Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Text Effects (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Smooth Text Fade In and Fade Out
This program is used for creating text fade in and fade out effects on your web pages. It stores the fade command until the fade comes to an end.

2)   Text Style
Text Style is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate different text styles like text shadow, text glow and text drop shadow on their webpages.

3)   Clickable Dynamic Label
This JavaSript creates labels with effects and also can respond to user clicks. You can also add tooltips to the labels. Also supports messages to onClick over labels.

4)   The Glow Text
Created glow effect for any text.

5)   DS TypeWriter
With this JavaScript you can implement a typewriter text effect over of any text your want to display in your web pages. You can customize the text, font, font size, speed etc.

6)   Animated Text script
Animated Text script can display highlighting effect moving to both sides of the text in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer and or Netscape 6 or above and Mozilla browsers.

7)   Multiple News Scroller
This script is used for scrolling message from right to left. Users can use large message to scroll over the web page. Users are allowed to customize the settings of scrolling effect.

8)   Sliding JavaScript Banners
Sliding JavaScript Banners is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle banners on their webpages and to initialize, specify the banner position with javascript support.

9)   Falling Letters Menu
By using this javascript based falling letter program web designers can create a text with falling letter effect. The letter falling will be displayed as wave like effect.

10)   Fading Ticker Tape
A cross browser ticker tape that can display an infinite number of messages. Each time the message changes, a fading effect is accompanied. The messages themselves are each clickable.

11)   Multiple Message Typewriter Scroller
Displays any number of messages character by character.

12)   Rolling Rainbow Effect
This program is used for displaying text in rolling rainbow effect. It displays different color over text. Its a simple program and easy to use on your web pages.

13)   Blinking Text
Blinking Text displays a flashing effect in a text wherever you want within your webpage. The blinking speed is customizable except for Netscape 4.x.

14)   Flying letters
This script can implement an effect in your web page in which the header label can be made to appear one at a time give the feel of text that fly. You can customize the speed, text and distance.

15)   Slide-in scroller
This attention craving text effect in JavaScript displays a text message that appears to be sliding from the left side of your webpage. The delay time between messages can be configured in the script.

16)   Text Fader
With this JavaScript, you can fade any text from the color you want it to start with to the color you want it to end with. You can configure the text, text size, font, etc.

17)   DS Status Bar Clock
This program is basically for allowing webmasters to show their web page status bar with clock. Users can set seconds and A.M. and P.M display with clock if they required.

18)   Vertical Text script
This script harnesses the "writing-mode" attribute of CSS to display text vertically on the page.

19)   DS BounceScroll
With this script you can implement a scroll-text that bounces on the screen from the right to left. The scrolling text can also be linked with a hyperlink. Script is compatible with IE, NS4 & NS6.

20)   3D Text
As the name points out 3D Text is JavaScript to display 3D effects in texts without using GIF or JPEG images. The script is a wonderful developing tool for DHTML users.

21)   Sequential fly-in text effect
This script flies in multiple text from the left edge of the window, one at a time in sequential order similar to a PowerPoint effect.

22)   Expandable Content by
With this JavaScript you can display boxes in your webpage that can be expanded or collapsed by your visitors to hide or view the contents. The boxes can also have HTML contents or images.

23)   Always-on-top message
Broadcast important messages to your visitor using this message script. It displays a message that's always visible on the page, even when the page is scrolled.

24)   Glowing Text Script
Glowing Text Script is a powerful javascript program designed to assist website designers to create glowing text on their websites. You can make your website attractive by surrounding texts with yellow and then make it glow.

25)   Letter by Letter Message
This script is used for displaying full text letter by letter like typewriter on the status bar of web page. It offers simple source code and easy to set on the web page.

26)   Fading Ticker
This nifty JavaScript displays infinite number of messages fading one after another anywhere on your web page. The message also supports hyperlink.

27)   Nudging text
This is a visually appealing JavaScript text effect that displays a wave like nudging effect in your webpage. The script is compatible with Internet Explorer 4 or above and in Netscape 6.

28)   Fly-in Header Script
This script flys in any text from the left edge of the browser to its original position on the page. A good way to draw attention to header text on your page, for example.

29)   Multiple Message Ticker
This script scrolls messages from left to right. The scrolling is stopped after each message or on mouseover. You can customize the pause, size, background and the speed.

30)   Bouncy text
This is a lively script that makes your messages jump around in the browser window of your visitor. You can configure the speed of the animation in seconds.

31)   Amazon style Drop-in content box
We modeled this script after an effect seen on the frontpage of A content box drops in from "midair", and can display anything of your choice. The frequency of the box appearing can be precisely controlled.

32)   DS Status Bar Scroll
This program is used to display scrolling text on the status bar. This program is easy to setup and to use. This program gives code for scrolling text effect on the status bar.

33)   DS Sinus Scroll Text
This program is used to display sinus scroll text effect in between the web page. Users can customize this script according to their needs.

34)   DS Title Bar Flash
This script is used for displaying flash text on the title bar. This script is compatible with the browsers like, netscape and internet explorer browser.

35)   Rich Text Editor
This JavaScript code snippet prompts your visitors to contact you by filling up the form. The script provides text boxes for submitting name, email address and message or comments.

36)   FlexiGrid 2
Hi Guys! FlexiGrid is a sort of folding grid, where you can display your tabular data in a hierarchial manner. As far as the internal functionality is concerned, FlexiGrid follows the concept of 'Content Indexing in a document'.

37)   Decrypting Text Effect
Animated Decrypting Text Effect, a selected text string can be animated to look like it's being deciphered before your eyes.

38)   Formatting text (strings) in JavaScript
Learn how to format strings in JavaScript, such as making them bold, changing font size, etc.

39)   DS Title Bar Scroll
This script is used for scrolling text on the title bar. Users can adjust the speed of scrolling text. It is simple code to create a scrolling effect.

40)   3D Dynamic Text Camera
This JavaScript implements different text effects by making infinite number of calls into your web page without changing the source file. The script makes the calls simply by changing the parameters.

41)   Message Twinkler
This program is used for highlighting each letter of a text message from left to right. Users can adjust the speed of letter movement.

42)   DS Title Bar Clock
This program is used for displaying clock on the title bar. Users can set seconds in clock if they need and also they can display their clock with A.M. & P.M.

43)   Random Satirical Punch Line
This program allows web developers to show their web page with punch line message randomly. Users are allowed to add their own message to display randomly.

44)   Leaping Letters Menu
This program allows users to display jumping letters when the mouse moves over text. It offers several main features and easy customization facilities are available.

45)   DS Sinus Text
This program is used for displaying text in sinus effect. It has customization facility that allows web site designers to create their own sinus text effect style to display on their web page.

46)   Qiksearch Dancing Text
With this script you can implement a dancing effect to the text that you want to display in your web pages. You can customize the text and also the speed of the dance.

47)   HTML Writer
This program is helpful for users to generate color code in html. Users have to type their tag and choose color for that particular tag to differentiate one from another.

48)   SearchBliss Task Bar Message Generator
With this JavaScript generator, you can generate codes that can implement a scrolling status bar messages. Type the message and generate code with the press of a button.

49)   Tigra Tables PRO
Tigra Tables PRO is flexible cross-browser client side table data manipulation JavaScript offering rows sorting, filtering, paged output, altering rows coloring and other visual effects. Tigra Tables PRO component saves development time and greatly reduces network load. With highly opti

50)   Post 'Em Notes Script by
This script enables the visitors to click on a small links to access more information on anything from a popup box, which saves valuable space on your page.

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