Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-50 Visual Effects (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   DHTML Progress Bar
DHTML can render sophisticated interfaces, as this script illustrates. It's a dynamic progress bar, similar to the "loading" bar of your computer OS. Use it to graphically countdown to any event, for example.

2)   Flying Butterfly script
Use this script to implement flying butterflies on your web page. The images can be linked to URLs. The direction of the movement can be configured. Supports any number of butterflies.

3)   Screen Shake
Screen Shake is a script built on java script which can be used by the webmasters to produce a shake effect on the webpage of their websites.

4)   Bubble Effect
Bubbles drift upwards, then vanish on your page, with this visual effect script.

5)   Flashing Table Border Script
This visual script can make the border of tables to flash in your web page. Flashing is accomplished by alternating from one color to another. The border width, flashing speed etc can be configured.

6)   Fade
The script fades your texts between two colors. The script from any 2 hex colors and preferred increments can enable you to create a hex color fade array.

7)   D-Fader
The script supports visual effects like appear/disappear images from directions of south, north, west, east, north east, north west, south east, south west, dissolve to center, dissolve to random point, dissolve to south etc.

8)   Show Loading Progress Graphically
This script displays the level of the progress of loading of an event by means of a graphical display on your web page. Works fine with both the IE and NS browsers.

9)   Scollbar Color Wizard
Scollbar Color Wizard is a script built on java to be used by the webmasters to produce colours to their scroll bar on their webpages.

10)   Browser Shake FX
This script makes the visitor’s browser window to move rapidly implementing a shake effect. The speed of the shaking can be adjusted in the script.

11)   Snowing Links
Using this javascript you can integrate DHTML animation on your website to produce snowing effect from the links by mouse over actions.

12)   Gliding Show with Recall
Slides in from top any number of PICTURES. Adjustable PAUSE, SPEED, SIZE (Width & Height).

13)   Change Color
This script can enable your visitors to change the color of your web page contents like text, background color, frameworks, tables etc. Displays a panel to choose colors from.

14)   Animated Pulse Buttons
This script can throb the menus on mouseover in both the horizontal and vertical directions. An image background can also be included. The menu can be loaded from an external file.

15)   Shake Screen
This is a small JavaScript rocks your web page implementing a shake effect. Uses the moveBy() function to accomplish the earthquake effect on the screen.

16)   Popup progress bar
This script can show the progress of any event being loaded. The duration of the progress indication and the width of the progress bar can be customized.

17)   Spotlight
Spotlight is a script built on javascript which comes with the ability to focus any spot on users webpage contents when cursor is moved over them. It is easy to use this script on any website.

18)   cool fade
With this script you will be able to implement a nice fading effect within a specified area. Designed to work only on the Internet Explorer. You can configure the height, width etc.

19)   Sequential Content revealer
With this script, you can initially hide any number of content and reveal them one at a time in sequence, like in a presentation. Control precisely the pause between each content.

20)   Zoom function
Zoom function by means of hot keys, command buttons or command links allows you to zoom in/out your web page. The script supports font and window modes.

21)   Flying Bats
The script makes bats or any image to fly on your web page. The duration of the animation can be configured. Works with Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4+.

22)   Image Transition Menu
Image Transition Menu is a script built on java which comes with 12 transition effects, fonts, sounds etc., to produce menus with good text effect on any website.

23)   Dynamic 3D Y-Axis Rotation Modeler
This script can place objects on your web page and rotate them on its Y-axis. You can create your objects and rotate them. Compatible only with the Internet Explorer 5x.

24)   Animation I
This script can dynamically implement animated gifs to fly across on your web page. Though Animation I works in both browsers, it is optimal in Netscape 4.0x.

25)   Animated Rainbow ScrollBars Script One
Adds a unique attraction by implementing scrollbars that blinks in 3 colors. The blink speed can be configured. Works with the Internet Explorer 5.5+ only.

26)   Fall
With Fall, you can have falling objects on your web page. A seasonal idea would be snow. You can also change the images, number of objects, speed, waft size, 3d wafting etc. v1.7a update: Now has a toggle switch so that surfers can switch Fall off and on (toggle switch is an optional extra).

27)   Stars
The script uses the star.gif image to create a starfield effect. You can customize the number of stars, width of the star, direction of the spin of the stars etc.

28)   Watermark
This script enables you to implement a watermark of any text or images that stays fixed on the screen even if you roll the web page. You can customize the text/image, font face, size, color, filter effects and filter color.

29)   Highlight Table Cells Script IE
Highlight Table Cells Script IE is a java based script that allows webmasters to highlight any table row entirely. It causes a change of colours when mouse is moved over the table row.

30)   Ace Dynamic TextArea Color Wizard
With this script implement text area color schemes for your text area fields. You can configure the color schemes for the scrollbar, text and background.

31)   JSFX Fireworks
Implements a fireworks display anywhere on your web page even over your web contents. The display can be stopped by clicking on a link and can also be restarted.

32)   Neon lights text
This script can display text messages with neon like glowing effect. Each character is highlighted one after the other. You can configure the base color, text color and flashing speed.

33)   Change Scrollbar Colors Dynamically
With this script you can enable your visitors to change the color of their dull looking scroll bars on mouseover. Compatible with the Internet Explorer 5.5+.

34)   Boogey-Down Glow-And-Jump Animated 3-Color Neon Text
This cut-and-paste script and mini-tutorial presents text surrounded by three changing 'glow' colors, while also shifting the vertical and horizontal layout for a striking animation effect strongly resembling neon light displays. Colors, dimensions, and rate are all settable. An easy install.

35)   Document lightening effect
Expose your webpage to the awesome effect of lightening, using this JavaScript.

36)   Status Bar Maker
This script can generate different transitions effects of texts on the status bar like, scroll, blink, bounce, elastic, random pickers and much more. The delay between the messages can be configured.

37)   Highlight table cells script
Give any table a "rollover" personality with this script. Using it, you can allow the cells or rows of any table to change color when the mouse rolls over them. This is a very powerful script that can add a little magic to any table, whatever the table is used for.

38)   Animation II
Using dynamic HTML layers, you can perform complex full-screen animation without requiring a huge image. This example was made using Macromedia's DreamWeaver.

DHTML_LAYER.JS is script built on java to cause a visual effect over the content on any page of the websites. Any conent can be placed inside its tag to be hidden inside it.

40)   XRAY
XRAY is a java based script that hides specify text content on the webpage and reveals them when the cursor is slided over them.

41)   0-Code WYSIWYG Scrollbars Style Creator
Add eye-catching scrollbar to your web page whitout writing single line of code! This tool will help you to create colored scrollbars with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and/or JavaScript effects: 3 different modes for adjusting scrollbar colors and two highly customisable JavaScript effects.

42)   Page Transformer
This script enables you to drag around html elements like tables, images, text etc. on your screen to create a variety of visual effects. You can then save the changes in a cookie.

43)   Document Blue Dance
Implements blue colored spheres that move around in your web page adding life to your web page. The script allows you to configure the number of spheres, speed etc.

44)   Ace Dynamic Scrollbar Colors
This script enables you to change the scrollbars. The color change is implemented during onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick, and a combination of all the three.

45)   Shadelayer Highlighter
This script dynamically highlights contents on your web page for the visitors to easily notice important contents. Compatible only with the IE 5x browser.

46)   Fader Maker
Use this script to change the color of your web page’s scrollbar color, background and text. Compatible with the Internet Explorer 5+ and Netscape Navigator 6+.

47)   Alphabet Soup
This script can make alphabets in a message to rotate in a circular path and collect together in the centre. Implements the visual effect by means of the sine and cosine functions.

48)   Rumble
This script can make your window rumble. The rumble effect can be called from anywhere like buttons, mouseovers, hyperlinks and so on. Mouseovers is not supported in NS4.

49)   Torgo jFloater
Torgo jFloater is a java based script which helps the webmasters in creating a visual effect on their web pages. Users may create a floating effect on any spot of their webpages at their own choice by using this script.

50)   AnimationIntro
This is a light version of the intro to the Scriptomania site. This script have three different animations, and you can either choose one of them; Or you can set it to Random.

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