Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-41 Mouse Tricks (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Capturing Mouse X-Y Position Script and Quick-Take Tutorial
This script can display the position of the mouse in form fields that is updated along with the mouse movement regularly. Compatible with IE4+ and NS4+.

2)   Change Button Text On MouseOver
This script can rotate the display of texts in the form buttons on mouseover in your web page. The text string to be displayed is randomly selected and changed everytime on mouseover.

3)   Simple Image Trail
Use this script to add a simple image trail to your webpage. A single image follows the mouse around, and is configurable in several useful ways.

4)   Super mouseover generator
This is a JavaScript to display a mouse trick in which an image is displayed in your webpage with attractive visual feature on mouseover. The image can have a hyperlink.

5)   Kissing trail
This script makes the mouse leave a trail of kisses as it moves around the web page. The color, duration, position etc can be customized through the script.

6)   JS Double RollOver Creator
This is a JavaScript generator to implement an appealing rollover effect with the mouse. You can fill up the fields with relevant details and also specify four GIF images for use in the effect.

7)   Objects Rotate Around Mouse
This script generates squares that moves along with the mouse and also revolves around it. The script is compatible with both the Internet Explorer and Netscape.

8)   Document CrossHair
dd a fun crosshair to your document! The color of the crosshair can be customized, making it suitable for any webpage.

9)   SlideBall
This script on mouseover on any link executes a sliding ball effect, in which a ball slides over the link. The ball stops sliding when you click over the link.

10)   Nice MouseOver effect
This JavaScript implements an amazing color changing effect; like on a table when the user moves the mouse over it or when he/she clicks on it, by means of a setPointer function, which can be called upon anywhere you want on the document.

11)   Image Tooltip
In this mouse trick the script produces an HTML and CSS tooltip when the customer moves the mouse over the image. The script can have thousands of images and displays them without pre loading.

12)   DS CursorSnakeText
This is a javascript application using which you can produce a snake effect with a text on your cursor.

13)   Custom Cursor Script
The script can replace the standard cursor with a customized cursor with any image that you specify in Internet Explorer 6. The image has to either .ani or .cur.

14)   Magic Wand cursor
This script implements an attractive display of a group of sparkling particles that revolve around the cursor in a circle, wherever the cursor is moved.

15)   JSFX Alien Caterpillar (Mouse Trail)
This JavaScript can enable you to make images follow along with your mouse cursor. You can use any of your images. The script is compatible with IE4+, NS4+, NS6+.

MOUSE-EVENTS is a tutorial which tells the users how to handle three mouse events like pressing, releasing and moving the mouse. useful tutorial for the beginners.

17)   No-Right-Click Script Opens Popup Window
This script on right click of you’re your mouse, will popup a window with any contents if desired to offer security to your page code to an extent. Compatible with NS4-7, IE4+.

18)   Table Background Hover Colors With CSS
Table Background Hover Colors With CSS is a tutorial which teaches the users how to alter the background colors of a table when the users move the mouse over it.

19)   Glowing Image Link Generator
The tool can generate JavaScript that can make the perimeters of any image of your web page glow on mouseover. You can also link the images to any desired URL.

20)   Comet Trail
This script implements a mouse effect, which leaves a trail behind the mouse creating a comet trail. The background colors, font, size etc. can be configured through the script.

21)   The unique mouseovers
This is a simple javascript application capable of changing images on the links whenever you move your mouse over those links on the webpages.

22)   Dynamic Content
This script on mouseover can display different information in the same specified area for different links. You can also include images as the content. Compatible with IE, NS4, NS6.

23)   MouseOver show New Content
This script implements a versatile updated field on mouseover in your web pages. The update field is resized based on the data entered into the field. Works only with the IE.

24)   JS MouseOver Generator
This tool is a script generator that can implement mouseover buttons. Use it with any two images that is stored on the server in GIF format. The code can then be incorporated into your web page to implement the mouseover buttons.

25)   MouseBall
This script can rotate six 3D balls in a circle around the cursor of the mouse and also keeps changing the size of the balls. The width, height etc. of the balls can be customized in the script.

26)   Cursor Trail script
A neat cross-browser mouse trail rendered using 6 images of your choice.

27)   Javascript to make tables and cells rollover
This is a javascript utility through which users can make the color of table cells change when the mouse is rolled over it.

28)   No-Right-Click From Hell
No-Right-Click From Hell is an easy Javscript code that opens a popup window that screams around the screen when the users right clicks on the mouse. This script is very simple and can be placed on any type of website.

29)   Tigra Tables
This script can create appealing tables on the client side with visual features like alternating rows colors, onmouseover row effect, multiple independent tables configurations per page etc.

30)   No Right Click
This simple JavaScript code snippet can disable the right click menu context from being displayed. The script can work with both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

31)   Double Mouseover
With this script when you move your mouse over one image this image and as well as the image adjacent to it also changes implementing two changeover effects.

32)   X-Mas Cursor Trailer
X-Mas Cursor Trailer is a Javascript animation that allows the webmasters to make their site more attractive. Users have to just move their mouse to see this little animation.

33)   Animated Menu 1
With this JavaScript, you can implement change of images of a menu from one image to another on mouseover. The pages are loaded regardless of the browser.

34)   Universal JavaScript Rollovers
Universal JavaScript Rollovers is a tutorial which teaches the users how to add dynamic elements to a web page and to generate any number of rollovers.

35)   DS CursorTrailer
This wonderful JavaScript can display a cursor trailer effect in your webpage. The script is compatible with IE, NS4 and NS6. The collapse speed, expand speed etc. can be customized.

36)   Simple 'Chalk' Board
Simple 'Chalk' Board is a tutorial which teaches the users how to modify the table cells background with various event handlers and tables.

37)   DS CursorSinusText
DS CursorSinusText is a script that allows the webmasters to display the text in the form of sinus on their websites. This script is very simple and can be placed on any type of website.

38)   Link Color Changer
This simple JavaScript code snippet implements a color changing effect on all the links on your webpage when the user moves the mouse over the link.

39)   Text to Status Bar
Text to Status Bar is a JavaScript code snippet that can display a message on the status bar of the visitor’s browser when he or she moves the mouse over the link.

40)   AEVITA No Right Click
Ever wanted to prevent users from "borrowing" images from your site through right-clicking them and "save image as..." or right-clicking the page and viewing your page source? The No Right Click will disable the right click on your page.

41)   Link Background Color Changer
With this script, you can implement a mouse effect in which all the links in your web page will change colors on mouse over. The script is compatible with IE4+.

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