Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Games and Entertainment (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   JavaScript HangMan
JavaScript HangMan is a game in JavaScript in which the player has to guess the right word within seven attempts. The player can select the desired levels like ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, and ‘Expert’ levels.

2)   WebHangman
WebHangman is a JavaScript game created after careful analysis of the other Hangman games available. Puzzles on different subject available. Select a theme and start playing.

3)   Ping Pong
Ping Pong is similar to the “Pong” video game. Supports four modes of game. You can specify different skill levels and speed levels. Also you can have a background color of your choice. The script is compatible with IE 4+ and NN 4+.

4)   puzzle
This script consists of two parts. The first concerning the "puzzlecenter" allows you to let your visitors choose among any number of pics, and pieces to puzzle with (columns&rows). It includes the ability to finish puzzle automatically by using the "need help?" link.

5)   Snake
Snake is a wonderful game in JavaScript. The arrow keys of the keyboard are used to increase the size of the snake by joining the blocks that appears on the game area. When the player hits any of the four walls of the screen the game ends.

6)   Tetris Game!
The Tetris Game! is similar to the tetris video game and is its DHTML implementation. The game is very easy to play and a high fun one.

7)   Rock Paper Scissors
Rock Paper Scissors is a JavaScript game that displays- one of the rock, the second a Paper, the third Scissors. One selection of one image, the computer selects the other one and displays a message of the selection.

8)   Customizable Quiz Program
Customizable Quiz Program is a program that can be added by the webmasters for providing their website visitors with a large number of quizzes.

9)   Simple Chess Game Program: Tiger and Bull
Simple Chess Game Program: Tiger and Bull is a Javascript program that can be added by the webmasters on their websites for entertaining the kids. This program offers popup 'Help' facility to the players.

10)   Memory Game with highscore
Memory Game with highscore is an online game which is easy and interesting to play for the users. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

11)   Hangman Script
Hangman Script is a javascript that enables the webmasters to add Hangman game on their websites. This script is easy and simple to use by basic learners of java.

12)   Russian Roulette
Add some fun to your website to keep your visitors interactive with this Russian Roulette game.

13)   DHTML puzzle!
DHTML puzzle! is a funny game in which, any image provided by you is cut into 9 pieces. To play the game try to rearrange the restore its original look to win.

14)   Memory Cards Game
Memory Cards Game implements the familiar memory game of the cards in JavaScript. The images inside the images folder can be changed.

15)   Puzzle Wheel
This JavaScript implements a puzzle game in which you have to guess a letter by spinning a wheel. The game is designed with amazing graphics and supports upto 3 players.

16)   JavaScript Chess with CPU opponent
This JavaScript implements a chess game with features like pawn promotion, castling, en-passent and computer opponent. If a position is repeated for three times, the game will be drawn.

This is a simple JavaScript version of tic tac toe. You can set the board dimensions, and set the amount required to win (like 4 in a row).

18)   Psychic Test
Based on the Zenner card test, this is a JavaScript game to see how well you can predict which shape will be selected.

19)   Goopers
Goopers is a game created using Javascripts and can be played by anyone who is interested in games. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

20)   Jackpardy Game
This JavaScript game requires four players to play and puts up question similar to that of a puzzle. Displays values of dollars that you can manipulate and play with.

21)   Lottery Picker
Chuck your superstitions to the side, and put your lottery dreams in this script instead. This JavaScript generates 6 random 2-digit numbers for you to use.

22)   Mind Reader
Mind Reader is a game that knows what number you're thinking of. It first asks you to pick a number between 1 and 63. More Info on detailed page.

23)   Quiz Maker
With this JavaScript you can create various quiz games by entering the questions and its answers. The script automatically creates a quiz out of it and also calculates and displays the result.

24)   Blackjack
This JavaScript allows you to play the classic game of Blackjack. The goal of the game is to get the closest to 21. If you get higher than the dealer without going over 21, you win.

25)   Test your EyeQ
Test your EyeQ is an online game that can be added by the webmasters on their websites for their site visitors. This is a funny as well as interesting game.

26)   BattleShip - Game
This is the classic game of battleship, done in JavaScript.

27)   Bug Squasher
Bug Squasher is a look alike of the popular minesweeper of the windows. You have to unravel the bugs without getting stung by it. Supports Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels of play.

28)   The Count Game
This is counting game in JavaScript. Supports a text box to enter the number. Click on the button to start or start the counter. If you stop the counter between "98-100" you win. The number you clicked on will be displayed on the right.

29)   pousse-pousse
This is a puzzle game in JavaScript, in which an original picture is rearranged in parts. All you have to do to win the game is, rearrange the pictures restoring its originality.

30)   Toggler mini-game from
This is a toggle game in JavaScript. To play the game, toggle the [X] buttons into [.] buttons, along with the four buttons around it. You win when all the buttons are turned into [.]'s. This can fit into your page’s sidebar.

31)   Smiley Racer
Smiley Racer is a JavaScript game that provides two smileys ‘Happy Des’ and ‘A Right Spectacle smiley’. The player has to select one smiley, which he/she thinks is going to win. The game also sets £10 as a bet.

32)   Memory Game
Memory Game is a puzzle game in JavaScript. It’s very similar to the famous memory game that can improve your vocabulary.

33)   poker
This is a game of poker in which it displays a 5 x 5 matrix that displays “X” when you start the game. On selection the boxes changes into DAME, AS, ROI etc. and the scores that you score are displayed at the bottom.

34)   JavaScript Kaboom
JavaScript version of one of the most popular Atari 2600 games. Use your buckets to thrawt the mad bomber as he rains bombs down on your city.

35)   Phong II
A DHTML ping pong game with AI. Play against the computer and see if you're quick enough to win.

36)   Quiz -
Quiz - is a simple quiz script that provides the quiz for the webmasters to add on their websites. This scripts can be added to any type of websites.

37)   A Game Of Tic Tac Toe
A Tic Tac Toe JavaScript. This has a 1 step look ahead - so you can beat it, but it does require some smarts on your part. It has the ability to be a 3x3 or up to a 10x10 - with a win set to be at least 3 in a row - or up to the number of the grid (a 10x10 can have it be a 10 in a row to win).

38)   A Game Of BattleShip
A Game Of BattleShip is a JavaScript implementation of the famous game Battle Ship of the video game. Play and test your gaming skills.

39)   Minesweeper Tomse
Minesweeper Tomse is a game that has been designed using Javascript and it is funny and interesting to play this game. This game can run only on the Java enabled systems.

40)   Game Package
This is a collection of feature packed games with enhanced graphical presentation. Supports a pack of six games namely Blackjack, Bootlegger's Empire, Hangman, Memory, Millionaire Game, and Slots.

41)   Repeat after Simon
Repeat after Simon is a game that has been designed using Javascripts and this game is more interesting for the users to play and people from any age group can play this game.

42)   DHTML Ping Pong (Phong)
DHTML Ping Pong (Phong) is a game in JavaScript enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. You can test your skills against the computer and try to win.

43)   JsTetris
This is an interesting online games software designed for playing tetris. This program is built with javascript and can be easily installed on any website.

44)   eScene
eScene is a tool that can be used by the webmasters to add stickers and postcards on their sites for their website visitors. This tool can be used for improving the attractiveness of websites.

45)   JavaScript Minesweeper
Trace for Bombs and remove them and then put a flag over it by right clicking the mouse. Supports three levels of play. This game is very much like the minesweeper game of the Windows.

46)   Text Scrambler
This is a game to Text scrambler game in JavaScript. Based on the input, it can generate words of different length that you specify. You can also specify the minimum and maximum word size.

47)   Tic-tac-toe by Pillai
Tic-tac-toe by Pillai is an interesting online game, that can be played by anybody who is interested in games. This game can be placed on any type of websites.

48)   Thought-reading
Thought-reading is an interactive game that can be added by the webmasters on their websites for entertaining their site visitors. This game is simple and very interesting to play.

49)   Astrological Sign Finder
Make sure your visitors know their astrological sign, using this script.

50)   le mahriage
Displays a set of cards of comic characters with face down. Clicking on it will open the face. Click on the cards and find the twin characters to play the game.

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