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1-50 Forms (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Validate: numeric box
Validate: numeric box is a javascript that allows you to have a Validate a numeric box on your website.

2)   Enabling/ disabling form elements using JavaScript
This tutorial shows you how to use JavaScript to dynamically enable and disable form elements, making the process of filling out forms more intuitive.

3)   Duplicate Form Field
This duplicates one field of a form to another by copying the value to the end of another field. Shows a form field in which the domain name is added to the email address, which cannot then be changed.

4)   Form Validation
This JavaScript uses cookies to ensure that all relevant fields in a form are filled up before being submitted. All fields that require compulsory data are validated before the form is accepted.

5)   Input Field Masking Script
Input Field Masking Script is a simple and easy to use javascript program that can control value defined in the mask and can replace 0(s) and x(S) values.

6)   Numeric Validation
Numeric Validation is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to check whether the visitor of your page has entered a valid numeric value in the form.

7)   Tab Enter
Tab Enter is a script that will allow you to use the "Enter" key to move through the fields as you use the "Tab" key.

8)   FormCheck
This is an useful javascript application that helps you to validate the form input against the specified criteria without scripting a single line of programming code.

9)   Auto tab (form field) script
Make certain form field(s) more intuitive to fill out by auto tabbing them.

10)   Field SHow
Field SHow is a script that allows you to display a different text field when a different radio button is clicked.

11)   jsVal
jsVal is a simple and useful program for the webmasters in validating their online forms through their browser without requesting the server to do so.

12)   Format a Phone Number
Format a Phone Number is a JavaScript that formats the phone number entered in any form field into the standard format. It implements this action by using the onKeyPress function.

13)   Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes
Check All / Clear All links for dynamic check-boxes is a simple JavaScript with two functions namely Function SetChecked and Function ValidateForm. The script can have more than one check/clear all links. The script is suitable for using in the inbox of your webpage.

14)   Cross-browser textbox typer
With Cross-browser textbox typer JavaScript you can implement a textbox typer in your webpage that types lines of text in a text box continuously. The script supports any amount of text to the typer. The script is highly customizable too.

15)   Using JavaScript's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission
Using JavaScript's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission is a tutorial which tells the users how to cancel the form submission depending on the alert which comes from the browser.

16)   Multi-Menu Input
Multi-Menu Input is a JavaScript, which takes input from the previous menu and loads the subsequent menus to infinite levels.

17)   Validate: select box
Validate: select box is a javascript that allows a Validate a select box on their websites. A demo is available.

18)   Validate: text box
Validate: text box is a script that will allow you to out a Validate a text box on your website.

19)   Select All Text
This allows you to empower the user to make selection of text with just a single click to be copied by the visitor. Very useful to handle large amount of text.

20)   Verify, Notify for Duplicate fields
Verify, Notify for Duplicate fields is written in javascript and is a program that can check any typing error while user entering the form value twice.

21)   Disable "Enter" key in form script
Is the user pressing the "Enter" key in the middle of your form causing inadvertent and incomplete form submissions? This script disable the "Enter" key when pressed inside chosen fields of your choice. Moreover, it then advances the cursor to the next field within the form.

22)   Select Validation
Select Validation is a form validator in JavaScript that verifies whether the selection has been made form the drop down menu, radio buttons or check boxes while filling up any of the forms in your web page.

23)   Forbidden-word filter
Forbidden-word filter looks for forbidden words filled by the user and replaces them with three stars. Displays an alert box if it finds any forbidden word and does not post the form.

24)   Form - CheckBox
Form - CheckBox is developed with javascript and is a program that helps users to find the exact option that has been selected on a checkbox.

25)   Form Validation JavaScript
This script can ensure that visitors fill up the fields in a form, which are compulsorily required to be filled up. This simple JavaScript validates the essential fields in a form before being accepted.

26)   Word Filter
Word Filter is a simple and powerful JavaScript that can be used to filter a word from the text submitted by the user. The word to be filtered must be added to the array swear_words_arr. The script provides form fields for giving the name, email address and subject.

27)   Check Form
This is a simple and small javascript that examines user's inputs on form fields. This script could be customized according to user's preferences with a small javascript.

28)   Select 2D
When an item from the first drop-down menu is selected, different set of items in the second drop-down menu is loaded.

29)   Update Price of Selected Item
This JavaScript allows you to write the code, which on change of selection can update a text component of a form. The JavaScript function checks the selection and selects the corresponding price for that selection.

30)   Clear default form value script
Use this script to automatically clear the default value of any form's input field when the mouse sets focus on it. This script intelligently distinguishes between default and user-entered text, and clears only the former on mouse focus.

31)   fValidate
This is an effective online form validating program that can be used to check user's given data in the form. This program supports multiple languages and validates different types of datas.

32)   Echo Form Field
Echo Form Field is a JavaScript that can change the value of another text field when data is filled up in one text field. The value in the other text field cannot be then changed.

33)   Form Field Validation
Form Field Validation is a program and is written in javascript that can validate any empty field that is available in the form and input focus has been set to particular empty field.

34)   Windows Valid Date Function
Windows Valid Date Function is a form validator that ensures that the user has entered a valid date in the form field. Displays an error message in case of invalid date. Supports all the date formats.

35)   Advanced Email Check
A script that closely examines the content of a form box to ensure that the user entered a valid email address. If not, the form submition is canceled, and the surfer prompted to re-enter a valid address. Uses Regular Expressions.

36)   Validate empty form fields and e-mail addresses
Validate empty form fields and e-mail addresses is a JavaScript to ensure that the user has filled all the fields of the form without leaving them empty and has entered email addresses in the correct format.

37)   Only One Field
Only One Field is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can ensure that the visitor of your page has filled either one of two fields. The script also ensures that the user has not left both the fields empty.

38)   Form2Popup script
This useful script allows you to target a form's submission to a new customizable window, so the original page does not change once the "submit" button is pressed. Instead, a customizable pop up window is launched containing the destination page.

39)   Select Move
Select Move is a java script that allows you to change the order of items in a select field. Such as "ABC" to "BCA" just as an example. There is a demo available.

40)   Email Validator
Email validator is a simple JavaScript code snippet that can be implemented on the client side for email address validation specified by the user while filling up any of the forms in your webpage.

41)   HTML Elements in Forms
HTML Elements in Forms is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate elements in the form with input attribute with HTML support.

42)   FormPlus
FormPlus is a powerful image script that can be implemented in your webpage to Validate forms. The script is highly customizable and is very easy to maintain. The script allows you to add or modify the form fields.

43)   Ken's Country List Generator
Ken's Country List Generator is a drop down menu in JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to provide a short list of 39 countries and a complete list of 240 countries that can be used to fill the country column while filling forms in your webpage.

44)   Select List Of Current Month
This is a JavaScript example that creates a menu (drop down select list) of all the days in the current month. The current date is selected by default.

45)   JavaScript Forms and Frames
JavaScript Forms and Frames is a tutorial which explains the users how to work with HTML forms and manipulate frames with the support of javascript.

46)   Select 3D
Select 3D is a script that allows you to select the desired items from series of select fields.

47)   Submit1ce
Submit1ce is a tutorial which explains the users how to handle the process of disabling submit buttons after a single click for preventing them to send their form more times.

48)   Validate: email box
Validate: email box is a java script that will allow webmasters to put a Validate an email box on their websites.

49)   Form Helper with Images
Form Helper with Images can enhance your webpage with images, which guides the visitor to fill up the fields in the form whenever he/she clicks on the form elements. The script also validates the entries given by the user before submitting it.

50)   Virtualshop
This program draws items on fly from a small database and elaborate an order on the basis of the selected items only. The order can then be handled by an e-mail program on user's pc.

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