Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-41 Security (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Hide Your Source Code
With Sample codes, this tutorial for JavaScript shows you how to protect your source code by hiding it. This saves your web pages from being copied without permission.

2)   Basic No-Right-Click Mouse Script
This is a script, which offers basic no-right click capability that can prevent your contents from being copied. When the visitor attempts to right click, it displays an alert message.

3)   Disabling the Right Mouse (Right-Click) Button
This disables the right click menu availability preventing the users from copying anything from your web pages that you want to be protected. Supports alert messages.

4)   Blowfish HTML Encryption
Create password protected web pages with Blowfish encryption.

5)   Source Protector
You can protect your HTML source codes from being copied by your visitors with this script. This script prevents/disables the right-click on your web page.

6)   HTML protection script
This script denies the option of right click to the user preventing the source code of your web pages from being accessed. The script pops up an alert message when the right click is tried.

7)   Javascript Decoder
You can use javascript decoder to get back your original source code of your online application. It also beautifies javascript source.

8)   Source Code Encryption Wizard
This script is a wizard that encrypts the source code protecting it from being copied by the visitors without the author’s permission. The visitor will not be able to interpret the codes.

9)   Easy3DESCrypt
Easy3DESCrypt is a powerful online data encrypting software that uses the most popular cryptography standard 3DES in encrytping web based files of online applications.

10)   rand password
This Script can password protect your web documents with a randomly generated characters of any length, as per your requirement allowing you to restrict its access.

11)   No Select Text script
Disable viewers' ability to select text on your page by installing this script. With it, dragging the mouse over text has no effect.

12)   Anti Right, Middle, and Menu click
This script denies access to the right click or accessing the menu of your browser, which saves it from your web page being copied by the users without your consent.

13)   Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script
Encryption Algorithm Simulation Script has been coded in javascript that provides an efficient algorithm to fortify your content pages. The encrypted text format can not be grabbed by any hackers using simple algorithms.

14)   Emcrypt HTML / HTML Encryption With Ultra Secure Plug-in
Encrypt you HTML using the lastest encryption javascript on your website. I must for todays and tomorrors websites worldwide.

15)   Stop the Spam-bots
This is a JavaScript code generator, which protects your email address from being revealed to spambots when you send emails. Works on almost all platforms.

16)   Password protection by razalgar
This script implements password protection to your web pages. Displays an alert message in case of a wrong password and welcome message in case of a correct one.

17)   HTML Encryption
This powerful javascript built security program will help you to password protect your website pages through blowfish encryption algorithm.

18)   Ace No-Right-Click
Allows you to refuse access to the visitors of your web site from accessing the right click menu, which can be used to copy and save the images. This free code can be easily incorporated into your web page.

19)   JScriptEncrypt
This script uses a method called the column transposition, which is a very simple method to encrypt your web pages. Allows you to change the character encoding of the web page with embedded encrypted text.

20)   No-Right-Click 3
This JavaScript denies the user to the right click menu, enabling you to prevent valuable contents especially the images being copied by the visitor.

21)   Source Code Security
Source Code Security disturbs the viewing of the source code by the visitor preventing the html source code to be illegally copied. It uses the JavaScript and frames to function.

22)   Javascript and Html Source Encoding
You can secure your HTML source page simply by using this javascript module. Either entire source or part of the source can be encoded simply and easily. Password utility can be included for encoding.

23)   NoPass Web Site Security System
NoPass Web Site Security System is an effective javascript program that helps the webmasters to protect their anuthorized pages with password facility. Any pages can be protected in this way and none can access the restricted pages without feeding exact password.

24)   Simple Script Security
This javascript software enables you to encrypt your web content pages and allows you to transfer them over internet more securely. Gives the function to decrypt the required encrypted files.

25)   Frame, Cache, Translator, & Proxy Buster JavaScript
This script denies the search engines like the google to display the contents of your web pages on their websites. Also works if the JavaScript is turned off.

26)   No right click with message
You can disable the right click procesings on your mouse through this javascript module. And you can see the implementation on Internet Explorer and Netscape communicator.

27)   NoPeek
This script does not allow the users to access the right click menu. Does not display any prompts or alert messages, ideal for those tired of the alert messages being displayed.

28)   An Encryptor
This JavaScript can encode any document that you want it to be protected. The encrypted output can be put and run entirely into a document automatically.

29)   Secure-mail
This JavaScript can send messages over the net after encrypting them through the email. This script uses Triple DES for encrypting the messages and MD5 for password protection.

30)   ExD'0r
ExD'or can protect texts by means of a 4-bit paradigm that transforms text contents into a scrambled ASCII characters encrypting and decrypting the *.txt files.

31)   SafeMail
This script is for spambots that search for mailto: links to send spams. Your email address is protected against spam as the script makes the link to look like to be coded with HTML.

32)   HTML Encryption using secure JavaScript plugin
Encrypt your HTML using ultra secure JavaScript Plug-in, never been sen before!

33)   Hashing Strings
This script enables secure communication between objects. It converts any set of string to its hash value. It considers strings with different hashes to be different.

34)   Free Encryption Software
Free Encryption Software gives you an easier way to protect your text based content by encryption using javascript method. An unique key is required to access both encryption and decryption.

35)   Email AntiLeech
This script can protect your email address against applications that keep prying for them. It codes email address and prevents it from being used for spamming by spambots.

36)   Disable right click on images script
This script is designed to protect your images on your web pages from being copied. This disables the right-click menu preventing the visitor from saving the images.

37)   AntiSpambotMailto()
This script hides the mailto links, which can be accessed by the spambots to send spams. The email address is encrypted into scrambled ASCII codes, which cannot be used by spambots.

38)   Barry Wright's Link Shield
This email and Link Shield program is powered using javascript that is a handy tool for website owners to protect their entire link system. Also, secure your email addresses from email grabbers, software robots etc.

39)   XTORT CryptoManiac V5
This script encrypts the source code of your web pages using the Rot 13 and str2hex(string). It scrambles the text characters, rotating the character 13 places.

40)   digEncoder
This script can encrypt your text into scrambled set of characters and also includes a password protection to your text. This can only be decrypted with the same set of encoding keys.

41)   Source Code Encryption Wizard
This script is a wizard that encrypts the source code protecting it from being copied by the visitors without the author’s permission. The visitor will not be able to interpret the codes.

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