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Top 51-100 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

51)   Simple PHP Ad Rotator
This is a free very simple php banner ad rotator that you can easily get the code to show the ads on your site, You can also easly add and delete the ads by logging in to the admin area, It uses one text file for a data base.

52)   Jax Guestbook
A guestbook script that handles both - MySQL and CSV textfiles.

53)   RateMe
RateMe is a HotOrNot like picture voting/image rating script with mysql as backend. Features: easy implementation (include wherever you want into an existing site), picture upload or linking, unlimited categories, dynamic top lists, overview/index page, multilanguage (en, de, nl), comments, installscript for mysql and much more...

54)   @lex Guestbook
@lex Guestbook is a php guestbook software that enables webmasters to completely modify the postings of the users. This script allows to manage smilies. Simple to use and install.

55)   What's New in PHP4?
This article is a follow-up to Free Software Profile: PHP, this one deals with PHP4's new features. This is a over view of PHP4's new features and the notable differences between PHP3 and PHP4.

56)   Tuchosoft guestbook
Tuchosoft guestbook is a php software and a guestbook where users can post several messages on website through a webbased browser. Simple to handle and to install for users.

57)   PHProxy
PHProxy is a PHP based program that can be used to byepass proxy and fire wall restrictions of web applications with a simple interface.

58)   Invision Power Board Users module for Esvon Classifieds
This script is written with PHP classes that assists to manage your member administration. Supports themes, layouts for editable templates, FAQs system, Sharable tables, control panel for user administration and a lot more.

59)   miniBB
miniBB is a small size customizable discussion board specially designed for small and medium websites. Both registered and anonymous users are allowed to post their messages on the board.

60)   phpThumb()
php Thumb() is a script with which you can create thumbnails from image files like GIF, JPEG and PNG easily. You can view the output image that can be enlarged or reduced according to your choice and contains various other features.

61)   Photogallery
Photogallery is a simple script for image gallery written using PHP programming. It contains the basic features that can be found in a normal image gallery script.

62)   STP Reciprocal Links Manager
Easily manage your reciprocal links advertising campaign.

63)   Storing Checkbox Data In Your Database
Storing Checkbox Data In Your Database is a tutorial that tells the users how to store checkbox data in a database by using php. Sample codings are provided to the users to follow it.

64)   PHPplanner
PHP Planner is a single-user web-based calendar/planner/schedule application using PHP, JavaScript, and mySql.

65)   Convert images to thumbnail images
This is a tutorial which explains you about how to create thumbnail images automatically by converting the images that you have in your folder.

66)   date-diff.php
date-diff.php is a date and time displaying script and is developed using php. This script is used to calculate the difference between two dates. It is easy to handle.

67)   phpXplorer
phpXplorer is a powerful online file management software written in PHP through which you can create, edit and manage files through a browser. This program is browser independent.

68)   Achims Guestbook
multilanguage guestbook, fast, reliable, no database needed, admin interface, filters, preview, search function and much more

69)   Content grabber
This is a code snippet you can use the fetch some content from an other site and strip some code off of it and use it on your own site.

70)   PUMA
PUMA or Protection and User Management is a php based script. This system protects specific content from unregistered users. It is easy to use this script and has extensive private messaging system with smilies and BBcode.

71)   HotScript 3 Clone
This is absolutely the most advanced script of it's kind. We challenge you to find a Software repository script with more features and style. User can register and have their own account (to submit software)scripts, etc. Visitors can vote on software, write reviews,download,visit the authors home page. Authors can even get thier personal detailed stats for the software they submit. HotScripts-3 Clone has all the options that the original hotscripts site has plus about 50 more! Check out our Brand New software archive "HotScripts-3 Clone". We guarantee that you will not find or see anything like it anywhere else on the net! It's coded in the popular php language and uses 1 MySQL database. Don’t take our word for it, Try out our Live Demo and see for yourself.

72)   PHP Rating System
PHP Rating System is a php based script and is a rating system. This system shows a better accurate rating. This program has nothing to configure.

73)   Rebel PHP Events Calendar
Rebel PHP Events Calendar is a simple calender script in PHP in which users can register and record their events under various categories after approved by the admin.

74)   Uron Gaestebuch Version 1.0.2 Beta
Easy to use/install - based on textfiles, no Database needed. Language is german, an english Version will soon be avaible.

75)   Add URL
Add URL is a software written in PHP. This is a website sumbitter and it submits URLs to the famous search engines. This script includes meta tag generator also.

76)   Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP
Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP Tutorial is a tutorial that tells the users how to avoid getting Error 404 Not Found, errors and redirects the user back to their webpage.

77)   Directory lister
Directory lister is a php program where files can be seen by the users in a particular folder for accessing. Simple and easy to use and to install by the users.

78)   PunBB
PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP powered discussion board. Its primary goal is to be a faster, smaller and less graphic alternative to otherwise excellent discussion boards such as phpBB, Invision Power Board and vBulletin.

79)   Redir.php
This script shows you how the browser redirects you to another URL.

80)   Webbased Music Jukebox
This program is used for playing MP3 songs from Linux server. It has customization facility and it stores the list of MP3 files on a database.

81)   Simple Protect
This is a script used to validate the users to access the secured or the protected area. This script will allow the users if only the given username matches the password.

82)   WSN Guest
WSN Guest is a translatable guestbook that asks for users database informations and then automatically sets up their directory for users. Simple to use.

83)   Gaming Scripts
Gaming scripts is a PHP scripted gaming ladder and tournament programme with a lot of fixes and changes. This scripts features new control panel and easier account creations.

84)   Calculate Distance Between Two Points Using Longitude & Latitude
This program helps you to make a distance calculating script on your PHP enabled websites. It explains all functions with the in-biult source code. Also, provides the US and canadian zip code packages at a low cost.

85)   Creating Dynamic Images with PHP
This is a simple and easy to learn online tutorial with which you will be learning how to generate dynamic images using PHP in real time.

86)   Forms and PHP
Forms and PHP is a tutorial that tells the users how to create forms which is capable of getting both simple and complex information from the visitors to their site by using php.

87)   Online Booking Manager
Online Booking Manager is a unique multilingual system and a highly cost-effective method for promoting your accommodation services online

88)   HTML-Graphs (PHP)
HTML-Graphs (PHP) is a PHP based html graph creator programme that uses the bar graph() function to create horizontal or vertical bar graphs and progress bars. This requires no libraries or graphics and can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, and change colours.

89)   Super Grabber
With this script you can grab ANY visible web page and extract ANY portion of that page to use on your site. Extremely easy to setup. Simply tell it the URL and the starting and ending points, and HTML Grabber will do the rest.

90)   Login Manager
Login Manager 3 is a powerful, robust system that enables web administrators to manage website user accounts easily, create membership protected areas, and effortlessly prevent unauthorized user access to secured areas.

91)   TSguestbook
This is a guestbook and a software where users can post comments. This script is simple to setup and access. Admin has facilities to modify users messages.

92)   Classifieds PLUS Script
Extensive and powerful Classifieds engine to launch your own classifieds portal. It is a COMPLETE SCRIPT with quality features like : Multilevel configurable categories, paid features like bold highlighted, featured ads,Internal Messaging,Contact/block list, Gallery of featured items .............

93)   Treasure trove: PHP offers features that will make your Web apps sparkle
This article speaks about PHP script. This is in a very simple language without much technical words and any starter can read and have an idea of what PHP is ?.

94)   phpBoard
PhpBoard is a simple message board integrating apache , PHP and MYSQL data base for its functioning by which a number of message boards can be created by the users.

95)   Multi-Forums Pro Host for phpBB
Multi-Forums Pro Host is a mod for phpBB which is useful for hosting unlimited forums. This provides you the email support, online settings editor, category Editor and system caching service.

96)   Easily code dynamic PHP checkboxes
Easily code dynamic PHP checkboxes is a tutorial that tells the users how to create a HTML checkbox object and for changing the value it holds by using PHP.

97)   Dynamic Sites With PHPBB
Dynamic Sites With PHPBB is a simple tutorial program in PHP with which you can craete dynamic websites and increase your knowledge in PHP and MYSQL.

98)   The Gallery
You can use this PHP application to build your own image gallery for your website with slide shows and automatic thumbnail creation.

99)   MyAdder - Bulk MySpace Friend Adder
This script allows people to search for people by age, location, etc and then add all of them!

100)   BBClassifieds
BBClassifieds is a fully dynamic and database-driven PHP classifieds system with numerous customizable features, such as custom fields, look-and-feel, word-replace, or CSS.

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