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1-50 Windows and Frames (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Auto Close Window Script
Auto Close Window Script is a script that sets a time limit for the window to expire automatically after a specific period of time. This script is simple and can be used by anyone.

2)   Popup Closer - Timer
Popup Closer - Timer is a javascript code that enables the webmasters to close the popup window after a specified amount of time automatically by setting a timer.

3)   Force Page To Open In Frameset Script
This is a JavaScript that forces the page that has to be opened in a frameset to be opened in the frameset. Works with almost all the browsers.

4)   Pop-up Windows
Learn how to create small pop-up windows in javascript.

5)   Auto Window Resizer
Auto Window Resizer is a Javascript code that allow the webmasters to resize the window automatically to the specified height and width. This code is simple and can be loaded on any type of websites.

6)   Auto-Sizing Image Popup Window Script
This script can popup windows that can resize itself automatically to fit the image specified to be displayed inside the window. You can also place a title in the titlebar of the window.

7)   PopUp Window Wizard
A javascript tool for creating pop-up windows for a website. No programming knowledge required to create three tyeps of pop-ups.

8)   Frames
Frames is a tutorial which teaches the users how to generate frames and subframes within the frame. This tutorial allow the users to download the framset pages.

9)   Mouseover Pops Up DHTML component
This script can implement windows that popups with menu when your page is viewed and also centers itself automatically on the screen. Compatible with both the IE and NS.

10)   Floating iFrame
This script creates a floating iframe, so the iframe stays static and always in view even when the page is scrolled. Display content from a separate page prominently using it.

11)   Popup Window from Hell
This script pops up window that cannot be closed unless clicked by the user on the link provided to close it. Ideal to forcefully get information noticed by the users. Works on NS6, IE4+.

12)   Fullscreen Popup
Pops up a window when the page is opened and is displayed to the full screensize automatically. The window is maximized and then the contents are displayed.

13)   @utoPopups
The unique 4-in-1 customized popup window script generator. Creates popup windows, pop ontop ('popovers' to beat popup blockers), help popups and close code generator. Easy to use and great for any type of site promo!

14)   Browser Window Dimensions
Browser Window Dimensions is a tutorial which teaches the users how to return the width and height inside the browser window through a function.

15)   Ascripts Multiple Timed Popups
This script can open multiple windows and amazingly with different time limit setting to each window after which it will be automatically closed. The popup time, URLs etc can be customized.

16)   "BYE" Popup, onUnload
"BYE" Popup, onUnload is a simple Javascript code that allows the webmasters to open a popup window at the time their site visitors leave their websites.

17)   Amazing Dragable Layer
You can create a layer that is draggable with contents, which could be text or html content. You can configure the height, width, colors, fonts, positioning and much more.

18)   Modeless Window Script
This script displays windows that remains active and visible until it is closed explicitly by the user. Works only on the Internet Explorer 5+ only. You can configure the URL, height and width of the window etc.

19)   Using IFRAME To Put A Page Within A Layer
Using IFRAME To Put A Page Within A Layer is a simple script that allows the webmasters to add external page into a layer in their webpage, even in crowded pages.

20)   Update Two Frames
With this script you use a single link to update two frames. The link will be loaded even if JavaScript is turned off, but will not update the frames.

21)   Automatic Page/Frame Scroller
Scrolls Up&Down any number of frames or the entire page.

22)   JavaScript Pop-Up Window Maker
Generates codes for popup windows. You can indicate the dimensions of the window can be specified in the generator and the desired page to be opened can also be specified.

23)   Window scrolling
Window scrolling is a tutorial which teaches the users how to handle the process of scrolling windows to the specified coordinates.

24)   Hold Window Focus
Hold Window Focus is a tutorial which teaches the users how to confirm whether the window stays in focus on top of every window.

25)   Manipulating windows using JavaScript
Learn how to maniplate windows using JavaScript, such as creating a customized pop up window and more.

26)   Write New Window - Close Opener
With this script you can open a new window and write the page into it. Open the page to write the new contents and close the document after you write the new contents.

27)   Window Spawning and Remotes
Window Spawning and Remotes is a tutorial which tells the users how to launch a new window using javascript and html.

28)   Change Style Sheets On-The-Fly from Page Links
This script allows you to click on links to change the style sheets of the window instantly. With this the background color, font, size, color etc can be changed.

29)   Force IE to Maximize Window When Opened
This script forces the IE to maximize the window, when your page is opened. So every time a maximized page is displayed when you open it. Works only with the IE.

30)   PopUp Windows
THE most comprehensive PopUp window code generator currently available! It includes open/close popup window options as well as a whole host of great customizable features. Now includes user friendly auto install/uninstall feature! FREE demo now available!

31)   Amazing Box
This script implements a graphical boxes that support display of text messages. Include different effects like shadow, black and white. You can also specify transitional effects.

32)   Amazing Frameless Go-Behind Popup Banners with Must-Click
Displays window without any frame or titlebar and can loaded with any target like ads etc. works on the IE4+. You can configure the target URL that has to be displayed in

33)   Pop Up Window Script
The script can popup or popunder windows with the specified target while loading your page. The frequency of the popup/popunder can be indicated in the script.

34)   Reframe
You can use Reframe to keep your website from other websites using your frames.

35)   Flying Focused Ad Window
Implements a popup window when your page is loaded, which slides down, turns across, then to the top of the screen and then back to its original position. The URL to be displayed can be configured.

36)   Loading two frames with one link
Loading two frames with one link is a tutorial which informs the users how to perform the process of loading double frames using single click.

37)   Windows Meta-object (WMO)
This JavaScript enables you to keep a full control over the look and efficiency of the browser window. The script is compatible with IE, Netscape, Mozilla and iCab borwsers.

38)   Auto-centering Popup Window
Use this script to popup windows that aligns itself to the center of the screen. A links to be opened in the window can also be specified. You can control the directories, location, menubar, resizable, status, toolbar etc.

39)   Manipulation
This scripts gives you the ability to manipulate a browser window - move, scroll and resize.

40)   Pop-up Windows
Pop-up Windows is a tutorial which teaches the users how to create new popup windows with the support of javascript. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can add any html content or place any actions.

41)   Frames Navigation
Learn how to navigate through frames with Frames Navigation.

42)   Popup Closer - Button
Popup Closer - Button is a Javascript code that allows the webmasters to provide a button to their users that enables them to close the popup window.

43)   Frame Buster Breaks Page From Framesets
This script busts your page out of any frameset, if it has been captured into a frameset. Prevents your page being used as another’s website content.

44)   JK Popup Window Generator
This is a powerful javascript wizard that can be used to create both pop up and pop under windows for your website with controlled window frequency.

45)   Amazing Frameless Popup Window with No Titlebar
This script creates popup windows without titlebar or frame. Can customize the height and width of the window and also configure a URL of any page to be displayed on the window.

46)   And Boom - A Big Window
The script pops up window that resizes and expands to cover the entire screen. After it is maximized, the contents are displayed on the window. Works only on IE4+.

47)   superPopup Generator
Any novice can create different styles of Popups and Popunders without any knowledge of programming in JavaScript. Can customize features like position, infront, inback, size etc.

48)   Window Close Methods
Implements five different ways to close the window. The window can be closed on a specified interval, can be closed through a link, can be closed using an image, etc.

49)   Ace Popup Closer
Implements links and buttons that can be used to close popup windows. You can configure the link or button to your own custom one. The codes can be easily included in your web pages.

50)   Window Switcher
Window Switcher is a simple javascript application that helps webmasters to generate a new popup window for their website links. You can easily install this program on any webpage.

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