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1-50 PHP scripts (listed in alphabetical order)

Scripts are listed afer name.       To display the scripts afet popularity please click here

1)   !ce`s Guestbook
!ce`s Guestbook is a program and a guestbook based on php in which users can add postings like messages along with name, url and their locations in a guestbook. Simple to access and install.

2)   'Converto'Unit Converter Script
BE technic's 'converto' PHP script allows us to make convertions between many units like length,area, volume, mass, temperature and more.

3)   .htaccess Password Protection
This article teaches you how to protect your files without the help of MySQL. By learning this article you able to protect your page or files by assigning password.

4)   .htpasswd Maker
.htpasswd Maker is a simple and efficient online program that helps webmasters to generate encrypted passwords for all their .htpasswd and .htaccess files.

5)   .premodded
If you want to start/make you own forum but don't have the time or knowage to do it you self, .premodded is the answer. It's a premodded version of phpBB containg 72 mods. Almost everything is editable via the admin control panel. From logo, to MySQL commands, it's possible to do it all. 100% FREE!

6)   .TheBix. Inside CMS portal systems World
Inside CMS portal Systems World News coverage (Postnuke, PHPNuke, MyPHPNuke, Xoops...).

7)   1 st Ukrainian Web Development Company
A software development company providing effective offshore IT outsourcing services and specializing in custom web applications development, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, data protection systems and much more.

8)   1-2-3 Music Store
This is a PHP based programme that helps you to run a online music store from your website to sell your music to anywhere in the world. This programme better suits independent musicians and record labels.

9)   1-2-3 music store
1-2-3 music store is a simple music distribution channel software for selling songs, albums etc,. with a global exposure through your website.

10)   1-2-All Broadcast E-mail
1-2-All Broadcast E-mail is a template based mailing list manager With statistical tracking and personalized mailing capabilities with 'Real-Time Message Queue' for announcements, newsletters, e-mail marketing, mailing lists etc,.

11)   1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail Software
1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail Software is a robust mailing list software that lets you easily manage unlimited lists in a feature rich environment.

12)   1.3.1
-webmail is a PHP based webmail application featuring support for common Internet email standards including: IMAP/POP3 SMTP MIME

13)   100janCMS Articles Control
This is an article management system written in php that helps users to add, delete or edit articles on the website. This program uses Mysql database as backend.

14)   123 Flash Chat server software
This script is used to manage online communication on the website. It allows the site visitors to chat with their friends or neighbours online. It has a customizable layout and this tool is integrated with any database to store data.

15)   123FlashChat MOD for phpbb
This php based flash chat server program allows users to chat with others using this high performance java server. Simple to handle and to chat.

16)   123RandomImage
This image randomizer will help you to randomize image displays on your website pages with the help of a image and graphics directory.

17)   123tkShop
The Project: Goal of the 123tkShop-Project is, to enable a full featured e-Businness to small Stores, like Gift-Shops and Boutiques etc. The e-Business-Suite is easy to install and easy to maintain on Your own IT even on a WebSite, which is hosted on an ISPs IT.

18)   12cropimage.php
12cropimage.php was created to crop uploaded images to the desired size without having to use a software.

19)   12react.php
These scripts give the possibility to write a reaction to other web pages and as such can also function as a guestbook. It gives visitors the possibility to fill in some personal data and a comment. The administrator can block, delete and approve the reactions. Either before they are placed or afterwards.

20)   12validateform
12validateform is a software built in PHP. Simple and Extra are the two versions of this form. This script is used to check each field to find if there any field is empty.

21)   12validateform.php
I made 12validateform in two version. 12validateform simple and 12validateform extra. Both can check any html form to see if the specified compulsory fields are not blank. If there are fields blank, the visitor is notified and send back to the form.

22)   1love Search & Replace
1love Search & Replace is a script based on PHP that is very helpful for searching and replacing any text or code anywhere in the whole website.

23)   1st CMS from TheAnotherWorld
Our Content Management System helps to manage your website directly on the remote server. It allows you to easily update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection. You will be able to upload files, edit text, and add/remove items from products database, add/delete/change descriptions, etc.

24)   1st E-commerce Platform from Theanotherworld
Your clients may find here: client’s address book, history of purchases, indication of article quantity available, list of bestsellers, etc. As for administration, you may find here: user-friendly interface, statistics of articles and buyers, add/edit/delete categories, articles, manufacturers, etc.

25)   1st Mail Bomber Pro
This tool is helpful for the users to manage their mailing list. This tool allows the users to organize subscriptions through email and they can send information for the request of the visitors.

26)   1st Web Design, Web Programming and Outsourcing from TheAnotherWorld
We offer professional web design, web programming services, as well as outsourcing services and flash and PHP products. Our CMS is a unique software that helps to manage websites on the remote server even without special knowledges. One more our advantage is our competitive prices.

27)   1Two directory
his script propose a links directory, you can create unlimited categories and sub-categories. A lot of option are available in the administration section.

28)   1Worlddo
Worlddo is a web CRM software, invoicing, contact management, and project tracking system. It can be extended to build power web sites.

29)   1Worlddo Professional
Worlddo Professional is a web CRM software for professional offices, with invoicing, time and expense management, contact management, and project tracking.

30)   1x6-Level Instant-Pay Matrix Script
1x6-Level Instant-Pay Matrix Script is an application in PHP that allows you to accept six payment options like PayPal, StormPay, E-gold, VuPay, AssuredPay, and IntGold and thereby increase your business market in peak.

31)   2 way SMS
The script provides SMS/EMS services both in and out to nearly any mobile network around the world. Also send Ring tones, operator logos and more with DML interface. Once registering, you will have your username and password.

32)   24 Update Cam portal Script
24 Update Cam portal is a PHP script which uses MySQL and CRON support. The script stores cam images from your digital camera with multi user interface and customizable admin area.

33)   24Mail
24Mail is based on PHP and no database is required. It helps you to send an email message to the web owners. It validates data to check whether there is error or not. It is customizable.

34)   2Checkout Payment Management
This is a payment management system to collect payments through It has many enahanced features for the users.

35)   2Checkout Pro
2Checkout Pro is a php based universal all purpose recurring product and a multiple return url script. This script helps users to run a membership or product download website.

36)   2D Graph
2D Graph is a PHP scripted online programme used to draw two dimensional bar graphs. This easy to use script is very useful to the middle school students to draw bar charts easily.

37)   2do
2do is a PHP based co-ordinator that helps you to lead your projects. Your team workers are allowed to report their performance and status of project can be shown.

38)   2ndSite
2ndSite is a full featured PHP software that allows you to manage payment online and through which you can access contact manager, file manager, and can generate invoices, timesheets, reports.

39)   32Tech Free IP to Country Database For MySQL
A PHP script that helps the webmasters to find from where and which country does the visitors belong to.

40)   35mm Slide Gallery
35mm Slide Gallery is a PHP based script that provides you to view the pictures in your gallery as a slideshow presentation and requires Photoshop to edit the slide mount images. The script generates thumbnails automatically.

41)   3oProgramming
3oProgramming is a php community that provides a project management methods for the open source IT projects. This script does not fit for the other projects which is needed by the manager.

42)   3x3 Matrix Script
3x3 Matrix Script is a php script that allows your members to pay subscription in three matrix levels payout to each level instantly.

43)   3x3 Matrix Scripts
This is a payment gateway programme for sites with options from StormPay, PayPal and E-Gold payment. There are 3 matrix levels that paysout to each level immediatly.

44)   4
This site is used for communicating with each other through which the users can contact with the programmers, web owners etc., and they can clear their doubts online.

45)   404's Random Image
This is a simple program that can randomize image displays on your website. This PHP application is easy to customize and to use.

46)   404Handler
404Handler is generated using PHP classes that outputs all errors respect with 404 page by email system. Sendemail module is needed. Emails can be got in 3 different ways. You can customize the code to match your site requirements.

47)   42go ISP-Manager
42go ISP-Manager software is a linux webserver management solution system and it is easy to operate. This software has several features with security.

48)   42goISP
42goISP is a php program that permit users to manage the server. This script acts as a free tool for 42go ISP-Manager. This script exports the clientdata.

49)   4CM_Grabber
4CM_Grabber is a PHP driven web fetching script that enables you to observe information, statistical data and news from required websites. Grabbing includes news, weather, stocks and more.

50)   4CM_Grabber (DefenseLink)
4CM_Grabber (DefenseLink) is a PHP program that implements functions to get and display news from DefenseLink website. Latest news can be shown on your site that may be about any category on homesite.

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