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Top 1301-1350 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1301)   DragonForest Guestbook
DragonForest Guestbook is a php guestbook program that permits users to decide just the way they want their guestbook to look like. Simple to use and install.

1302)   Download Protector
Download Protector is a php script for managing downloads to web masters. This script hides real download url. It is simple and easy to use.

1303)   Smooth Webcam PHP
This is a PHP script through which programmers can include webcam in their webpages with the help of an iframe. This webcam facility can increase the traffic of the users website.

1304)   WAPpop
WAPpop is a simple to use WAP based POP email Client built with PHP. With WAPpop script the WAP users can access their POP3 mail accounts on the move.

1305)   iPanel- Force Ads Into Users Websites With Your Free Hosting
Account Creation Automation with Forced Ads for Free Web Hosting Providers With Billing

1306)   Virtual Host Creator
This is a perl based script. It allow webmasters to create different websites in one server. They have to give a correct path in the hosted domain for redirection.

1307)   phpLinkRot
phpLinkRot provides PHP functions to implement features like 404 page. Webmaster can be informed about the errors on his site pages in no time. Visitors can get the corrected URL via e-mail.

1308)   PHP Realtime Weather
PHP Realtime Weather consists of PHP driven modules to implement weather report online. It works on server and provides weather results in HTML format to viewers.

1309)   A1 Traffic Equalizer
Get top search engine rankings with this powerful traffic generating script, used by pro marketers. It uses a little-known system to generate an unlimited supply of highly targeted visitors to your website for free.

1310)   Spaghetti learning
Spaghetti learning is a totally free open source project.This e-learning platform is used by several schools,institutions,business and universities all over the world.

1311)   HTML Form Input
HTML Form Input is a tutorial that tells the users how to create a HTML form to accept user input and then how to retrieve that input with php.

1312)   bloq
bloq is a simple weblog system in PHP with which you can create and maintain CSS designed blogs with a powerful admin control pannel.

1313)   mcGallery Pro
Pro version of mcGallery. Features include the ability to display photos, videos and flash movies. Albums can be created and sorted, e-cards created and sent, and slideshow.

1314)   Random MySQL result-set
This is an easy to learn database related tutorial which teaches you how to produce a result set of random rows from a table. The only thing is that you have to initialize the variables at the beginning of the script.

1315)   phpChart
PHPChart is a package programme of PHP4 class to create charts in Flash4 SWF file format. This is useful to make all types of charts in FLASH format. This uses Ming PHP extension to create SWF format for making charts.

1316)   IZI File Manager
IZI File Manager is a simple online file manipulation software capable of managing all files and folders of your website in a single directory in text, gzip formats.

1317)   Simple password generator
Simple password generator is a tutorial for beginner programmers meant for creating a random password using loops and random letters. For this the author gives some functions.

1318)   CMSmx
CMSmx is developed using php and is a content management system which can be used to create and maintain any web site.

1319)   The Ismo PHP Framework
Ismo is a PHP based application framework. It helps to make complicated designs in a easier way.

1320)   Protect Your Website From Leach Programs
This tutorial helps you in teaching the way of protecting your copyrighted contents on your website from the leach programs. This is an useful tool for webmasters.

1321)   webYourPhotos
webYourPhotos is a PHP based easy, fast and professional picture gallery script for creating your own image gallery. It creates thumbnails and has many other features.

1322)   ntMiniCalendar
ntMiniCalendar is a web based calendar. You can view last, present and next months. You can enter your events in the calendar in a simple way. Highly configurable programme.

1323)   Message of the Day
Message of the Day is a quote generating program and is developed using php. This program is used to show new message in random manner each time when a page is refreshed.

1324) is a php online community where you can discuss the doubts about scripts which are in different categories with the other programmers. This forum is a suitable one for the beginners.

1325)   PortXML - PPC
PortXML - PPC is a simple online web search engine program with which you can retrieve XML feeds from various PPC providers. This program is easy to interface.

1326)   Orca Search
Orca Search is developed using php and is a search engine software. This software is used to create and maintain databases in real time online.

1327)   Index Report
Search Engine Index Report is a program using which users can make a quick verification to verify how many web pages are indexed from a specific website to search engines like HotBot, Yahoo, Allthe Web etc.,

1328)   Overall forums permissions on one page
This is a php based program used for viewing a complete list of forums and total permissions of them. It is an important and helpful tool for webmasters to display their entire list of forums.

1329)   Online Document Manager
This dynamic on-line document management system will give you and your employees the ability to create an online repository for commonly accessed documents.

1330)   Exit Page Traffic Exchange
Exit Page Traffic Exchange advances your e-marketting through this PHP and MySQL driven tool. Email module supports mailing to all members. Banner exchange and detecting of abused entries can be done.

1331)   C-Random
PHP Script. Prints a random line from a text file. Installation instructions are in random.php.

1332)   ProxyCheck
ProxyCheck is a networking script which can be used for surfing anonymously, making anonymous posts to message boards or make arbitrary connections to other hosts.

1333)   Xored TruStudio php IDE
TruStudio is an integrated developement environment and is developed using php. This IDE inherits deployment tools, debugging and set of eclipse editing. Has comprehensive python and php interface.

1334)   DVD Rental System
This is a PHP based rental program through which webmasters can maintain an online DVD rental website. This software helps in searching information stored in the dedicated server and helps in installing web parts, purchasing equipment and more.

1335)   FlashChat
Put a highly customizable chatroom right on your website. Works with most PHP/MySQL forums and portals, or as a stand-alone chatroom. Can be used in a live-support configuration, as a "registered users only" chat, or as a "free-for-all" chat.

1336)   Whois
Whois is a simple and easy to use script written in PHP. It is a global whois information provider for almost all the top level domains that are available.

1337)   PHPWebThings
phpWebThings is powered by PHP and MySQl for developing web based content management. This script enables you getting familiar with setup and configuring webadmin easily. The webmaster can construct the website to his own and can modify later to add more features.

1338)   Search Engine Submit
Search Engine Submit is a software to submit your website to several search engines at once easily. With this script you can add or remove and modify the search engines list via admin interface.

1339)   Web-Analiser_PRO
Web-Analiser Pro is a system to gather and analyze statistics of your website traffic.

1340)   Weeble File Manager
Weeble File Manager is a software based on php which allows users to perform file operations like file edit, upload, move, copy, rename and download on FTP server.

1341)   WebSched
Websched is an online based scheduling solution. This is a PHP based script meant for small size or medium size organisation for scheduling.

1342)   :: AutoHost ::
Account creation and billing automation for Cpanel web hosts.

1343)   ExcelExplorer
ExcelExplorer is a PHP scripted program. Without using COM or ODBC, this program can read data from a Excel file and works on any PHP platform. This script supports windows and Mac Excel files and no extra classes, configurations or modules needed.

1344)   AutoKB
Powerful and easy to use knowledge base program. Supports unlimited categories and sub-categories, unlimited articles, user comments and ratings, a glossary and much more. All output is controlled through templates so you can customize it to match your site.

1345)   Easy Site Protector
Easy Site Protector is a memebership management system and is written in php. This system helps to generate dynamic pay site. User can send request support email from user home page.

1346)   Writing Secure PHP Code
This article teaches you how to secure your pages with your own PHP code. This article is useful for the beginners of PHP to make their PHP code more stable.

1347)   dotProject
dotProject is a powerful web based application which is derived in PHP that manages users and project group systems on portal systems. It consists modules for project management, group tasks, calendar functions, forums, themes and much more.

1348)   Mojo Webstats
Mojo Webstats is a simple PHP script and MySQL database. MySQL database carries the list of latest visitors, referrer site and more.

1349)   PHP auction 2.1
A rich auction software called PHP 2.1 helps to install your software.It has more administration back end features and requirements like PHP4,an apache web server,MYSQLdata base and ability to run cron jobs.

1350)   BugHotel Reservation System
BugHotel is a complete hotel booking which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. It allows end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter real-time reservations.

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