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Top 951-1000 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

951)   Tritanium Guestbook
Tritanium Guestbook is a php program that does not have a database and makes small demands to the server which is practically applicable everywhere. Simple to configure and access.

952)   PHPFootball
PHPFootball is a football management programme for managing the fixtures, games, teams, results, divisions etc. Comes with two free modules.

953)   Safelist ProX
Safelist ProX is a safelist script developed for professional business people. The built-in ad rotation system provided in this script helps you to display or rotate attractive ads and banners on the web pages to enhance your business activities.

954)   Free Lotto Lottery Game
Free Lotto Lottery Game is a simple online lottery game software written in PHP with which website visitors have a chance to win million dollars by just picking six random numbers.

955)   Easyserv
EasyServ is an installation kit system and is written in php. This system installs apache web server with php and Mysql.

956)   Simple PHP based Webpage Protection
This is a simple script to secure only the webpages with .php extension. This script works similar to htaccess for apache. This script is useful for all kind of online business.

957)   PHPFileExchange
PHPFileExchange is a php program in which users are allowed to place files stored in the system in to folders. This script is simple and easy to install and use.

958)   siteIndexer
siteIndexer is a simple search engine program and is developed using php. This program is used to index content and store contents into the database.

959)   Adding date/time last updated
Adding date/time last updated is a tutorial that describes about how to add date/time in a specified file which is last updated with some PHP code functions.

960)   Free Hit Counter Script
This is a simple and light weight online counter software that counts the total number of hits for your website pages without using MySQL database.

961)   EasyStream
EasyStream is a simple automated musical script with which users can create their own playlist for streaming on winamp and windows media player.

962)   .htaccess Password Protection
This article teaches you how to protect your files without the help of MySQL. By learning this article you able to protect your page or files by assigning password.

963)   Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class
This is a simple PHP script that is used to publish Yahoo finance stock quotes in your website with latest updates. This require MySQL database for creating tables.

964)   24 Update Cam portal Script
24 Update Cam portal is a PHP script which uses MySQL and CRON support. The script stores cam images from your digital camera with multi user interface and customizable admin area.

965)   35mm Slide Gallery
35mm Slide Gallery is a PHP based script that provides you to view the pictures in your gallery as a slideshow presentation and requires Photoshop to edit the slide mount images. The script generates thumbnails automatically.

966)   Pre Online Tests Generator
Pre Online Tests Generator creates online Exams, Assessments, Online Interviews, IQ tests and Job Assessments.Just add tests to your website in few steps.

967)   Mini-Chat Tutorial
Mini-Chat Tutorial is a tutorial and an article that tells the users how to write a script for creating mini chat in their websites.

968) Unique Traffic Generators
FakeZilla is a search engine optimization website. It offers tools to increase page rank.

969)   Kike Guestbook
Kike Guestbook is a guestbook program based on php which permit your visitors to leave messages to the webmaster on website. This script is easy to install.

970)   E-Gold Game Script Package
E-Gold Game Script Package is a program that comes with a collection of E-Gold game scripts. Using this program webmasters can launch several E-Gold games on their websites.

971)   HS.CART
Suits Small business Easy To install No programming experience required No database required Layout based on CSS Template support so it’s easy to customize Full administration for products, category, couriers, information pages like about us and contacts .. Free to use and distribute

972)   basic sessions tutorial with register globals switched off
This is an article to learn more about session with global variables. This script gives you an idea to make some changes in your PHP.ini file.

973)   TagBoard
TagBoard is a php program that permit users to chat and produce messages and opinions to the webmasters on the website through a web based browser. Simple to configure and customize.

974)   Anti Leech File Gate (A.L.F.G)
A.L.F.G is a PHP package that is used as a protection tool on your websites. It checks whether the user comes from an authorized browser referrer and after the verifications, it permit the visitor / user to utilize the file / page on your site.

975)   Big Fat RATE MY PHOTO Script
Start your own photo rating website with this complete, fully functional rate my photo script. Sell banner space on your website and get paid by PayPal.

976)   Server-Side Countdown Clock-PHP
It is a web based PHP application which helps in placing count down clock on the users website. This application helps in computing time period with respect to settings of server's date.

977)   Willow Job Tracking and Management System
Willow is a job-tracking system designed to help different departments within an organization to better cooperate with each other. Users can submit jobs to other departments, follow job status to completion, sort job listings on a variety of criteria, search jobs for specific words and phrases, and more.

978)   JAMROOM - The Musician's Website Manager
jamroom is a website manager especially for musicians to publish their music online which is easier for others to access thier music online.

979)   Glossword - glossary compiler
Glossword is an advanced dictionary management system. It features: installation wizard; multiple languages support using Unicode; visual themes; admin interface with multi-user support; built-in search and cache engines; uninstaller.

980)   Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger
Flylip Media's Website Instant Messenger is a simple online PHP application with which you can send instant messages to all your friends with emotion icons.

981)   MediaGateway web interface for Esvon Classifieds
MediaGateway web interface is addon to MediaGateway software. It allows to charge Esvon Classifieds members for media feeds (Live WebCams, video/audio files viewing) on pay per minute / pay per view basis (PPM / PPV).

982)   Free Ware CMS SAPID 1.2 File Flat Edition
SAPID is a free ware CMS for SOHO sites. The package includes a great number of services, such as news channels, RSS-channels, guest book, gallery, survey, and personification. SAPID can manage HTML-, Flash-, WML- (WAP), and XML/XSL-sites.

983)   Link and Bookmark Manager
Manages links and bookmarks.

984)   1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail Software
1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail Software is a robust mailing list software that lets you easily manage unlimited lists in a feature rich environment.

985)   aeDirectory Free Directory Script
Directory script that builds “search engines – friendly”, static pages.

986)   LinksCaffe
LinksCaffe is a mySQL/PHP4 portal solution that allows you to run Yahoo-style directory on your web site. Admin features include: adding, editing, deleting, validating links, optional e-mail notification, creating or deleting categories

987)   Voting Script
With this script you can provide votes and polls on your website.

988)   CMS SAPID File-flat Edition
SAPID is a free ware CMS for SOHO sites. The package includes a great number of services, such as news channels, RSS-channels, guest book, gallery, survey, and personification. SAPID can manage HTML-, Flash-, WML- (WAP), and XML/XSL-sites.

989)   Automated Instant Digital Product Downloads - DownloadNow!
Offer Automated Instant Digital Product Downloads for Auctions and Paypal with DownloadNow!

990)   ltwCalendar
This is an event calendar that shows a month by month view and supports events that recur on a weekly basis.

991)   Instant Scratch Ticket
Instant Scratch ticket is a PHP written web based lottery ticket programme that keeps your visitors to visit again and again. A good addition to any website and a nice matchup with the Pick 4 lotto script.

992)   Multiplayer PHP and MySQL game
This is a powerful PHP based multiplayer game software using which you can play wargame with any of your friends on a remote location. This program is easy to install on your server.

993)   CubeCart™ - Free Template Driven eCommerce Script

994)   ezDatabase
It is a PHP database application through which webmasters can create their own online databases for their website. It requires no programming knowledge and also it is easy to integrate.

995)   Advanced Graph and Chart Collection
The PHP graphing scripts provide a very easy way to embed dynamically generated graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages.Very easy to use and add professional quality graphing to web pages / applications in minutes. Try for free.

996)   Simple Login/Registration Using Flash with PHP and mySQL
This tutorial is a introduction to using mySQL and PHP in flash. This tutorial is by Jeffrey F. Hill. Most of the people are not aware that PHP can be used within flash movies.

997)   SEO: Rewrite & Convert Dynamic URLs - IIS Rewrite, ISAPI Rewriting Script
This product is designed for search engine optimization, search engine ranking and promotion. This overcomes the problems associated with dynamic pages otherwise known as deep web, invisible web and surface web. After using a script, all the pages of your site will be index with search engines.

998)   E-bank and Investment Program Manager
Advanced Investment Program Manager Script with additional features. Also Hosting.

999)   ShoutBox
ShoutBox is a communication system and is written in php. You can send comments to the webmasters. This shoutbox bears many enhanced features.

1000)   php Generic Access Control List (phpGACL)
phpGACL is written using PHP. It is used to access the control list to your current web applications. It is very useful tool for the webmasters and the site owners.

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