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1-50 Web Sites (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   JavaScripts
JavaScripts offers copy and paste java examples, and a discussion board.

2)   Script Masters
This is a online resource website which helps the user to retrive big collection of java script present in this site for developing their webpages. This website has master scripts for news and graphics. This website also has script encoders like remote loadings, trade doubler and more.

3)   Interactive DHTML art-demos
Interactive DHTML art-demos is a website which guides the user to create a visual effect using DHTML animation. This website helps the user to generate animation effect which can be done through MSIE and Outlook Express compatible

4)   Ace FREE JavaScripts
This is a site that offers a number of ace scripts designed to serve different applications. You name it, the site has it. The scripts are categorized on the basis of the function it is designed to perform.

5) Free Cut-and-Paste JavaScripts offers free cut and paste java scripts such as background Effects, images & slideShows, and much more.

6) Free JavaScript
This site offers a lot of scripts for free, which can be used in web designing. Almost all the scripts work on both the NS & IE. A number of scripts on email, links, slide shows etc are provided.

7)   JavaScript Products @ SoftComplex Inc.
This site contains a collection of JavaScript codes and applications for use in your web sites for free. All the script are well supported with demos, documentation, etc.

8)   JS-Examples
Site offers a number of JavaScript, which are available for free for use in designing efficient web related applications. The scripts work best in both the IE and NS.

9)   CodeThat.Com offers JavaScript scripts that can be easily integrated in almost any site providing visitors with fast and professionally looking navigation system.

10)   Cameron's JavaScript Stuff
This site offers a number of JavaScripts that can be put to use in implementing links, background effects, mouse effects, slide show, menus and much more.

11)   A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript
This site is the right choice for the beginners on JavaScript. It supports JavaScript related resources on the web, forums etc. All the scripts are available for free.

12) (JSCC)
This site contains a number of scripts and web related products that will be useful in designing web related pages/applications. Site also offers solutions for custom javascript.

13)   Kaosweaver
This is a website which gives users various resources for developing programs in javascript, they also offer templates, tutorials, service etc.

14)   ExcelEverywhere for HTML
Create WEB form that looks and functions the same as your MS Excel spreadsheet

15)   JavaScript Magic
With this site you can get a thorough insight into the JavaScript, CSS, Dynamic DHTML, which can make web designing very easy. Supports examples and sample scripts.

16)   Super Pro Design Javascript DHTML archive
This site offers a collection of free JavaScript that cater to enabling any novice into a web programmer. Supports tutorial on HTML, CSS, Animations, Icons, Backgrounds, Fonts etc.

17)   Scriptomizers - JavaScript
This is a website which contains various javascript like popup window creator, javascript mouseover, dropdown menugenerator, javascript confirmation prompt, add to favorites link generator, javascript alert message, and so on. Using this website user can create their website from the scratch.

18)   Dynamic Drive
Dynamic Drive is an online java script website acting as a huge repository of efficient DHTML scripts and programs. You can also contribute your scripts to get listed on this website.

19)   Dhtml and Javascript navigation
Supports a variety of JavaScript codes for dynamic client side programming and cross-browser DHTML and also supports style sheets for web building.

20)   JavaScript Kit
Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and over 400+ free scripts. Also features a large developer's forum.

21)   eTecc
It is a website with service data, communication and hosting. This site provides specialized information on full managed services, speedy dedicated servers and unmanaged solutions.

22)   Dynamic Drive
Free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which ultilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology.

23)   Interactive DHTML art-demos
Unique collection of dhtml/DOM Javascripts : mouseplay, 3D animations, VML, Direct Animation, image manipulations, zooms, text effects, etc.

24)   DHTML Kitchen
This is a website which offers customized and ready made scripting solutions for programming needs. Scripts are available on java, DHTML and JSP. That are free and also commercial.

25)   Netcode
This website offers various resources, code snippets, templates and messenger features. Supports web tools, which can be used in web building.

26)   JJAM
This is a website with a little collection of small program in java and javascript. This program will guide the user to develop their web pages. There are 48 java scripts and 34 applets.

This is a website which has specialization in javascript and various web technologies. This website implemented with the javascript like, CSS, XHTML, DHTML and XML.

28)   CodeThat.Com offers professional JavaScript scripts.

29)   SimplytheBest DHTML Scripts and JavaScripts
It is a good site in offering free JavaScripts and DHTML that caters to various employment like animation, password protection, cookies, image rotation etc.

30)   About Focus on JavaScript
This is a website which helps the user to focus on the javascripts like background Audio tool, using ActiveX with javascript, learning javascript- The while loop, status bar ticker, and few other javascript. Through this website the user can gather information about each script.

31)   Microtech Website
Microtech Website is a web site which give information about the latest news like tutorial updates, free blocks on right side and so on. This website displays shout box and also it gives information about the statistic and site info.

32)   WebDevTips
This website helps the user to learn and to develop new webpages of their own, which has code generators and guide the users to solve complicated task. With this website the beginner can gather details like, looking for quick answers, latest WebDevTips updates, top internet stories and dropmenu.

33)   Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center
Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center, it is a website which helps user who are not wellversed with the knowledge of webdesign. And make the user to built a perfect website with the help of the tools present in this site.

34)   CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and science
This website provide online calculators. This calculator emphasis on fluid mechanics and wave propagation. This calculators are used by working engineers. This tool is readily accesible for the users without knowing the basic knowledgde of the calculator.

35)   Gatescript - the complete JavaScript gate.
This site is the JavaScript gateway to the Internet; you can learn here the language fundamental with a lot of examples (more then 1600).

36)'s Huge Free JavaScript Archive
This is the website which has javascript tools like popup maker, codelifter, scrollbar styler, rollover maker, linkcloaker5 and few other tool. This website is usefull for the beginners, because it has many function for particular script and also brief description about that script.

37)   Sandeep's Free JavaScripts
The scripts available here can either be used as standalones or can help you enhance your web pages.

38) is the newest JavaScript Directory on the web. Its a free resource for everyone who is interested in JavaScript. There are many scripts, all sorted into different categories. There are also other services such as JavaScript Request, JavaScript Help and Free CGI Counters.

39)   Happy Smart
Free and Premium JavaScripts to sample, view, print, and download.

40)   Dzigns by Shiv
Site consists of numerous free scripts and DHTML scripts that cater to image effects, menus, rollover, graphics etc. Works on both the IE and NS browsers.

41)   DHTML and JavaScript Download Center
This is a website with a vast collection of DHTML and JavaScript. In this tool there are more than 500 scripts which contain category, description, browser , author, website and test script. The user can select their needed script and they can download that particular script.

42)   The JavaScript Source
The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

43)   JavaScript by Premshree Pillai
Contains a lot of scripts for the web applications that are free for use and can be employed in image effects, text effects, tickers, scrollers, date, forms and much more.

44)   URiNFO.COM
This is a website which helps the site visitors to identify their IP address, screen resolution, colour depth, internet speed, the date and much more.

45)   JavaScript Planet!
This is a collection of a number of JavaScripts on image effects, text effects, date and time, scrollers, status bar, games messages, forms, links etc.

46)   Quirksmode Javascriopts section
It is an online resource center that helps the user to gather large number of javascripts presented in this page. A description of individual scripts are given which provides guide line for both the beginners and the intermediate users. Scripts like building block, frames and more are presented.

47)   Art DHTML studio
This is the website, which helps the programmer to use the advancement in graphics through DHTML and javascripts. This website provides javascript for displaying a pixel with changing colours on the screen.

48) Web Scripts
Provides a load of JavaScript and related technologies that will serve as the best guide to any web programmer. Almost all the scripts are cross browser compatible.

49)   Traffic Magnets
Get free dynamic traffic information for your web site with Traffic Magnets!

50)   Active Art Animations
This is a very appealing site with animations and supports a lot of JavaScripts, which can be used freely. The scripts cater to scrollbars, background, graphic, text effects, popup etc.

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