Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-21 Searching (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Fulltext search engine for your site
This searching tool is based on javascript. This script is used by webmasters on their site to allow their site visitors to search their required content by giving keywords on the search field.

2)   Multi Search Engine
This script uses the search engines like the, altavista or google implement searches on the web. This facilitates multiple search engines in just one page.

3)   Find In Page Script
This cross browser DHTML script simulates the Edit> Find In Page feature of the browser to allow your visitors to easily search for a particular text on your page. As in the "Find In Page" feature, it highlights the searched text if found, otherwise, prompts a "Not Found" message.

4)   MultiSearch Free Java Script
Allow your visitors to search the web from your website. Visitors can search the net with a search engine of their choosing. Results can open in a new window so visitors will remain on your site. The script has six search engines and ready to go. This script is highly customizable.

5)   Google Internal Site Search script
Google Internal Site Search script is a program for people to put a google search on their websites.

6)   Add A Scripts Search Engine To Your Site.
Follow a few simple steps and have a customized code generated for your search box and search result pages. There is no cvxx logo if you want.

7)   JavaScript Site Search
This script implements a search engine, which is platform independent. All you have to do to make the script work is supply the information regarding listings.

8)   JavaScript Indexer
This script scans any particular directory and its subdirectories for "*.txt" and "*.htm*" files and indexes the web site automatically and also creates a database on a js file.

9)   Asellus Websearch
Asellus Websearch is a package of 44 popular search engines on one single web page. Can implement searches on almost anything on the web for your visitors.

10)   Zoom Search Engine (Javascript)
This search engine is helpful for web owners to develop their site with search engine facility to enhance their site visitors for searching full text. Easy to install and to use.

11)   Tipue
This JavaScript supports server-side operations and implements a versatile search engine. Can be best employed on small sites with less than 100 pages.

12)   Quick Search Interface To Various Search Engines
This script allows you to select any search engine like google, yahoo and altavista from a single page and implement searches on the web. Works on the Internet Explorer 5.5 or above browsers.

13)   Search Engine
A versatile script that implements search on 4 major search engines simultaneously. You can select the search engines and enter the keyword to execute the search.

14)   Free Search Engine
This program is used to facilitate your site with search engine to search required content and field by giving keywords on search field.

15)   Destination Creation's Internet search
This is a powerful javascript program with which your site visitors can search online for their queries from your website pages.

16)   AV Link
This program asks visitors to enter their keywords and then it links to altavista search engine and gives result. Easy to handle and to use.

17)   Google Internal Site Search script II
This script utilizes Google to allow your visitors to search pages within one of multiple sites of your choice.

18)   MultiSearchPage
You can use this powerful javascript application to search for any queries on the net or specifically on any desired search engine or on online directories.

19)   NetSeeker
NetSeeker implements over 80 major search engines combined together in one page of your web site to enable your visitors to have a feast of search engines. It can search just anything like Web pages, softwares, translation, etc., etc.

20)   Blue Dragon Search Maker
This is a search engine that can search for any keywords on your website or any list of specified pages. The script allows you to control which it pages it lists and which it does not list.

21)   Marg's Search Thing
This tool can create codes for windows that can popup and enable you to implement searches from a single page of your web site through almost all the popular search engines.

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