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1-50 Miscellaneous (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Dynamically Add Table Rows
This script allows the user to click on a link to dynamically add a row to the table of the web page allowing you to alter the contents. Works in both the IE and NS.

2)   Sorting HTML Tables Using Javascript
This JavaScript implements a sortable table in an ordinary HTML data tables. The script automatically sorts the rows with data by associating it with an onClick event.

3)   Gradient Background Fader
This script creates a smooth and stunning gradient background animation between two colors. Easy configuration of colors. Internet Explorer 5x/6x or higher.

4)   Display the visitors referrer
Display the visitors referrer is a simple article that teaches your to track your website's referrers and their URL using advanced javascript.

5)   Color Picker
Color Picker is a simple and small JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to generate RGB and Hex values and the opacity of a color of your choice.

6)   Pull Down Menu
This JavaScript generates popup menu, which can be placed over HTML contents, elements, frames, flash and over browser window. The script uses an external txt file to load the menu structure.

7)   Amazon style Drop-in content box
Amazon style Drop-in content box lets the webmasters to design the content pages effectively. Any sized window that contains your own message can be displayed randomly when accessing site pages.

8)   Simple Context Menu (IE Only)
This is a simple yet versatile JavaScript that can display a menu in your webpage when the user right clicks. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

9)   Lorem Ipsum Code Generator
Lorem Ipsum Code Generator is a handy tool for webmasters to design their site content with a proper alignment. This saves your time and produces paragraphs in matter of minutes. Supports javascript for implementation.

10)   Pick the Color
This script can enable you to know the RGB number for a color and also to know the color that will be created with a particular set of RGB numbers. Compatible with both IE and NS.

11)   InfoBar
With InfoBar JavaScript you can provide clarifications and information or comments for the links in your webpage when the user moves the mouse over the link. The information of the link is displayed on a specified place on the page.

12)   Shortcut keys
This script can allow you to implement shortcut keys in your web pages. You can specify your own keystrokes to the script. The script can be pasted into your web page to implement the shortcut keys.

13)   Auto Homepage - Add to Favorites Script
This JavaScript can set any specified URL as the visitor’s homepage and also add the URL to the favorites. The codes can be copied onto the of your web page.

14)   Infix to Postfix
As can be made out from the name, Infix to Postfix is a JavaScript tool for generating Postfix expression by converting the Infix expression, which can be specified in a filed text box and converted.

15)   Text Box Ticker
This JavaScript can display any number of text messages. The messages can be linked to URLs. The speed of the news ticker can be changed by you. The messages are displayed on a text box.

16)   Animated document title
This JavaScript adds life to the Title by implementing an animation effect on the title of your web page. Compatible with Internet Explorer 4+ and Netscape 6.

17)   Progress Bars
Progress Bars is provided in javascript modules through which image bars can be included to indicate the level of progress of some execution such as downloading, uploading etc., Bounds can be set with bars.

18)   EBA:GridList DHTML Control
The EBA:Grid control is an easy-to-use, lightweight, high-performance control for displaying and collecting data from your users.

19)   Formatting numbers for decimals and significant digits
This useful tutorial shows you how to format numbers for a specific number of decimal places or significant digits in JavaScript.

20)   Print page without dialog box
This JavaScript can directly route the web page to print to the Printer without displaying any dialog box that requires input from the user. Compatible in IE only.

21)   Paypal Donation/Subscription Multi Currency Chooser
This allows you to accept differing currency amounts for PAYPAL. The script provides a drop down menu for selecting currencies and the amount corresponding to it can be displayed in a text box.

22)   htmlArea
Turn any textarea into a WYSIWYG editor.

23)   Dock Content script
This powerful script allows you to keep arbitrary elements on your page always in view, by "docking" it. It dynamically determines whether the element is currently visible on the user's screen, and if not, repositions it so it is.

24)   Timing of VBS-JS code
PSTRUH Software has added new properties to the ScriptUtilities library - hi-resolution performance counter. New properties lets you measure time with precision up to nanoseconds.

25)   Highlite
Add more elegance to your links by adding this javascript that when the link is clicked on, it becomes highlighted.

26)   Rotator
This script can rotate the contents in your web page depending upon the date and time of day. Works on all latest browsers. A special JavaScript is included ensure that the script gets the default text passed.

27)   Scriptomizers - Set as Homepage Prompt
Website owners who wants to enable their visitors to utilize their web pages as homepage on visitors computers, can copy this javascript coding into their site.

28)   ip2dec
ip2dec is implemented using javascript functions that can produce an IP address in decimal form. Has an easier configuration and can be accessed simply.

29)   Generic Drag Script
This script can make any elements in your web page draggable. You can drag and place any object anywhere on your web page. Compatible in both the IE4+ and NS6+.

30)   Switch Content Script
Make arbitrary content on your webpage contract/expand on demand with this great script. The user clicks on designated headers to reveal additional content. The script comes with an optional persistence feature to help it remember the folding state of the content.

31)   Free HTML Meta Tag Generator
Javascript based HTML Meta Tags generator.

32)   Colour Picker
Colour Picker is an useful javascript object that provides attractive dropdown colour swatch for the users to choose a specific colour on your website.

33)   Get Browser
You can check for the browser version such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, MAC, IMB with this javascript.

34)   Tranzition script
Tranzition script is a program that comes with the ability to produce a transition effect while a visitor enters into the website.

35)   Message Reminder
Message reminder is a reminder in JavaScript that can display a message when the timer set by the user expires. The user can set the timer in minutes, hours and in seconds.

36)   Visual Color-Picker
Visual Color-Picker is a Java Script utility which allows you to select font-colors and background-colors for your web pages. This utility is simple and easy to use.

37)   Copy text or image to clipboard
This can enable you by means of a link to easily copy to the clipboard, images and text of the HTML like table, div, span tags. Compatible with Internet Explorer only.

38)   Bookmark Script
You can use this JavaScript to enable users to bookmark your website. The script supports a link, clicking on which the user can bookmark the specified URL.

39)   Add hidden message to a page
This is a JavaScript to add a hidden event like cheats or hidden messages into your webpage. The hidden event can be revealed if the user has got the correct key word.

40)   Numerology Script for your website
Numerology Script for your website lets you provide astroloy solutions for your members about their career, child, health etc., Also, recommends stones, gems which are suitable to improve your life. Requires javascript support.

41)   Arrow head title
This is JavaScript that displays moving arrows along with a title text in the title bar of the visitor’s browser. The title text displayed in the title bar is customizable through the script.

42)   JavaScript Page Breaker
This application in JavaScript can obtain the total number of results of a search in a string format from any server side program like ASP, JSP, Servlet, Perl, etc. The search is now will be faster as it is implemented at the client side.

43)   FlexiGrid
This is a powerful documentation tool capable of presenting hierarchial views for tabular data and generates node ID's according to the documents.

44)   Earth Population calculator
Earth Population calculator lets the webmasters to display the details of total population on earth by using a javascript enabled mathematical algorithm.

45)   Innovate Barcode Document Generator
Innovate Barcode Document Generator helps to build complete documents from document templates with code 39 barcodes. Javascript support is needed to access this module. User oriented form creates completed documents within seconds.

46)   JS Translator Front-End
JS Translator Front-End is an useful script for websites to enable the visitors to access the website pages in their own language. This javascript utilize Google's translation services.

47)   JustQuick SlideShow
JustQuick SlideShow is a javascript enabled program using which you can design your webpages with a professional look. Any number of slides can be displayed on a single page by just clicking a single button.

48)   URL Aliaser
URL Aliaser is a simple and efficient javascript that is widely useful for the webmasters to produce their web page links with another name. Allows the webmasters to produce different alias names for a specific URL.

49)   CodeThatTab
CodeThatTab is an advanced JavaScript tab control (page control).

50)   Invoking The SaveAs Dialog From A Web Page
This JavaScript link provides a link that invokes the SaveAs dialog in your webpage, clicking on which the user can save the webpage to their hard disk. It utilizes the IE’s ability to call few dialog boxes.

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