Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-34 Email Scripts (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Crazy Email Form Without Mail-client
This JavaScript can send emails from your own webpage to any email address. The script supports fields like From address, To address, CC, BCC and subject. The script is compatible with all browsers.

2)   Send email with body of text
Send email with body of text is developed with javascript and is a program that helps site visitors to get their email address along with text messages from the web pages.

3)   Email a Friend
This short, easy, reliable script enables your visitors to send emails to any of their friends. When the user clicks the ‘Email a Friend!’ link the script prompts the user to give the email address of the recipient and the subject of the message.

4)   Multiple Email Addresses II
This is a JavaScript to provide your webpage with radio buttons to select the email address from a list of option displayed through a drop down menu. The script provides ‘view mail window’ to open the default email client and ‘view source’ button to view the source code.

5)   Unspamable email link
Unspamable email link is a JavaScript code snippet that can be added to your webpage to display an email address protected from the spammers and email harvesters.

6)   Email Verify
Email Verify can be implemented in your webpage to verify the validity of email address. The script function validates the email by returning the Boolean.

7)   Easy Email Scrambler
This script encrypts any email link on your webpage to hide them from harvesters and spammers. The script shines in its ease of implementation and extensive browser compatibility.

8)   MailTo - Link Generator
Link Generator is a link creating program and is a javascript that helps users to create mailto links on their web pages. This program supports unlimited number of email addresses.

9)   Non-spiderable mailto: links with JavaScript
Non-spiderable mailto: links with JavaScript is a JavaScript tool to build the HTML mailto links and is a solution to Bots and Spam mechanisms. Email address, body text and subject lines are included in this script. You can add the mailto link wherever you want within your webpage.

10)   Email Encoder
Email Encoder encodes email addresses JavaScript that can protect your email address from being added into unauthorized mailing list by spam. The script provides a form text box to give your email address for encoding it.

11)   Email Address Checker-Validator Script
This JavaScript can be implemented in your webpage to verify and validate the email address given by your visitors while filling out any of your forms by means of a entry and double entry boxes.

12)   Anti spam / anti spider script
This is an email protector in JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to display your email addresses instead of using plain HTML. This script is a powerful solution against spiders and spam.

13)   Email Extractor Lite
Email Extractor Lite is a powerful email extracting program and is developed with javascript that helps users to extract email address from web pages.

14)   Email Protect
Email Protect is a JavaScript tool to protect your email address from grabbing and webpage spidering by spam bots. The script generates e-mail addresses using client’s web browser, which can’t be processed by spam bots as it uses text based browsers.

15)   No Spam Email Link
No Spam Email Link is an online email hider and is developed with javascript that helps users to encode their email address on their web pages from spammers.

16)   iTISTIC Tell A Friend
iTISTIC Tell A Friend is an effective online java application with which you would be able to implement 'tell a friend' utility on the websites.

17)   Submit Sends Email And Loads New Page
This JavaScript can send email messages on clicking the ‘Submit’ button. After sending the email message the script loads the current page with a different URL.

18)   Anywhere Mail
This sends email to anyone you want from your webpage. The script provides a 'E-Mail Someone!' link that opens a window in which the recipient’s email address and subject can be written.

19)   Mailing List
This can be incorporated in your webpage to sign up your visitors for your mailing list. The script provides a form to be filled out by the user that prompts the user to refill it if an incomplete or invalid entry is entered.

20)   Automatic E-mail This Link Script With Auto-Capture and Validation
This is a program and is written in javascript that helps users to capture web page title and URL and to send them to thier email address. This is a completely automated program.

21)   Floating Email-This-Link Script With URL Auto-Capture
Floating Email-This-Link Script With URL Auto-Capture is a simple and easy to use program that helps users to float 'email this link' wherever you want this on their web pages. This program is capable of capturing web page URL.

22)   Email Scrambler
Email Scrambler is written in javascript and is a program that can protect email address given by user and prevent user's email address from spam.

23)   Javascript Email Parser
Javascript Email Parser provides your webpage a tool to find out the e-mail address from any text, which contains an email address. The script sorts out the e-mail address and displays it the text area provided for it.

24)   Multiple Email Addresses 1
This provides your webpage with a drop down menu from which users can select an email address from a list of email address. The script provides ‘view mail window’ and ‘view source’ button to view the mail and source code respectively.

25)   SafeMailto
This encoder generates a safe script based on strong protection techniques: encryption and user-challenge (reading a code on a picture) to prevent email harvesting on webpages and spam.

26)   Email Validation implemented in javascript
Email Validation is written in javascript and is an email validating tool that can check email given by users while they filling up any of the form.

27)   Email Riddler
Email Riddler is JavaScript tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it on your site, preventing spam harvesters from exploiting it.

28)   Email address protector
This is a JavaScript tool that can be implemented in your webpage to cut your e-mail address into different sections and then assembles it again at the server level.

29)   E-mail Hider
E-mail Hider is an online email protector and is a javascript that prevents spambots from collecting email address on web pages. This program can be easily cusotmized.

30)   Ace Mailto Link Wizard
This mailto link in JavaScript can be implemented in your webpage to enable you to send emails to multiple recipients with multiple Cc and Bcc addresses. The script also provides subject text, body text and link text options and ‘Create mailto link’ button and 'Reset’ button.

31)   Email Address Encoder
Email Address Encoder is an easy to use program and is a javascript that can be used to encode email address on the web pages from email harversters.

32)   "Unspamable" email link
This script "scrambles" the source of your email address when displaying it, preventing spam harvesters from retrieving it when crawling your site.

33)   0-Code E-Mail Address Encoder
Encode E-Mail Adresses in Your Pages as JavaScript function and stop the spam.

34)   Anti-spam email displayer
A powerful anti-spam script that allows you to display one or several email addresses on your webpage without spam harvesters being able to extract them.

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