Thursday, 19 July 2018
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1-29 User Authentication (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Login and password script
With this script you can implement a login and password authentication to your visitors of your web page. Both the login and password has to be correct to access the protected page.

2)   Simple Login Script
Set up a members only area on your site with this simple login script. With cookie based access checking!

3)   Javascript Password System
JPS is a JavaScript that can password-protect your web pages without needing to have server admin or CGI access. The script hides the directories on the Javascript and web server.

4)   Multiple Users
This script can implement different users each with a different password. There is limit to the number of members. Better that those which support just only one user and one password.

5)   Unhackable Code
This script asks for the username and password of the visitor before entering the protected page. The page can be viewed only in case of correct password else to another page in case of wrong one.

6)   Easy Password Script
This script hides the web pages and allows access only in case of correct password. Safe in many aspects as the password cannot be made out from the script.

7)   cPanel/WHM Login
This script allows you to put a cPanel/WHM login form on your site for easy login. This script also has the capability to log into different servers from the same form.

8)   Easy Password Protection for any page
This is a tutorial which deals with password protecting codes. Here author offers a single line of code to protect various ASP pages with a step by step installation instructions.

9)   Cookie Protection
Cookie Protection places a cookie in the visitor’s computer and those who don’t provide the correct password will not receive the cookie and hence will not be able to view the protected page.

10)   Username and Email Changer
Using this simple user authentication program your website customers can change their username for your webservices with a new name.

11)   Simple Password Gate JavaScript
The Simple Password Gate JavaScript is a script from which the users can validate their affiliates username and password and allow them to access the secured area.

12)   Random password generator
Automatically generates passwords of alpha-numeric characters which are randomly generated. You can specify the length of the password in the script.

13)   Encrypted Password script All
Encrypted Password script All is an article in javascript which uses fuzzy logic for protecting the webpages.

14)   Simple Password Protection
With this script you can implement a username and password login protection feature to your web pages. You can configure the username and password in the script.

15)   Deliver Password Protected Content
Deliver Password Protected Content is a tutorial which teaches the users how the dynamic contents are delivered based on their password provided with javascript support.

16)   Multiple Users Prompt
This script unlike other login scripts, password protects the documents based on the username and password. Supports login by any number of members.

17)   Script-masters Password
Password is a program that has been written using javascript and can be used by the webmasters to protect their webpages. This script allows authenticated users to access the files from secured area.

18)   Password Pro
Password Pro is a javascript program that allows the authenticated users to access the secure information from a remote server. This is an easy and powerful tool that protects the data from intruders.

19)   Restricting access of JavaScript libraries to your domains
The nature of JavaScript libraries means they can be accessed and utilized by any site online, not just yours. Learn how to restrict access of your libraries to only your own sites, warding off bandwidth theft in the process.

20)   More about Password Protect Page
This script can direct the users to different pages when the password is correct and to another page when the password is wrong. Can configure the password, the font, alignment etc.

21)   Scott Brady's Password Protection
A simple script which implements password protection to your web pages. Visitors can only open the secured web page if they are aware of the correct password.

22)   Encrypted Password protect script
Password protect your webpage with this encrypted password script!

23)   Password Changer
This is a handy tool for the webmasters in cross checking and validating customer's passwords. The form control of this program provides instant feedbacks on the validity of user's passwords.

24)   Gatekeeper
With this script you can implement a pass protection capability to your web pages. Gatekeeper requests for password before allowing access to the protected web pages.

25)   password protection
password protection is a tutorial which teaches the users how to protect their webpages by assigning a password with javascript support. Intruders cannot view the password even on html source file.

26)   JavaScript Password Protection
JavaScript Password Protection is a tutorial which teaches the users how to secure the important informations on their websites from others by providing password.

27)   Password Prompt
This script allows access to your protected document to only those visitors who are authorized with the correct password. Requires JavaScript to be enabled.

28)   Three Tries
This implements password protection to your web site. Allows the visitors three chances to enter the correct password to get access to the page. Optionally it can display alert message in both the cases.

29)   Website Abstraction Encrypted Password Generator
Password protects your page, allowing access to only those with the correct password. Else it displays an alert message. The password is encrypted, so it is not exposed through the source code.

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