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Top 801-850 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

801)   Web Database Tutorial (PHP & MySQL)
Web Database Tutorial (PHP & MySQL) is an article that teaches about the generation of web database programme using PHP and MySQL on a Unix platform or Mac OS X or Linux with the assumption of your system running with Apache web server. Some codes and functions are given for easy understanding.

802)   vBulletin
vBulletin is totally customizable through a web based control panel. vbulletin is amazingly fast and also very stable.

803)   html2pdf
Create PDF files from HTML documents, including HTML with advanced table formatting and embedded images.

804)   Subprofile
Subprofile is equipped with speed and reliability for sending text files and also allows unlimited number of subscribers. Setup and configuration can be edited within the admin panel. Features like adding sub pages, web links, other subprofile menbers profile, quiz, count down, poll etc., available.

805)   User registration
This is a php based program that allows users to signup and login for the website. This is an user authentication program that allows users to login to access secure pages.

806)   server.STATS
server.STATS is a php program that enables users to check the server status. This script is simple to use, configure and install by the users.

807)   phPhotoAlbum
phPhotoAlbum is a web based tool through which you can create photo album with many image files. This tool has an easy to use admin panel.

808)   Xkare image voting system
Xkare image voting system is a PHP program that gives facilties to manage image rating. Pictures can be uploaded in admin panel. Polling is available with multiple dropdown menus.

809)   Whois.cart
Whois.cart is a simple software built in PHP used for running and efficient webhosting and domain registration business . This script comes with high security and is fully configurable. It has been designed to automate your entire account, recurring billing and more.

810)   EPS Shop
EPS Shop is a simple yet powerful ecommerce system, allows you to sell your digital files like jpg, gif, bmp, png, zip, pdf, exe files etc. This system is also a very flexible system for you to manage your webpages for SEO purposes. All webpages created through the system is in static html format.

811)   Download Count
This is an advaced PHP based application that helps you to keep track of the number of downloads per file from your website. You can also know the most popular links of your website using this application.

812)   AC Magazine Ad System
AC Magazine Ad system is an ad management script which is reliable and cost effective and helps you in managing your client's advertisement needs.

813)   GD2+ Thumbnail Class Distro
GD2+ Thumbnail Class Distro is a script that requires GD library of version 2 or higher for creating thumbnails automatically when you upload the images into the server. It allows you to create thumbnails in various formats.

814) auction and e-business solutions
An integrated set of scripts that will assist in building successful web sites and increase business and sales.

815)   Building dynamic web pages with PHP
This is a tutorial which gives an introduction to PHP language and how and where to start the learning in PHP for creating dynamic web pages. This will be useful for beginners.

816)   1Two directory
his script propose a links directory, you can create unlimited categories and sub-categories. A lot of option are available in the administration section.

817)   PHP High Yield Investment Multi-planning and Auto-payment Portal
PHP High Yield Investment Multi-planning and Auto-payment Portal is a PHP based script to perform e-investment operations from your websites. This script requires cURL functions.

818)   autoBoss
autoBoss is an easy to use PHP-based online inventory manager for new and used car dealers. It easily integrates with any existing Web site and can be customized to fit any color scheme imaginable. autoBoss also includes a step-by-step installation wizard to guide you through the set-up process.

819)   phpWebSite Themes
phpWebSite Themes gives you a range of themes to design your online store pages and other site pages easily. Themes are available at low prices also offers you themes at free of cost.

820)   dynaDocs
dynaDocs is a simple online document software with which website users would be able to manage online documents and file contents with a simple user interface.

821)   EasyBoard
EasyBoard is a very flexible Guestbook which permit users to store datas in the XML file. Here all settings for functionality and for display are defined in a template through HTML comments.

822)   XMLize.php
XMlize.php is an extremely easy to use XML tree and statistic parser.

823)   soulbot - soulseek file sharing protocol bot in PHP
This is a network script which allows automated bot to fetch files from the sharing network and display them. It is an useful script for the users to search music files over the network.

824)   Users Online
This script allows you to count how many users have been on your site within the last 30 min. It requires 1 mysql database entry and some variables changed in the script.

825)   Looking Glass
Looking Glass is a script with which you can issue commands like traces, pings, BGP stuff and much more. This is a simple PHP script with a web based interface.

826)   Image Converter JPG2SWF
Image Converter is a script available online for converting your JPG files into SWF files with preloader function. The script is written using PHP and is easy to customize.

827)   The Amazing Little Poll
The Amazing Little Poll v1.2 is a very simple php Poll application. It uses a flat file to store voting scores. It's very easy to set up, and easy to customize.

828)   Lightbox Photo Gallery
Lightbox Photo Gallery is a PHP based image gallery script which uses MySQL database backend along with GD library. Useful for professionals like artists, photographers etc to display their work and also allows them to sell online.

829)   THEPICS lite
THEPICS lite is a script to create an online image gallery which is based on PHP programming and requires GD library. Once the script is loaded, it scans the directory for JPG files and automatically creates thumbnails.

830)   Implementing Cross-Domain Cookies
This is an article about cookies and more than one domain. If a cookie is set for one domain the other domain cannot use that cookie. This tutorial shows give a solution for cookie cross domain.

831)   BirthSys
BirthSys allows you to maintain a Birthday calendar with many options. You can show whose birthday is today, and a table with all the birthdays in a given month.

832)   PHP Membership System with User Access Expiration
From this article you can learn how to develop a membership program for your website with all essential features required for managing your members.

833)   Pregnancy script
The pregnancy script is for pregnant women to provide automatic weekly pregnancy updates right into their websites.It counts the days of pregnancy till the due date.

834)   Avanti Web Stats Lite by Liquid Frog
Easy to set up and very simple to use and understand, Avanti Web Stats tells you everything you need to know about traffic to your sites and also tells you whether your sites are reachable by your visitors. Avanti Web Stats will constantly monitor all your sites and notify you immediately should a site become unavailable - it will even provide you with a hit counter for your pages.

835)   Nonsense Generator
Nonsense Generator is a php based program. This generates a full nonsensical sentences and outputs it in a plain text form. The text can be formatted with HTML tags.

836)   HYIPLister
Sytem allows you create HYIP list, rate and monitor site in 15 minutes.

837)   ZIP Code Radius Search module
This module allows you to add proximity search easily to existing search forms. You enter zip code, select max. distance from it (miles/kilometers) and get matching ads returned by search engine ! USA zip codes only.

838)   Meunity Community System
Meunity Community System is a PHP and MySQL based script which includes content management system as well as an advanced admin section in order to maintain a sophisticated website.

839)   Top 100 Website
Top 100 Website is an useful software designed as a counter program with several advanced topsite features. This program can rate and generate toplists for websites by analyzing their site traffic.

840)   Mubla
Mulba is a user-friendly image gallery application with powerful templating system. Using this application you can generate photo ablums for your website.

841)   Announce Mail
Create your own mailing list with this free script. Easy to install and run.

842)   Rad User Manager
Rad User Manager is a user management system and is a php based script. This system generates only members area. Administrator can add new members with the admin section.

843)   my little weblog
my little weblog is an effecient weblogging system in PHP to create and manage commenting systems with users email notification facilities.

PHPMYSQLDUMP database tool is a php built script used to backup the MySQL database. It is very comfortable to use and to customize.

845)   sitemap.php
Sitemap.php is an application that generates a tree like navigation menu of all directories and web documents of your webserver. This script automatically determines the exact place of the subdirectory in the server.

846)   Gaming Ladder - ComboSystem
Mygamingladder is a professional ladder and tournament script for your gaming league. A large array of new features are in this new version. Features includes complete ladder bug fixes, improved ladder design, report and challenge system, multiple admin options are available.

847)   Goldies Politically Incorrect Forum
It covers subjects Worldwide such as.Illegal_Immigrants, XP_Windows, Iraq_News,DVD Movies,Politically Incorrect, Racism, Humour_Jokes, Crime, Religion, Adult Chat, Goldies, Mp3, Music_Download, Current Events, Adult_Picture,Asylum_Seekers,Computer_Problems, Mac_Software, Discussion_Forums,Software_Downloads, Movie_Reveiws, World_News, Politics,Government, Iraq_War, Serials, Adult_Chat, Goldies, Discussion, Live_Chat, Software, Movies,Films,TV,Television,Events,Olympics_news + Much,much more.

848)   MD5 Checksum File Parser
This PHP class will help you to parse checksum files and to print essential file details along with the corresponding hash values.

849)   So You Want to Use a Database in Your Site?
This article discusses about how to use a database in your website. For this purpose, the author uses many sample codes and a simple SQL query interface for easy understanding.

850)   airCounter
airCounter is a MySQL and php4 based script for counting visitors of a website. Some features include: Easy to configure, can be used as text or image based counter, different Imagesets available, advanced settings for proffessional users (e.g. output is easily cusomizable by through regular expressions) and more.

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