea Rich Pro
TextArea Rich Pro is a JavaScript and HTML based content management tool that function on the basis of WYSIWYG. This JavaScript editor replaces the current text area HTML tag. It supports features like insertion of form elements, customizable page properties, advanced hyperlink and much more.

4)   Tabbed document viewer
Using a tabbed interface, this DHTML script lets you display external web pages inline on your page, with the help of the IFRAME tag.

5)   htmlArea
htmlArea is an online javascript program that is capable of editing form fields and to convert all message content of the forms to HTML codes with customizable font sizes.

6)   Using IFRAME To Put A Page Within A Layer
This is a content management system that helps users to add extra contents in a html frameset layout on their web pages. They are allowed to add external pages.

7)   JS CMS - Easy Content Management
Easy Content Management is a content management solution that can create and maintain contents on the websites. This program can be easily configured.

8)   Live Page Change
Live Page Change is a web page content management JavaScript which allows you to change the style of you web page very easily by enabling you to know, which element you are affecting. It allows you to selectively change whichever HTML elements you want.

9)   ColorPicker
ColorPicker is a simple and easy to use addon tool that helps users to create their own website with an attractive and professional colors. They can set background color or font color to the web pages.

10)   UBB code Rich Text Editor v1.0
This is a WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor with UBB code parser. Useful for filtering out unwonted HTML tags

11)   Drop down messages
This script creates a drop down menu, revealing additional content beneath it when a selection is made. Great for compacting lots of content into a confined space.

12)   OpenCMS
OpenCMS is a combination of java and XML program bundled with efficient template engines and WYSIWYG editor using which you can build powerful websites with secured SSL support.

13)   Easy Web Editor
This is a Web Content Management Systems JavaScript and can also be used in intranet applications and interactive tools like forums. This is an open source script, which allows you to have full control on how your EWE will look and behave.

14)   Tool for Text Formating Online Editor
This JavaScript supports a popup menu on RightMouseClick with HTML code selections enabling users to quickly format the contents of what they post accurately and quickly. It works only on the IE browser.

15)   RssReader
This is a web based syndication solution that can gather news and displays it on the web pages. This is a simple and easy to use program.

16)   TinyMCE
TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. TinyMCE is very easy to integrate into other CMS systems.

17)   Source Include
Source Include is a simple online tutorial that teaches about the ways and means of including and changing the headers and footers of the webpages.

18)   Combo Box Content Viewer
This Combo-box Viewer script allows users to selectively view HTML content on your page via a drop down menu. Each content is simply wrapped inside a special DIV tag.

19)   Richtext editor
Richtext editor is developed with javascript and is an online web based WYSIWYG HTML editor that helps users to create and edit contents on their web pages.

20)   Multi-part content script
This great script enables long content on your page to be viewed in sequential view. It break up arbitrary content into multiple parts, viewable one part at a time via "back" and "foward" links.

21)   aynHTML editor
This JavaScript allows you to manage contents supporting features like loading and saving content through XML or HTML, linked and internal stylesheets support, image upload, view HTML code and syntax coloring, etc.

22)   Content Tabs script
Use this script to divide long content on your page into "virtual" sections, with each section viewable by clicking on a tab. It's a great way to display your content in an interactive, less overwhelming way to your visitors.

23)   Code That Tab
This program can be used for making a fully functional tab control web pages in windows GUI. Enables the users to create multiple page form in a single window.

24)   Coping with browser differences
Coping with browser differences is a simple tutorial providing a brief introduction on the types of frequently occuring errors while browsing through the web pages.

25)   Offering Automatically Updating Syndicated Articles
Offering Automatically Updating Syndicated Articles as the name indicates is a simple article explaining the procedural methods of creating automatically updated HTML files.

26)   Mozile - xhtml editing in your browser
Mozile is an inline XHTML editor that can create and edit all or specific contents on XHTML web pages. This program also performs functions as a web based word processor.

27)   HardCore Web Content Editor
HardCore Web Content Editor is a program that allows website administrators to perform content management by providing effective WYSIWYG editor.

28)   AxEdit
This is a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor that assists webmasters in authoring the webcontent. You can use this AxEdit editor to edit client side HTML contents.

29)   Tab Content script
Tab Content Script is a standards compliant, 2 level content script. Click on a tab, and additional content appears beneath it while contracting any previously open content.

30)   FlexiGrid
FlexiGrid is an effective javascript program that has the ability to allow users to index their site contents on a text document.

31)   Delete Warning
Delete Warning is an online article in content management explaining the method of generating event handlers to provide website visitors with easy navigating links for all webpages.

32)   PhotoShare
PhotoShare v1.0 is a multi-browser compatible solution for displaying photos, images and other multimedia elements over the web.

33)   StyleTemplate
This is a simple but very effective Content Management System that can create webpage template, and can upgrade the old pages into modern code. All code in this script is HTML 4.01 validated. The script can be specified with background image for different section.

34)   Frequency Cap content
Set any content on your page to display only once every x hours with this versatile DHTML script. Using CSS and JavaScript cookies, Different content can each be shown per its own periodic interval.

35)   EasyWebEditor
EasyWebEditor is an online website creator that helps users to create and maintain websites. There is no need to save and load pages continuously. Even beginners would find this program easy to work with.

36)   Neonix SiteSUITE i3
Neonix SiteSUITE i3 is an easy to use website management utility useful for the web administrators. This is a dreamweaver extension suite that has three interfaces such as Neonix Directory List Links, Neonix Site Tools Pro and Neonix Remove Orphans.

37)   ProtoPad - Content management front-end
ProtoPad is a WYSIWYG text editor that can create and edit contents on the websites. This system can be used with any server technologies.

38)   WizzyPig
WizzyPig is a WYSIWYG editor that allows website administrators to build and manage a Content Management System for their website updation.

39)   Tabula Rasa
Tabula Rasa is a simple content management application that helps you to generate response forms to spell check and format the document compositions.

40)   Online Announcer
Online Announcer v1.0 is a convenient and multi-browser compatible solution for managing online events, updates, keeping an online journal and more.

41)   SD-Book
SD-Book v1.0 is an easy to use and generic electronic book publishing system that can be used to easily create and publish manuals, tutorials, stories or other electronic media for either online or offline use.

Indite is a program that can be used by the administrators to create and run a content management system for their web development. This program comes with an enhanced WYSIWYG editor.

43)   Bs_Wysiwyg Editor
This Java Script is a html code editor for your web browser based on wysiwyg. It allows you to edit html directly. Also it allows you to define and use code-snippets for html editing and define groups for it such as site, page or user.

44)   Random Content colors
Randomly change the color of arbitrary content on your page (ie: table, div etc) to help draw attention to them.

Textarea Rich Lite is a JavaScript to manage voluminous content on your web site. This is a WYSIWYG based editor, which can be a best alternative to the prevalent HTML tag. Supports toggle between HTML source code and WYSIWYG mode, insert hyperlink etc. Cost: 9.99   Version: 1.2   OS: IE 5.5 Add to Favorite | Rate It | Write Review | Tell a Friend This listing has been reviewed "0" times,Be the first one to review this listing? 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Rating  0 0 0 0 0 Rating  1 2 3 4 5

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