Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-21 Countdowns (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Refresh page script
Refresh page script refreshes the web page every seconds/minutes, which will be highly useful if you have to display pages like a webcam page. This implements the refreshing in a very smooth manner.

2)   Countdown Creator
This is an useful tool that generates instant javascript codes to help you to countdown days from a specified date.

3)   Countdown Generator
When you supply the date and name of any event in the future, this Countdown Generator will generator JavaScript for that event, which can be cut and pasted into your web site’s HTML page.

4)   Cool Countdown
Script for creating a digital countdown to zero timer, that you can place on your webpage. Includes audible alarm, Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset buttons. Completely customizable and supports foreign languages.

5)   Count Up & Down
Count Up & Down JavaScript tool can implement both the count up and count down operation. The user can mention the time from/to which, he or she wants to count down/up. These two stopwatch functions can work separately or together at the same time.

6)   Dynamic countdown script II
Version 2 of the Dynamic countdown script is accurate to the second. This allows you to count down to a particular event that's time sensitive (and not just day).

7)   JAVA script countdown
This JavaScript implements a countdown from a particular date/time. This displays the result as how many days, hours, mins and seconds are remaining to the date/time.

8)   Dynamic countdown script
This is a live, dynamic countdown script that can be set to count down until any given date. Every aspect of the script is configurable- dimensions, background color, text font etc.

9)   Time Span
Time Span supports two tools namely time elapsed & time difference. The ‘Time elapsed’ calculates how much time has elapsed since a given date to the current date. The ‘Time difference’ displays the time difference between two dates mentioned by the user.

10)   Dynamic Countup Script
Display how much time has passed since an expired date with this rare script. Accurate to the second.

11)   Count down to in days (HMS)
Count down to in days (HMS) is a JavaScript to implement a highly configurable countdown. It displays the time difference from a specified date till date in hours, minutes and seconds.

12)   A Timer for Your Page
This JavaScript can limit the time the visitor views a particular page to a specified time. The visitor will be compelled to change page after expiry of the specified time. It displays the time left out on the status bar continuously.

13)   Days Old
Days Old countdown tool displays how many days before a particular event has occurred or the time difference between two dates.

14)   Cool Countup
Script for creating a stopwatch that you can place on your webpage. Includes Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset buttons. Completely customizable and supports foreign languages.

15)   Countdown to Day + Time Script
This is a JavaScript countdown tool in which you can set an event of a particular date and time and this script countdown script will countdown in days, hours, minutes and seconds left to reach that date.

16)   Count up script
Specify a past date (ie, the day you got a job), and let this script count many days has passed since then.

17)   Countdown to Day Script
Countdown to Day Script is a countdown tool in which you can set a particular date and the script counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds left to reach that date.

18)   Annual Occasions Count Down
This script counts the number of days remaining until any annual occasion on the calendar (ie: birthday, Christmas etc). It automatically detects and adjusts to the present year, and if the specified occasion has already passed this year, it displays the days remaining until the next year's.

19)   Ultimate age calculator
Use this script to display the age of any person or past event, in a variety of units. Can be invoked multiple times on the same page to calculate/display multiple ages.

20)   Display days remaining in year
Use this copy and paste script to display how many days are remaining in the current year.

21)   Display days remaining in year
This JavaScript countdown tool enables you to calculate how many days are left in the current year.

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