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Top 1351-1400 PHP scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

1351)   Contact Us
"Contact Us" is a web based contacting PHP script, that is highly effective, simple and customizable. Visitors of your site may contact you via email without revealing your email address. Main Features: Fast and simple: Highly configurable look (both contact form and email sent)

1352)   Banner Manager 1.0
Banner Manager is a complete and robust banner management system. It has an easy to use administration interface and supports all ad banner types.

1353)   File to display paging
The author describes how to use the paging file in websites. The paging file is a very easy tool for easy navigation on websites.

1354)   Sun Pay
This is an useful online billing utility written in PHP using which e-commerce professionals would be able to set up a fully featured payment processor for their customer transactions.

1355)   SmE Short Url
SmE Short Url is an useful online link based redirection program capable of replacing lengthy site URL's into a short and memorable one.

1356)   Oracle Commander
Oracle Commander is a tool which handles the data stored in an Oracle database. It is a PHP based script. You can customize it easily.

1357)   Frequently Asked Database Script
Frequently Asked Database Script is an useful script which contains all the necessary information about your website. This utility helps your website visitors to know about your website.

1358)   Random Password Generator
Random Password Generator is a powerful online program that has the ability to generate random passwords for the programs based on the data given by the user.

1359)   Club Manager
Club Manager is a content management system to maintain the club management. It is developed using PHP and Mysql.Club Manager can be managed and controlled by yourselves.

1360)   phpCodeCabinet
phpCodeCabinet implements many useful features for software developers to maintain their resources. Programmers can store their code pages and can retrieve the particular one quickly when is needed.

1361)   CafeScripts
CafeScripts is developed using php. It is a solution which allows to customize your cafepress store and also integrates it into your website and thus helps you have a online shop.

1362)   Links Management Application
Simple but effective PHP scripts for today's webmasters to count click-throughs, file downloads, track ad campaigns, cloak links, map URLs and protect affiliate commissions. The application is written in PHP with MySQL as backend database. Other features include - unlimited number of links.

1363)   phpPosterSearch
This programme is meant for creating your own posters search engine using the affiliate programme, Easy to customize and lets your users to make a profitable poster search.

1364)   Text Link Exchange
Text Link Exchange is a simple ad banner script which helps you in creating low key TextAds that are similar to Google ads. With this script your clients can pay through PayPal.

1365)   Vego Links Builder
Vego Links Builder is powerfull tool to help you build, organize and design links on any web site.

1366)   XForum Module
XForum Module is a simple and easy to use PHP based script for PostNuke. It is designed to be used with PostNuke 0.71x or 0.72x and can be easily customized.

1367)   A simple flat file hit counter
A simple flat file hit counter is an online tutorial briefing the step by step procedures and sample PHP codes for generating an online PHP counter software.

1368)   PHP Triad
PHP Triad is written in php and is an installation kit program. This program provides ability to install apache web server containing Mysql and php on a windows based machine.

1369)   OOCal
This is an online event calendar script which helps the web developers to display their website with event calendar to allow their site visitors to enter their events online.

1370)   CalGen
CalGen is a php-application which generates a dynamic graphical calendar. It can be customized for different dateformats (European, Finnish, Swedish and US), to have links or not, highlight or not.

1371)   PHPFM
PHPFM is a filemanager written in PHP. It is under constant development, and that way it can make use all the new functions in the new versions of PHP4. Security has got a very high priority in PHPFM and each version is tested very carefully before it is released.

1372)   Free Software Profile: PHP
Free Software Profile: PHP is an article by Christophe Lauer, here the author discusses about the general profile about PHP script.

1373)   Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS
Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS is a PHP programme for you to create or send a fake front page of a news paper for making funny things.

1374)   Almond Classifieds
Almond Classifieds main idea - easy to use, configurate and install; easy set up custom categories, fields, search;

1375)   Email Validity Check
Email Validity Check is a powerful tool through which you can check the errors in email addresses. This application is written in PHP. You can easily install this application on your web site.

1376)   Encryption Tutorial
In this tutorial users can learn about common web based encryption techniques. This tutorial is useful for the webmasters to manage their users list in the database.

This is a web based PHP application by which the users can generate pop up windows that will be displayed when the site visitor leaves the users website. The users can display their ads and banner on the popup.

1378) - Your very own Free Gaming Site
Script that will allow you to run your own flash gaming website and community.

1379)   HostDirector
HostDirector is a powerful whois script that when installed on your website, enables site visitors to search for expired popular domain name extensions on the web.

1380)   PHPObject
PHPObject is an opensource alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers. With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class/library on your web server as if the class/library was defined in Flash itself.

1381)   Skull-Splitter's Guestbook
Skull Splitter's Guestbook is a php guestbook program that permits visitors to drop their comment on the website and can adjust the appereance of the pages. Here users can manage their news post using the comfortable admin area.

1382)   BlueShoes
BlueShoes is a PHP written content management system. It supports MYSQL database, Oracle and MSSQL also. This programmes extensive feature set makes even the toughest programming tasks very easy.

1383)   flashBOX
flashBOX is a Shoutbox script that uses .txt file to store the data and uses FLASH for interface.

1384)   ExpressionEngine
ExpressionEngine is an efficient CMS bundled with data modeling you can easily create and manage your own weblogs with specified user interaction levels.

1385)   ProFTP Management
ProFTP Management is a client management system that helps users to manage their clients on a ProFTPd server. This program helps professional hosting companies to access accounts of their clients.

1386)   Amazon Webstore
Amazon Webstore is a php based script that provides users an interface to the vast amazon product database. This script takes care of the product details and picyures and you need not strore them on your site.

1387)   EasyPHP Install Guide
This is a tutorial that helps users to install and configure Mysql, php and Apache on a windows based system. It may prove tideous to download and install all these components separately. So this is all in one package that makes installation and configuration easier for users.

1388)   MLM system
MLM system w/ optional re-cycling matrix or forced matrix. Set your matrix up to 10 wide and 10 deep or any configuration less then 10 (2x10,3x5,4x7 etc) IPN ready for INTGold, E-gold, PayPal, and Stormpay. Manual activate any other processor. Email members, Pay commissions, Export data.

1389)   PHP Script for indexing CDs
PHP Script for indexing CDs is a simple musical indexing script with which you can write indices for all your CD collections, ZIPs and diskettes.

1390)   PDBM- Patient Data Base Management
This is a database management system developed with php for dentists. Doctors can manage their patient's records in this program with complete details of them including their photograph.

1391)   QWebEditor
QWebEditor is developed using php and is a browser based WYSIWYG HTML editor which is used to create and edit text on the websites. It is easy to use.

1392)   York Online Exam Scripts
Scripts to make adding an online exam easy. Uses templates for easy customization.

1393)   Helios Calendar
Helios takes online event management beyond just listing of events. Powerful, versatile, easy to use and most importantly affordable. Helios is professional event management and promotion at a great price. To try the Helios demo visit

1394)   Alternating Table Row Colors with PHP and MySQL
Alternating Table Row Colors with PHP and MySQL is a tutorial that tells the users how to create alternating row colors inside of a table to display their database queries.

1395)   RevenuePilot
RevenuePilot is an affiliate program that allows webmasters to earn revenue by providing an opportunity to display their ad listing in a Pay Per Click method.

1396)   Affiliate Network
Affiliate Network is a PHP based affiliate software designed to run an online commission junction and linkshare on your website. This script provides two-tier program to your affiliates.

1397)   Anti Leech
An easier way to implement a secured downloading of files can be done through this Anti Leech program which can be utilized on any PHP based websites.

1398)   VCRCRON
This script is helpful for the web owners to create a scheduled video recording application on their web pages to allow visitors to access any vrcrc file from the lists and also the users are allowed to add their channels manually.

1399)   Go! redirector
Go! redirector is a simple PHP script that produces URL redirection clearly. It uses Mysql database. It comes with admin support.

1400)   Eclipse Guestbook
This is a guestbook program which is built by using PHP. It allows the users to post their text message and feedback to guestbook. This tool has given rights to the users to change the layout of the guestbook as they prefer.

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