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Top 1-50 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1)   Harlem Designs Guestbook
Harlem Designs Guestbook is a guestbook program based on php where users can handle a lot of data without using any mySQL database. Here speed is very high to access.

2)   MultiForum Manager
MultiForumManager is a simple discussion board with an administration system containing forums to post topics for discussions. This board is written in PHP and doesn't require any database.

3)   phBB Multi Forums Script
phpBB Multi Forums Script is a program which can be used by the administrators to build and run online forum on their websites. This program comes with all basic functionalities of a full featured forum.

4)   Forum Threads.PHP
Forum Threads.PHP is a simple online discussion board program that provides forums for users to hold threaded form of online discussion with all website visitors.

5)   LedForums
LedForums is a simple message board in PHP and MYSQL with a single moderator for each forum to post topics. This board is very fast providing several customizing options.

6)   GBook
With the help of this software you can design a dynamic guestbook application for your website where visitors can sign up and post their messages for you.

7)   Fusker
A collection of PHP scripts for extracting and linking to web content from other web pages. It is a full portal system, with community features like forums, user management, integrated search, and a modular structure which makes it easy to add new features.

8)   signkorn guestbook
signkorn guestbook is a guestbook program based on php where users can comment on their website through a web browser. This script is a template based with template editor support.

9)   Discussion Forums with PHP
Discussion Forums with PHP is an article that teaches you to establish a full featured online discussion board with a database backend.

10)   PhpForumPro
phpForumPro is a powerful,private protected, fast and efficient discussion forum application built on PHP4 and MySQL.

11)   Guestbook Script
With this script a website owner can put a guestbook on the website where visitors can sign it and leave greetings.

12)   Custom Web Development using PHP MySQL Programming and ASP Database Programming.
Custom Web Development using PHP MySQL programming and ASP.NET. Offers Search Engine Optimisation service and oscommerce templates and web design

13)   Referer Logger
Referer Logger is a programme written in PHP with MySQL database as backend to hold the details about the online visitors statistical details like, IP address, number of hits daily, weekly, monthly and more. It is easy to customize.

14)   m-phorum
m-phorum is simple PHP amd MYSQL based discussion board that is very fast in action.This board is very simple in its integration and is very user friendly.

15)   phpBB modified by Przemo
phpBB modified by Przemo is a program that comes with over two hundred add-ons. This will be useful for the users to maintain phpBB.

16)   Netdistortion's Guestbook Script
Netdistortion's Guestbook Script is a php guestbook program that allows users to make entries which can be added, edited, sorted and deleted. Simple to use and install.

17)   HyperBook Guestbook
HyperBook Guestbook is a php program and a guestbook that provides email notifications with a link to edit, delete and add comments to the posts. It can import and export databases.

18)   Article Dashboard - Article Directory Script
Article Dashboard is an enterprise level article directory script that allows users to easily create and manage their own article directory.

19)   Username, Password Login PHP and MySQL Example Site
This script is a web based login system explained with PHP, MySQL as the database and Javascript. This script has header and footer options. This script is easy to understand and to customize.

20)   Using PHP to search a MySQL database and return paged results
Using PHP to search a MySQL database and return paged results is an article for searching and getting results in a MySQL database content. The author gives some sample programmes for this. Knowledge of PHP and MySQL is a must.

21)   Event Registration, RSVP, Signup list
RSVP for Events List - Reservations - VIP USER DEMO ADMIN DEMO Username: admin Password: admin Ever had an event that you needed people to be able to sign up on? Welp, we've got it!

22)   Free PHP MySQL Guestbook Script
This is a simple PHP MySQL guestbook script that allows you to easily delete posts, edit posts, block words and block ip addresses. You can also easily change the design of the guestbook by editing one of the templates.

23)   Celeste Bulletin Board 2004
Celeste Bulletin Board 2004 is an advanced forum based bulletin board. You can post your site news and other related announcemnts on this board for others to view.

24)   Phorum Smileys
Phorum Smileys is an add-on for Phorum that allows you to integrate smileys into the Phorum application v3.2.11 or 3.3. The present archive is for Phorum 3.3, just go to the website for the 3.2.11.

25)   Shoutcast Stats
Use this script to have cool music to be played on your website. Shoutcast Stats is a very cute and simple script for playing online music on your Windows media player.

26)   guestbook
guestbook is a php program that permits users to comment on any topics on any website. This script do not require mysql table. Simple to use and to install.

27)   Flat Guest guestbook
This is a free for non-commercial use, php based, simple, guestbook for your web site. It is easy to setup and costumize, and does not use a MySQL database. It uses a basic flat file to store the messages.

28)   SEO-Board
SEO-Board is a fast, free and search engine friendly forum software written in PHP/MySQL. It is perfect for small and medium-size sites. If you are looking for a small, customizable and fast forum without all the bloat of the big ones, SEO-Board is for you.

29)   Sarzeau Guestbook
Sarzeau Guestbook is a PHP software which is integrated with MySQL that enables the users, visitors, members on a website to post their own comments, events, opinions through user friendly interface. Supports emoticons, image icons with message posting.

30)   PHP FFA
PHP FFA is an application written in PHP that provides you with the best way to advertise your message and allow visitors to leave their links on your site.

31)   Golden GuestBook
Golden GuestBook is a php program that permit webmasters for listing the guestbook showing all entries on the pages. Simple to customize and configure.

32)   HTML2Doc Converter
HTML2Doc Converter is a php program that allows users to convert the HTML files in to the document files. Simple and easy to use.

33)   Guest Book
This Guest Book program is built on PHP coded modules that gives features to communicate with the webmasters through web based user friendly interface. MySQL is needed to access this program.

34)   ViPER Guestbook
ViPER Guestbook is a php based powerful guestbook that permit users to upload pictures and can add their own emoticons on their website. Simple to use.

35)   Ardguest
Ardguest is a php guestbook software that allow users a flat text file for storing messages on their website. The admin panel is provided to delete the unwanted entries.

36)   Web Photo Gallery
This script helps the users to upload their JPEG images online and it automatically generates thumbnail and resizes the picture quickly. It uses MySQL database for storing images.

37)   simplelinXml
simplelinXml is a simple PHP based script which offers you cool links in categories and sub-categories. It is very easy to install and customize the script.

38)   Array To Excel
Array to Excel is a script built on PHP using which programmers can transfer array data into Excel file to have a readable content.

39)   Max HitBot script: Fake hits generator
Send unlimited fake hits to any website.

40)   Simple Upload PHP Script
Simple Upload PHP Script is a php program that allows users to upload files. This script performs file operations like file download, file upload, file size, file type with the file browser.

41)   Extcalendar
EXTcalendar is a very huge calendar script, written in PHP and uses MySQL as a backend to store data.

42)   PHP+GD Progress Bar Demo
This is a demo that shows how to create a progress bar images using the PHP language and GD graphic library with various styles and width options etc.

43)   Max Media Manager - Open Source Ad Server
Max Media Manager is an open source ad server based on phpAdsNew, enhanced for performance, with many new features, and restructured for expansion. New features include agency support, rich media ads, conversion tracking, third-party ad tracking, and optimization and restructuring for a high-volume multi-server environment.

44)   File based guestbook script
File based guestbook script is a tutorial that helps users to create a file based php guestbook by using the code that is available in this article.

45)   Making a PHP Login Form
If you want to secure your pages by giving protection to your files?. PHP is the best way to secure your pages. This can be done by placing a login form to restrict intruders and non-members.

46)   GC Guestbook
GC Guestbook is a php programmed guestbook where users can select all the entries that is stored in a mySQL table. This script is easy to install and to use for users.

47)   Handshakes by DZOIC - Social networking script
Handshakes - truly the best solution for building your own social and busiess networking service. Script is smarty-template based and fully customizable. Upcoming features include instant messenger, flash chat, advanced statistics and other very useful tools.

48)   Hide your links url
Hide your links your url with this code. That's perfect to hide the url for given destination

49)   Paging in PHP
This tutorial explains how to add PHP paging system into your website. This article shows a starting point for setting up paging on your own websites. The author concludes that there are different ways to do this with new styles.

50)   phpEvent Calender
phpEventCalender is a simple scheduling programme that allows the users to add, delete and view the events from this software. This is a user friendly programme.

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