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Top 1101-1150 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1101)   Ware GB
Ware GB is a php guestbook program that permit users to make a comment, opinions and names on their website. This script is easy to customize and setup.

1102)   Ham Guestbook - A Spam-bot proof guestbook
Ham Guestbook is a clean and free, PHP/MySQL, CSS driven guestbook script and is 100% spambot-proof.

1103)   The World Wide Instant Messenger
This is a perl based script that will allow anyone to run his own instant messaging service. This programme is highly customizable and even can rebrand it.

1104)   EasySite
EasySite is developed using php and is a content management tool which is used to create and maintain websites. It is easy to customize.

1105)   MPM Guestbook
MPM Guestbook is a php program and a guestbook where users can add entries on the website. The webmasters can edit, sort and delete entries. Simple to configure and install.

1106)   iPei Guestbook
This is an online guestbook application designed with powerful admin control panel where visitors can post their messages along with their name, email and URL.

1107)   Job Board Pro
Job Board Pro is a PHP application for running and managing a jobs portal website. Features include: Job Posting, Premium Job Posting, Resume Posting, Billing System, Confugurable Forms, Multi-lingual, Categories, Admin Panel, RSS Feed, and well though-out design that your users will like.

1108)   Tidalrangemobile
A script to create a MySql database of the Polyphonic ringtones available via the Mediaplazza affiliate program and a script to display it in alphabetical order on your website.

1109)   Directory Reader
Directory Reader is a PHP programme that allows a quick website indexing by making index of selected web directories ready to see for the vistors.

1110)   ScriptMagix Lyrics 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to browse through lyrics categories and view lyrics in each of them .Users can rate lyrics and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can create categores and add lyrics .The Admin can also customise the emai

1111)   Fusion UsersOnline
Fusion UsersOnline is a php based script and is a statistical tool to manipulate online users. This program counts the number of visitors currently visiting your site in real time online. It is simple and easy to use this script.

1112)   Freelancer Community at provides a space where service buyers and freelancers come together to do business.

1113)   the cool MP3 database of the future
A mp3 database for apache/mysql with id3v2 and advanced browsing support.

1114)   osTicket STS
osTicket STS is a simple program for open source support ticket system written in PHP and MySQL database as backend. It is a system which supports aliases with perl gateway etc., Admin features such as email alerts for pager, create categories, representatives etc.,

1115)   World Best Paid2Read with Paid2Click PHP Script
PaidEmail is a complete collection of PHP scripts that will let you run your own profitable, high-traffic PaidEmail site with complete control with a few clicks of the mouse. With a complete members' section, advertisers' section and a complete administrative section

1116)   BacklinkCheck Function
BacklinkCheck Function is a simple and useful script created using PHP. This script can be used to search a link or text in another website easily.

1117)   PAYA schedule
PAYA schedule is a calendar and schedule manager program with multi user support. It is beckended by database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, mssql, etc).

1118)   Oxygen - PHP bulletin board
Oxygen is a PHP based discusion forum that can be used to post topics for online discussions. You can include smilies and web page links on your messages.

1119)   ScriptMagix Photo Rating(Simple) 2.0
This is a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to upload pictures and get them rated .Users can rate photos and also leave comments .The script also includes a powerful control panel .Administrator can approve/disapprove photos uploaded by users .

1120)   88 script 's Event Calendar
Event Calendar is a web based calendar based on PHP. You can add your events and schedules in the calendar. It displays a correct year, month and date. It navigates you perfectly.

1121)   JPG-Dump-Photo-Gallery
This gallery script in PHP supports only JPG image file formats and will help you to setup an online image gallery with the photos of your digital camera.

1122)   Syphic's Calendar
This is an useful calendar utility built with PHP through which you would be able to post and add events for your website calendars.

1123)   PHP Guestbook
PHP Guestbook is a php program that permit users to store contents in a text file in the guestbooks. This is a simple and a free guestbook for installing and configuring.

1124)   nabopoll
This is a complete web based survey system. This comes with admin supports. This is a customizable package. Just edit the HTML files and you can start using this survey script.

1125)   OSSuite
OSSuite is a PHP based script which offers solution for small and medium level enterprises which covers all areas like e-commerce, customer relation management etc.

1126)   Driving Distance Calculator
Driving Distance Calculator, is a PHP application that can be used to calculate the driving distance between two cities. This application can be easily installed in the users website.

1127)   Link Manager Pro
This script is helpful for the webmasters to manage their links by trading with other websites and also they can track their links traffic regularly.

1128)   Bulk Mailer X
An easy to use web-based application to manage mass mailing of your e-newsletters, and managing your multiple mailing lists and subscription.

1129) is a php online community where you can post your projects for the programmers. In this site members can register and bid on any specific projects.

1130)   PortPeeker
PortPeeker is a flexible portscanning script which scans a single host or a range of contiguous IP addresses and also has the ability to scan TCP ports and much more.

1131)   World Best Edate - Social Networking Portal Script
E-Friends makes it easier for your members to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not meet before.

1132)   phpRateApic
This program was written for the sole purpose of providing a way for webmasters to allow picture voting on their site. Installation is fairly simple and using the default templates provided in this latest version, will get you up and running within minutes.

1133)   Creating an Image Gallery
This tutorial teaches you about the creation of your own online image gallery from the beginning and right to the end. It covers all the topics that are required to construct an image gallery.

1134)   ABC NewsArticle
ABC NewsArticle is PHP based programme that helps webmasters in managing and publishing news articles on their websites. A handy tool for webmasters.

1135)   Nuke Ladder
NukeLadder is a PHP scripted gaming application allows you to run many gaming ladders for multiple games. This is perfectly designed for clans and also for those who wants to start a gaming ladder.

1136)   Omni-Secure: The #1 Security and User Management System
Omni-Secure is powered by the latest state of the art web-based technology.

1137)   Quick Web Search With Google
Save time and be searching the web within your website in seconds,by pasting two lines of php code.

1138)   Simple Board
You can use this 'Simple Board' program to create your own message board with editable public pages from the password protected admin area.

1139)   shoutBOX
This is a easy to install and configure chat script written in PHP.

1140)   Merchant Empires
Mechant Empires is a web-based entertaining game in PHP. This is a space exploration and economic competition game and also a multi player gaming programme. Customizing is easy.

1141)   I0fB5 - installing Php, Mysql, Apache on Windows
I0fB5 is a tutorial that helps users to install php, Mysql and Apache on windows as a CGI binary. There are detailed instructions for the installation.

1142)   Lyrics
This is a PHP based script that helps to run an online Lyrics database. Has a detailed searching facility and allows users to add lyrics to the database.

1143)   Bookmark4U
Bookmark4U provides a easy and userfriendly environment to bookmark your favorites. bookmark4U facilitates you to access your favourite and important websites from anywhere without having to remember their URL's anymore.

1144)   Phpmail 2
Phpmail web based email system with paypal, paypal recurring, clickbank, and 2checkout auto payment gateways to collect money from every email sign up.

1145)   The Calculator
This is a php based script of a calculator having advanced functions like decimal to binary, decimal to hexa decimal, degree to radian and vice-versa. Simple and easy to operate.

1146)   SN Scripts
This is a PHP based content management system which is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to built website with maximum featuers.

1147)   Adsense Program in PHP
Adsense Program in PHP is a simple PHP based tracking script designed to monitor the total number of clicks on the adsense ads in your website.

1148)   ShockBook
ShockBook is a php program which permit users to post entries in a guestbook. In the admin area users can edit the layout of their guestbook. This script has a page divider for the users.

1149)   WikiWig
WikiWig is a content management tool by which the webmasters can manage files, images, users password and name on their website easily. It uses MySQL database for storing data.

1150)   phpProject Management
phpProject Management supports framework for maintaining project administration on PHP enabled web sites. Webmaster can quote as many projects as he can and the programmers can update the project position, finished tasks to be billed for every hour. Requires GD/GIF support.

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