Friday, 20 July 2018
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1-12 XML (JavaScript) scripts (listed after popularity)

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   DataBinding
DataBinding is a function which has been developed using Javascript and this method binds the complex XML codes with the HTML controls easily.

2)   Load Xml Document Method
Load Xml Document Method is a Javascript method that allows the external XML documents to be loaded and the retrieved data to be displayed on the webpages.

3)   Flextable IE5 DHTML Grid
This dynamically implements a table with columns that can be scrolled, resized and also moved. Supports displaying large amounts of data. The XSLT stylesheet can be used to display XML data.

4)   ActiveWidgets Grid - Cross-browser DHTML widgets toolkit
ActiveWidgets Grid widget is a cross browser web tool that supports GUI interface. This tool supports a large number of widgets like trees, grids, tabs, menus etc.,

5)   XML Data Traversal
This script can read and traverse the data from an XML file and also displayed in the tree style. One such implementation can be the site map, which requires a tree style display.

6)   EBA:Grid Control
EBA: Grid Control is a fast and wasy web based grid program. It can help the webmaster have better control over the grids.

7)   XML Ticker
XML Ticker is a JavaScript designed for IE and can scroll messages stored on an outside XML file. Supports unlimited messages. Keeps the web page small in size.

8)   XML Ticker using XML DSO
This is a message scroller JavaScript, which uses data from an external XML file. The XML file can be indicated in the JavaScript. You can also indicate the delay between the messages in the script.

9)   XML for SCRIPT
With this you can send the data for your application in XML while the presentation is sent in HTML and style sheets. All form initialization is done at one place to simplify procedures at the client side.

10)   RSSTools
Using this program you can easily seperate DHTML codes from your javascript applications. This program is simple in its integration and can be easily customized.

11)   ECMAScript XML Toolkit
ECMAScript XML Toolkit is a tool which is available for the down level web user agents who do not have any XML support. This is a very easy and simple tool.

12)   DOM XMLTicker
This DHTML ticker rotates and displays messages pulled from a XML file. Works in both IE5+ and NS6+.

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