Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-28 Development (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Simple Cross-Browser getElement Function
This JavaScript can generate cross browser codes for new and older browsers to create an object reference to an HTML element. In the new age browsers the function allows you to write one set of code to access the properties of either browser.

2)   Meta Tag Generator
Meta Tag Generator is a javascript program that can be used by the webmasters to facilitate their site visitors to generate their own meta tags.

3)   ScrollBar Color Maker
Scrollbar Color Maker provides colored scrollbars. Supports an option for the user to select colors from readily available color schemes numbering more than 25 or can also specify colors of his/her choice.

4)   Formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits
Formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits is a simple online tutorial with which you would be able to format the display of decimal number systems.

5)   MemTronic's HTML and JavaScript Cruncher-Compressor
This program is used for compressing and crunching javascript and HTML blocks to save bandwidth. It also scrambles all javascript code.

6)   Events in JavaScript
Events in JavaScript is an online tutorial with which you can learn about events with an rearing approach towards the object oriented models in javascript.

7)   X11 Named Colors Palette
This program is helpful for users to find the name of colors using given color palette. This color palette contains multiple colors and it is simple to work.

8)   JavaScript Add-Ins
This is a developing tool in JavaScript and provides different useful add-ins, which can be used in your web pages. The add-ins is free for download and is very easy to setup and use.

9)   Building a Javascript array
Building a Javascript array is an online tutorial that helps java programmers and begginers to generate effective javascript arrays for HTML pages.

10)   Debug Console
This program is used for debugging javascript programs. It checks functions, variables and objects and it also executes the functions through console.

11)   Creativyst JavaScript Compressor
Creativyst JavaScript Compressor enables to compress the JavaScript file and thus reduces the download time or valuable WAN bandwidth and storage space required by your script files. With JSC you can compress your JavaScript code from a single application screen.

12)   Introductory guide to Regular Expressions
Introductory guide to Regular Expressions is an excellent tutorial that helps java beginners to expertise themselves in javascript's regular expressions.

13)   Save Link Method
This program is basically for saving a link to a page. It saves each browser content inside the page to help users to link later.

14)   Browser Sniffer Class
This program is helpful for programmers or for developers to find the type of browser and the browser version. It is built in javascript.

15)   HTML Form Element Manager
This program is basically built in javascript which is used to set or reset elements of HTML form values. Simple to configure and to use.

16)   JavaScript Source Code Compressor
Tool for compressing JavaScript source code. Eliminates comments, white spaces, line feeds, and other unnecessary characters, making your JavaScript source code substantially smaller so that it can be downloaded faster.

17)   QLib
QLib provides several objects related to the browsers. It implements sixteen types of objects to the browser and it is compatible with all types of browsers.

18)   An Object Lesson In JavaScript
An Object Lesson In JavaScript is a simple and effective article written in java to help java programmers in familiarizing themselves with object oriented constructs.

19)   DocWriter
DocWriter is a JavaScript development tool that can convert HTML into JavaScript document.write code. This is the most effective and simple tool for JavaScript developers for creating more robust software.

20)   Javascript Obfuscation Application
This is a development tool that loads JavaScript and DHTML as a text file and then performs a basic search to find out variable names, function names and other object names and replaces them with meaningless numbers and saves them as a separate text file.

21)   Javascript Event Handlers
Javascript Event Handlers is a simple online article that helps java experts and novice programmers to excell themselves in the various concepts of event handlers in javascripts.

22)   Javascript Assertion Unit Framework
This development tool in JavaScript enables any JavaScript developer to improve his coding skill to generate more robust software. This tool can test the codes generated by a JavaScript developer based on assertions.

23)   Overview of scripting in NS6
Overview of scripting in NS6 is an easy to understand article dealing with the techniques involved in updating online applications to work in NS6.

24)   Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions
Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions is an effective online article dealing with javascript's regular exppressions helping novice programers to enhance their programmimg skills in writting the expressions.

25)   System Color Palette
System Color Palette is helpful for users to access different colors from palette. These colors are supported by any browsers.

26)   Writting Classes in Javascript
Writting Classes in Javascript is a simple tutorial with which software developers and java programers would be able to enrich and enhance their knowledge in writting javascript classes.

27)   DHTML Debugger
This program provides DOM tree which explores users at the data structure of web browser. DOM is used as internal data structure to save web page.

28)   Using named arguments in JavaScript functions
Want to create functions in JavaScript that can accept varying number of parameters, or parameters specified in arbitrary order? This tutorial shows you how.

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