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Top 1151-1200 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1151)   SmoothWebcam PHP
Using this software you can easily implement webcams on your web pages. SmoothWebcam PHP is highly featured with automatic refresh so that you can refresh your images.

1152)   Best MY Paid Money script
Stop clicking links to earn pennies! Start your own online business in minutes!

1153)   Dynamic Picture Frame
Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP based script that allows you to add an unlimited variety of picture frames to choose from the drop down list box for any size of images on your website.

1154)   Tag Tester (php)
Tag Tester(PHP) is a very simple script for testing PHP pages, it gives the outputs and so the programmer can know if there are any errors.

1155)   ScriptMagix FAQ Builder 2.0
a PHP/mySQL script that allows users to ask questions and get them answered by the admin.Once published users can rate and post comments on them.The script also includes a powerful and flexible control panel.The admin can create categories and subcategories.In short the script helps to create a powe

1156)   WA tell_a_friend script
"WA tell a friend script" is a "raccomodation script" based on PHP. You just have to enter your email address and your URL in the configuration date. The script design can be changed for your homepage. The script is for free

1157)   class-1 Poll Software
You can use this PHP built polls and voting software to design your own polling program for your website with simple web based wizard. This program is supported by MySQL backend.

1158)   eNdonesia
Portal software or web application, or what ever you want to name it: cms, sitemanagement, etc. Modul: web directory, news management, forum, etc.Available in Indonesian and English version (the file with extra "en" extension).

1159)   TypicalInvoice Professional
TypicalInvoice Professional is a simple client management software to create and manage multiline invoicing for all the clients of your company.

1160)   Google AdSense Tracking Script
Now getting real time Google AdSense statistics is easy with the Google AdSense Tracking Script. This PHP script and a simple javascript code inserted in your pages will allow you to track detailed information about the clicks on your AdSense ads.

1161)   Dynamic Navigation Menu
This is a simple navigation utility that displays the current webpage or section of the website on which the visitor is currently working on.

1162)   Kamikaze Comic Manager
Kamikaze Comic Manager is a PHP/MySQL application that enables you to VERY easily manage your webcomic. KCM is completely customisable to your site and your comic needs.

1163)   Galleristic
Galleristic is a simple PHP gallery script using which you can upload your pictures and flash movies online. This program will assist you in generating thumbnails for the images.

1164)   Mime Decoding class
Mime Decoding class is a script based on php that enables you to decode mime email.Through the PEAR repository,the code is maintained.This is very useful for the web developers.

1165)   SmartyValidate
SmartyValidate is a template driven form validator with which webmasters would be able to validate form variables, functions and contents of the forms.

1166)   DynaGraph
Dynagraph is an application written in PHP using MySQL database backend. It generates graphs based on data selected from a database query. This is output into a GIF format file.

1167)   ClassifiedCaffe
ClassifiedsCaffe is a PHP programme for classified ads. This script is useful to post various advertisements on medium to small websites, and users able to browse them.

1168)   WowBB
This is a simple discussion board with powerful skins to support visitors posting on the forums. You can post private messages on the board through flexible permission system.

1169)   Simple Greeting Cards
Operation and customization is extremely simple. Each greeting card card is a plain HTML file

1170)   Mass E-Mailer
Mass E-Mailer is a simple mailing list manager that is used to send e-mail, add, edit or delete addresses in the lists with time specifications.

1171)   Quickpay
This script is helpful for the webmasters and for the referers that allows them to earn money online and also it increases website traffic to the website. It uses MySQL database as backend.

1172)   aFormMail
aFormMail script is used by webmasters to receive a message from your visitors of your site through your web forms. This script stores the data in CSV text files.

1173)   PHP Calendar Menu
A simple calendar menu which displays a calendar month and allows you to click on a day to fill in a form. PHP has some great date function capabilities such as built in support for textual Months and Days. Plus it can even display the appropiate suffix on a day.

1174)   Ultimate PHP Board
Ultimate PHP Board is a simple and efficient discussion board program supporting threaded type of discussions on the forums with text database as the sole backend.

1175)   SimpleBBS
Simple BBs is an open source bulletin board based on PHP scripts with forums to post topics for discussions.This system is based on PHP scripts and MYSQL data base that provides only necessary features.

1176)   Flyspray - The Bug Killer
Flyspray - The Bug Killer is a bug tracking program designed without much complications for tracking software developments by facilitating quick database access.

1177)   Who's Cuter?
Who's Cuter Image Voting Script. This script randomly selects two images form a database and the visitor picks one and a vote is tabulated and two more images are displayed.

1178)   HotLinks
Pwerfull Links Menagement tool. 1 Level categories. Links category is HTML pages with dinamic generated keywords and descriptions.=

1179)   Board-O-Matic Message Board
Board-O-Matic message board is a simple discussion board.this program displays one message at a time,but can also show all messages without much of delay.

1180)   phpYellow Pages
php Yellow Pages allows user to create their own yellow pages with ease. This is best in its class.

1181)   Zina
This script is helpful for the users to build a multimedia tool on their own website through which the web users can run a personal jukebox, MP3 collection, MP3 streamer etc.,

1182)   DB Guestbook
DB Guestbook is a php guestbook program that permits users to post a simple message to their guestbook. Here users can modify the layout of the guestbook using HTML.

1183)   ezSQL Database Class
within your Php/C++ scripts to use mysql, InterBase/FireBird, Oracle8, SQLite C++, PHP and Post gresql. Superb debug functions making it very fast to watch your sql code and works with templating lanugage.

1184)   Omegaboard
Omegaboard is an useful bulletin board software that gives you unlimted number of categorized forums for discussing and posting topics online. Users can use this program for free.

1185)   PHPMyRing
PHPMyRing is an application to create a webring on your website. This script is useful to webmasters. The members of the webring can easily handle this script with minimum effort.

1186)   Email Form
Email Form is an email form processing software that allows you to generate a form to send email. It is easy to customize and has unlimited form fields.

1187)   A.M.B.T. - MySQL Backup Tool
This is an easy to use database tool and is a PHP based program that can be used to backup MySQL website databases. This is completely an automated program.

1188)   404's Random Image
This is a simple program that can randomize image displays on your website. This PHP application is easy to customize and to use.

1189)   Portable PHP,MySQL Corporate Intranet System
PPCIS is an user management script that gives PHP based functions for user administration, directories for commuincations, FAQs, and more.

1190)   Matt's Weather
Matt's Weather is a PHP driven grabbing tool that collects and reports weather information on your site from METAR stations around the world. It has a location list and from which you can find the current weather for required stations. It incorporates a template system for web page customization.

1191)   PHPSiteAdmin
PHPSiteAdmin is a very easy to use portal system, using PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. It has a GUI front end for the database, and the webmaster or any of the admins can create, modify, and delete files on the fly.

1192)   Writing Your First PHP Script: Feedback Form Script
Writing Your First PHP Script: Feedback Form Script is a tutorial which tells the users how to create a feed back form script by using php.

1193)   Feedback
Feedback is a email programme that helps you to get feedback from your site visitors as a mail format to your specified mail address. This script really helps you to clarify your users questions.

1194)   dbForm
dbForm is a database tool having more features. It connects to any database via ADODB. It creates default buttons for processing. Customization like adding and removing fields are abled.

1195)   Squirrelcart
Squirrelcart is an e-commerce online shopping cart in PHP that requires MYSQL as its backend. This is completely database driven with secure socket layer.

1196)   Kwatsj Tell a Friend
You can use this software to enable your site visitors to recommend your website to their friends through email without leaving your website.

1197)   PHP/MySQL Bootcamp
PHP/MySQL Bootcamp 5 days hands on training is a php online community that allows you to learn about the effective implementation of the open source scripting language and a database on your web site.

1198)   filebase php tools (fpt)
filebase php tools (fpt) is a php program that allows users to perform file management. It is an easy and customizable web interface for files and directories.

1199)   Mailing To Multiple Users
Mailing To Multiple Users is a simple tutorial that guides users to send bulk emails to his clients by storing all addresses in a database.

1200)   Ultiamte Image Hosting
Incredible image hosting script! Imagine free and paid options, fully fledged membership system and of course, batch uploading. Check it out!

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