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Top 551-600 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

551)   Creating an image gallery
This is a simple one page tutorial which will be helpful for beginners to create an online image gallery with folders and sub folders using PHP programming.

552)   Magic Downloads
Magic Downloads is an effective download system in PHP capable of creating and managing file downloads from your website with the ability to view the overall download statistics.

553)   Tarot
Tarot is a card program that lets the user to send pre-made spells which are based on different tarot card combination across the website which inturn gives the prediction of the day.

554)   SmE Short Url
SmE Short Url is a Redirection service to offer for your visitors replace the long url for a short url more easy to remember the url.

555)   Press Release Manager
Press Release Manager is a News script that enbles a user to manage the article systems on a website. It displays articles and allows category and image upload. Abiility to print articles and backup facility is available.

556)   nPortal
nPortal is a PHP and MySQL driven software that offers features to display cams on web pages which are editable. You can display the pages as you like them to be.

557)   Online Auctions PHP
You can generate your own auction site on the web through this Online Auctions PHP. Being built with templates you can easily manage this program without HTML knowledege.

558)   Linklist
Linklist is a PHP and MySQL based script for creating link directory on your webserver. The script is simple and easy to customize.

559)   Designing Fast Software Architectures in PHP
In this article, the author criticises the recent benchmarking of PhpLib, ADODB, PEAR DB, Metabase and Native MySQL and analyses the differences in performance and designing fast architectures with some examples and concludes as PHP has the fast designing software architectural potential.

560)   PHPCB
This is a powerful PHP class builder designed specially for database access tier through which you would be able to build powerful database driven PHP applications.

561)   VideoDB
This tool offers database which stores movie data that helps users to manage their collection of movies easily. It has fully customizable facility to control the videos in the database.

562)   Isolsoft Support Center
Support Center is a PHP/MySQL based customer support system that increase the productivity and efficiency of your support staff. Main features: multiple languages support, in-built knowledge base, automated email notifications, email templates, customizable end user interface, and much more.

563)   JMK Advertisement Rotator
JMK Advertisement Rotator is a banner rotation script. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for the database.

564)   KnowledgeQuest
You can use this KnowledgeQuest to create your own knowledge base for your website under several categories and subcategories.

565)   PHPTestManager
PHPTestManager is a simple and easy to handle test program with MySQL database. You can create you own questions on different subjects to test the skills of your students.

566)   HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ) Monitor 1
Run your own HYIP monitor or HYIP listing web site

567)   Voodoo chat
Fast, convenient, easily customized chat with the ability to continuously update the user messages.

568)   phpdigplus
This is a web based search engine program that helps you to query for any entity through keywords. This program comes with a powerful back office administration.

569)   Roleplaying Name Generator
This programme helps to create your roleplaying name with this Roleplaying Name Generator Script. Some of the online role playing games will not allow to play in some names. To overcome this, this programme is helpful.

570)   PhpMyAuth
With PhpMyAuth users will protect content on their pages and allow only users that have been authorized to see the content.

571)   nzFotolog
nzFotolog is a simple PHP script developed to manage your photo blogging needs. It's development had in mind, a simple and intuitive user interface not bloated with pointless features, with the ability to design your own custom theme easily.

572)   Light Php4-Flash chat
Light Php is a Flash chat and written using PHP and with Flash. It is easy to understand this chat script, no database is required, it has a user friendly interface.

573)   tell a friend XXL
tell a friend XXL can be used to add recommendation forms on your website by which recipients are sent messages with direct links to the URL.

574)   VSN Guestbook
VSN Guestbook is simple and yet an efficient guest book program in PHP that allow website visitors to post comments and remarks about your website perfomances and appearances.

575)   TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software
TuNG - Turing Number Generator Software is a high featured PHP supported script that provides security based user system on bigger websites. It reduces automated account creation and registrations by malicious softwares.

576)   Bab3vil's Guestbook
This is a mysql script. with nice style, big function and very useful for who don't have guestbook.

577)   MySQLHandler
MySQLHandler is built in PHP script database tools. It allows you when writing queries in your code and you don't need to program those link statements. It returns the results in multidimensional arrays.

578)   xcounter
Xcounter is a PHP based script. It is an counter to count webpage hits and displays it in graphical or text mode. Every counter can use its own image set using counter id. It has ability to add your own custom image sets.

579)   myPHProlodex
MyPHPRolodex is a PHP scripted programme for storing mailing list for future reference. This script has basic add or delete functions for your mailing list. This is a complete organizer tool for your mailing list.

580)   PHP Mysql Tutorial for Beginners
Tutorial for beginners in php and mysql that will clearly show them the basics of working with mysql databases and php.

581)   DivX Manager
The application is, just like the name says, to organize your DivX collection. I would strongly advice everyone to place the DivX Manager in a secure directory because I didn't build in some kind of user system (there will be one in a future release).

582)   phpDVD
This script is basically built in PHP which is used for playing DVDs, MP3 songs and to play any audio songs and it has customization facility to adjust and set songs.

583)   Free PHP Smart Guest Book 1.0
This Free Flash/PHP GuestBook has an eye-catching interactive interface, active bad word filter, great load time (highly optimized code & small flash file-16KB). Cross Browser Compatible. Comments field can accept HTML text. JavaScript validation. Easy to install & customize. Uses a MySQL database.

584)   Full Screen Image Gallery pro2
Full Screen Image Gallery pro2 is an attractive full screen image gallery which lets you to display your digital images in the way they should be viewed, ie- Full screen. This is now with improved features with GD 1 and 2 and imagemagick and image captions with improved navigation.

585)   IMAP Mail Reading With PHP3
IMAP Mail Reading With PHP3 is a tutorial on email system that tells users how to use PHP to make a an IMAP or POP mail reader.

586)   AutoCreation
AutoCreation is a powerful Free Hosting program that integrated with cPanel/WHM. With AutoCreation, account creation process is automated. This ultimate program allows you to create cPanel accounts automatically after signup, or after approval.

587)   Click count
Click count is a simple online clik tracking software designed to track and monitor the total number of visitors send by each of your sales and business affiliates.

588)   3x3 Matrix Script
3x3 Matrix Script is a php script that allows your members to pay subscription in three matrix levels payout to each level instantly.

589)   Xeobook
Xeobook is a guestbook software based on php that allows users to view a clean and fully customizable layout. This script allows and disallows specific html tags.

590)   Rotator DX - url rotator membership system script
Url rotator membership system script

591)   And You Thought Popularity Only Mattered in High School
By reading this simple article you will come to know how to enhance your website's link popularity that in turn helps websites to get better ranking with search engines and this tutorial also details about link exchanging service providers.

592)   MailWorks Professional
MailWorks Professional is a PHP based script that can be used to run your own email marketing campaigns with improved mail server compatibility.

593)   Particle Blogger
This is a simple PHP based template driven online weblog with rich text editor to help you to edit visitor postings. This program supports user management with different levels.

594)   MiLyrics
MiLyrics is a script for building and maintaining music based web site which allows site visitors to add lyrics for songs as well as to search for lyrics of their favourite songs.

595)   Xaper V1.0
..::Xaper-->The Advanced User Management System by Xaprio Solutions::..

596)   Site Stats
Site Stats v.2.1. Uses PHP/MYSQL. Stores IP address and host of a visitor to pages on your site plus the date and time of visit. Includes administrators page for viewing the stats and for purging records.

597)   xLinks
xLinks is a simple link management system which can handle all your links. The script is written using PHP and uses MySQL database. The script contains numerous features like counts hits and ratings.

598)   Achims Guestbook
Achims Guestbook is a php based usual guestbook program in which webmasters can overwrite the old guestbook with the new script. It is safe to make a backup of all data.

599)   MiniXML
MiniXML provides a 100% PHP API to parse and generate XML. It is comprised of a set of PHP classes that allow you to access XML data and create valid XML output with a tree-based hierarchy of elements. MiniXML does not require any external libraries or modules.

600)   PHPEdit
PHPEdit is an Integrated Development Environment for php. Users can create php scripts using this IDE. Integrated PHP debugger can be included with which you can debug your php scripts locally or remotely.

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